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by Dr. Joseph Mercola, public domain

Screenshot: Article via Epoch TV “American Thought Leaders”

(Feb. 9, 2022) — Prior to 2015 or 2016, you could still read what you wanted online without much interference. This has since changed, as propagandists have infiltrated the media and, along with other major players, like Big Tech and government, set out to control information. Fact-checking — a once-obscure term that’s since gone mainstream — is one part of the campaign to control what you see online, and therefore what you think and how you perceive reality — but it’s all a ruse.

Speaking with Jan Jekielek, The Epoch Times senior editor and host of the show “American Thought Leaders,” investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explains how virtually everything you see and hear online has been co-opted, or taken over to serve a greater agenda:1

“One has to understand that nearly every mode of information has been co-opted, if it can be co-opted by some group. Fact checks are no different either, they’ve been coopted in many instances or created for the purpose of distributing narratives and propaganda.

And your common sense is accurate when it tells you that the way they chose this fact check and how they decided to word it so they could say this thing is not true when at its heart it really is true, but the message they’re trying to send is that you shouldn’t believe it, your common sense is right.

That’s been created as part of a propaganda effort by somebody, somewhere, as part of a narrative to distribute to the public so virtually every piece of information that can be co-opted has been.”

The Information Landscape Is Being Controlled

Attkisson calls out several common online sources that are heavily manipulated — Wikipedia, Snopes and most “fact” checkers to name a few, along with HealthFeedback.org, which is a fake science group used by Facebook and other Big Tech companies to debunk science that is actually true.

Fact checkers are often referred to as scientists, but this, too, is “part of a very well-funded, well-organized landscape that dictates and slants the information they want us to have.” While there have always been efforts to shape the information being given out by the media, it used to be that news reporters would push back against organizations to ensure the public had the other side of the story.

Beginning in the early 2000s, Attkisson noted a shift from efforts to simply shape information to those that attempt to keep certain information from being reported at all. This was particularly true among the pharmaceutical companies she was covering at that time. Attkisson described “efforts by these large global PR firms that have been hired by the pharmaceutical industry, by government partners that work with the pharmaceutical industry, to keep the story from being reported at all.”2

Now, suppressing and censoring information that those in charge don’t want to be heard is really common. Attkisson believes the practice really took off in 2015 to 2016, “with Donald Trump proving to be a unique danger perceived by both Democrats and Republicans, and by that I mean by the interests that support and pay for them to be in office and make certain decisions.”3

With a wild card in office, a campaign was organized that exploited a media that was already conflicted and less apt to report what was actually going on. “This all dovetailed together to create this crazy information landscape we have today,” she said. Instead of journalists seeking to uncover the truth, we have “writers seeking to spread whatever establishment scientists or politicians want them to say, uncritically and at the expense, oftentimes, of accuracy.”

Now, instead of real journalists and reporters, the media is infiltrated with propagandists who dictate what’s “fake news” and what’s not. Many believe that fake news is a product of Trump, but Big Tech was brought into the campaign early on. A lobby campaign by behind-the-scenes propagandists met with Facebook and said you’ve got to start censoring and “fact” checking information, Attkisson said.

The term “fake news” was popularized after Trump was elected, but it actually got its start before that — it was an invention of political activist website First Draft News, which is partially funded by Google.4

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  1. I have never understood the Social Security or Selective Service conspiracy theories.

    Looking through Neil Sankey’s list of Obama social security numbers and addresses almost all of the social security numbers not assigned to him show up for the first time in the database after 2008. It is as if having announced his run for the Presidency, Obama went out and applied for credit using a bogus SS number. Why? How about the more likely explanation that someone used his name on credit applications as a joke or there are errors in the databases.


    For the Selective Service registration card, the conspiracy theory is that Obama could not find a 1980 slug to stamp the date and so had to cut a 2008 slug and turn the 08 upside down to make 80. These conspiracy theorist do not explain;

    1) where Obama found a round postal hand stamp for the post office (Makiki Station) blocks away from Obama’s grandparent’s apartment,

    2) the 1980’s era registration card,

    3) the 1980’s era Document Locator Number and the stamp to apply it to the card.

    4) how they spliced microfilm copies of his registration card onto two different microfilm rolls in two different federal storage facilities.

    5) how they assign him a 1980’s era Selective Service Number and entered all of his information into the Selective Service Administration’s computer system.

    He could do all that but he couldn’t find or make a 1980 plug.

  2. Excellent article!
    This from the article:
    “Attkisson believes the practice really took off in 2015 to 2016, “with Donald Trump proving to be a unique danger perceived by both Democrats and Republicans, and by that I mean by the interests that support and pay for them to be in office and make certain decisions.”3

    Reason number one why Donald Trump was and is a unique danger can easily be traced back to what private citizen Donald Trump said and did about Barack Hussein Obama. Both political parties sold their souls to the devil when they did/said nothing to stop the ineligible, identity fraud Barack Hussein Obama from being sworn-in as America’s putative president by John Roberts in 2016. From that time until today it was and is all about the cover-up. Both parties effectively gave America’s government and he military to her enemies, a huge criminal act which had to be covered…forever. Hillary, the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose and certainly not to Obama biggest nemesis, Donald Trump. Both parties panicked when Hillary lost to Trump, and their full time job became to
    keep President Trump under siege and remove him from office as quickly as possible by whatever means necessary…………

    Both political parties fear the truth and without a Uniparty president, the truth became in danger of being revealed and acted on………and the panic is itself is still revealing that truth…………

    1. Correction:
      The date in my post above of 2016 should be 2009. I thought I had edited it from 2016 to 2009 before I hit go, but I was wrong. Nobody said getting old would be easy….. :-}

  3. Fake news was aptly fertilized when the Keeeenyan Kandidate appeared on the scene with his faked certification of live birth and with his faked birth certificate, both forensically proven to be forged documents. Add to the two above documents his laughable Selective disService Registration.

        1. Oh contraire!

          Licensed private investigators (Susan Daniels to name one) and skip tracers and others have proved it wasn’t and couldn’t have been issued to Obama as the number belonged to a deceased person who lived in CT at the time the number was issued. And at that time Obama was a teenager living in Hawaii, or so his ever changing early life narrative alleged in his book Dreams From My Father and then evolved and changed to suit the circumstances he was then in, in subsequent interviews as he climbed up the political ladders. They also found out that Obama was using multiple SSN’s at various times in his life. See: https://www.scribd.com/lists/3260742/Barack-Obama-Social-Security-Number-SSN-Fraudulent

          and see this about his use of a forged and backdated draft registration card and number which was uncovered by a retired ICE agent: https://www.scribd.com/lists/3624690/Obama-Draft-Registration-Back-Dated-Forged

          and then of course: https://www.scribd.com/lists/3248475/Kenyan-Gov-Officials-African-Newspapers-Obama-1991-Bio-Barry-Obama-Obama-Family-Mbrs-and-other-Accounts-Reporting-Obama-is-Kenyan-Born

          CDR Kerchner (Ret)

        2. I personally used the e-verify check system to validate the purported SSAN of the foreign spy over a decade ago and his purported SSAN failed to verify.

        3. There’s no evidence that Obama’s Social Security Number ever “belonged to a deceased person who lived in CT at the time the number was issued.” What is the name of this alleged person and what is the evidence they were ever issued the number once used by Obama?

          And there’s no evidence Obama ever misused any Social Security Number.

          Daniels’ research was faulty because it relied on databases that clearly disclaimed any claim of accuracy.

          It is unsurprising that the Social Security Number once issued to Obama “failed to verify” after it was published online, as it had been compromised.

          The Selective Service System itself verified that Obama duly registered for the draft.