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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2022

(Feb. 4, 2022) — As if things weren’t already bad enough, if you really want to get your blood boiling over the 2020 “election” and the potentially catastrophic consequences of thereafter inserting an addled, septuagenarian Goofball into the Oval Office – particularly one who has a son who gives “debauchery,” “drug addiction” and “corruption” stunningly new meanings – all you need to do is check out two recent releases.

The first is a new Dinesh D’Souza production, “2000 Mules.” The second is a four-part series by Fox News commentator Jeanine Pirro: “Who is Hunter Biden?

The D’Souza work is not due for release until later this spring.  However, the video trailer alone is enough to enrage any sentient – meaning “non-Democrat” – voter participating in the 2020 road apple masquerading as “the most secure election in U.S. history.”

If the geo-tracking security video of nighttime ballot-box stuffing in the five “swing states” that ended up determining the Electoral College vote count proves accurate, we may now have not merely the “smoking gun” proving widespread 2020 general election fraud.  Instead, we may now have the smoking M198 howitzer proving that the results of the 2020 road apple joke were, instead of being the “most secure” in the nation’s history were – by far – the most fraudulent and illegal.

It is most interesting that these facts are now being brought to light not by a native-born or natural born citizen of the United States, but by a lawfully naturalized American citizen, Dinesh D’Souza.  Curious that some of this nation’s most ardent and courageous patriots come from the ranks of millions of legally-naturalized citizens.  One could argue that the requirement of conscious abjuration of fidelity to all nations other than the United States as a condition of receiving naturalized citizenship establishes a more dependable, higher level of patriotic dedication than mere birth here, whether under the 14th Amendment or otherwise. 

As noted intellect Thomas Sowell has observed regarding D’Souza’s book, “What’s So Great About America?”, “[p]erhaps it takes somebody from outside to truly appreciate all the blessings that too many native-born Americans take for granted.  D’Souza understands how rare – sometimes unique – these blessings are.”

After all that the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”), Barack H. Obama, did to D’Souza, the fact that he has persevered and succeeded in exposing what may, in fact, constitute the greatest fraud in the history of the United States – whether election-related or otherwise – is testament to his tenacity and patriotism.  This, of course, makes him “Public Enemy No. 1” in the eyes of the Goofball at 1600, along with his tech and media apparatchiks, so watch for a turbocharged effort to censor, de-platform and undermine “2000 Mules.”  If you value freedom and the constitutional guarantees most of us “take for granted,” as soon as “2000 Mules” is available, buy it.  Read it.  Watch it.  Digest its import and meaning.  And get ready to rumble.

Turning to the Jeanine Pirro series, the one problem (for now) is that it is available for viewing only on Fox Nation, an Internet subscription streaming service.  Nonetheless, while a great deal of the 90-minute video content is already in the public square, the chronological assembly of the information is damning.  If you can afford to do so, subscribe and watch it… and it would be prudent to have a barf bag handy.

When viewed against the backdrop of the mainstream media’s blackout of the details of Hunter Biden’s ne’er-do-well debauchery and drug addiction prior to the 2020 general election, the true error – and danger – of installing his dad, the Goofball, as the chief executive becomes apparent.  It is less than surprising that the chant, “Let’s go Brandon” has gained such traction that even the Goof subscribes to it.

All of which brings your humble servant to his oft-repeated admonition that the impeachment of the Goof has become an existential imperative.  Your humble servant has, on several occasions in the past, suggested one way of bringing to a halt, sooner rather than later, the unconstitutional and increasingly dangerous actions of “Brandon the Clown.”  That gambit consists of persuading a few – perhaps now as little as five or six – current House Democrats to immediately leave their party and become either Republicans or, at minimum, Independents.

Such a “Reagan epiphany” would immediately – rather than in a distant January 2023 – shift the majority to the GOP.  This would then allow the election of a replacement for current House Speaker Nancy (“the Wretch from San Crapcisco”) Pelosi and would permit the initiation of impeachment proceedings against both the Goofball and his VP.

Because February is claimed by some to be “Black History Month,” let us revisit 1960’s activist Eldridge Cleaver’s words: House Democrats who persist in rejecting calls that, for the good of the Republic, they re-register as GOP are plainly, to paraphrase Cleaver, “part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

Whether or not impeachment proceedings would actually materialize, of course, would ultimately depend on who became the new Speaker.  Given the historic less than serious commitment of most GOP Representatives to “fight fire with fire” – even when the survival of the Republic is at stake – it would be unwise to bet the farm that such action would take place. 

But “doing nothing” has in the past one year alone produced disastrous consequences for the nation, ranging from the Afghanistan debacle to skyrocketing inflation to the de facto eradication of our southern border to confused and deadly pandemic policies.  And that’s only for starters.

Although likely spoof information, it is rumored that the American Olympic bobsled team has renamed its bobsled “Biden,” because “nothing has taken America downhill faster.”   Spoof or not, the observation enjoys the virtue of truth.

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