January 1, 2022

Dear Editor,

All Australians (and thousands of tempted-by-people smugglers and would-be illegal immigrants) owe John Howard (and later, Tony Abbott, even more so) a great debt of gratitude for defending/protecting Australia by strengthening her borders from illegal immigration after the “mutiny at sea” by illegal immigrants on the MV Tampa, August 2001; thus, preventing thousands more deaths at sea (including children) at the hands of people- smugglers!

MV Tampa (in international waters – under Indonesian maritime rescue responsibility, and direction!) a mere 12 hours’ sailing from Indonesian port facilities capable of handling the Tampa (which Christmas Island could not!) with the Indonesian Air Force/Border Control/Rescue Services more than capable, ready and willing to helicopter in medical personnel, supplies and airlift medical emergencies (all within a few hours’ flying time) was forced – by threats of illegals jumping overboard and violence against Tampa’s crew) to turn back from Tampa’s course to Indonesia and – though quite rightly, forbidden by the then- John Howard-led Liberal/National Coalition Federal Government ! – illegally, entered Australian waters after the Tampa’s captain was coerced to head for – under-resourced massive ship port facilities! – Christmas Island!

The Australian Navy intercepted Tampa and transferred the illegals to off-shore immigration facilities (originally set up by Labor): leading the John Howard-led, Lib/Nat Government setting up stricter illegal immigration laws; then, later all completely undone by Rudd/Gillard/Rudd (inclusive of Bill Shorten and Penny Wong) Labor Governments; leading directly to many hundreds of deaths at sea; and Australia swamped by 50,000 illegals (many of whom are still directly or indirectly being supported by the everyday Aussie taxpayer)!

Oh! and there have been credible reports of Navy/Border Control personnel witnessing children being held overboard with threats to drop the tiny ones into the ocean! And not long after the Tampa mutiny incident, another rickety people-smuggling vessel bound for Australia went down at sea, taking over 350 desperate souls (including toddlers) with it to the ocean floor!

So, we can all thank the John Howard-led Libs/Nats for our present-day safety (and less drain on Aussie taxpayers) and former Liberal PM Tony Abbott for the even further tightening of Australia’s (thus every Australian’s) border protection!


Howard Hutchins

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  1. Heaven has walls and conditions for entry, hell has open borders and no rules for entry!!!!!!!!! Think about that for a moment!!!!!!!!!