by Don Fredrick, The Complete Obama Timeline, ©2021 

(Dec. 24, 2021) — What has happened to this nation because of a virus manipulated into existence by a handful of mad scientists is something few would have considered possible five years ago. Who could have imagined the tyrannies eagerly imposed on the American people by shameless, power-mad elected officials and their taxpayer-subsidized toadies? Who could have imagined the general lack of resistance by those same American people? It is not as if King George still has armed Redcoats ordering us around. Instead, we are being bullied by whiny little bureaucrats who could not make it through eight weeks of basic training in the U.S. Army, yet few citizens have the courage to respond with an unequivocal “Hell no!” How did we let that happen? Regrettably, with the help of corrupt media propagandists, the government found it astoundingly easy to control hundreds of millions of people during an exaggerated “pandemic.” That was the result of several factors:

As I noted in my book, Freedom To Versus Freedom From, a rational, independent person “believes that with his own intellect, talent, skills, abilities, hard work, creativity, and perseverance he can achieve personal success—and perhaps even accomplish great things. He believes that no government—federal, state, or local—should place unnecessary stumbling blocks in his way or in the way of any other law-abiding citizen. If he succeeds, he believes he deserves credit for his productive efforts. If he fails, he understands that he deserves blame—as well as the opportunity to try again.”

But there is another type of person, one who “welcomes government and believes it exists to protect him from any and all adversities and adversaries. If anything goes wrong in his life, he typically believes it is the fault of others, and he believes that the federal, state, or local government should have controlled those others and prevented them from acting in ways that were contrary to his own particular plans and wishes.”

In 1776, the majority of people living in the 13 colonies were self-sufficient souls who sought individual liberty and mostly wanted to be left alone by a faraway monarch—or a local government. By the 21st century, the 13 colonies had become 50 states, and tens of millions of citizens were practically card-carrying members of a submissive and subservient group of non-thinkers who were relieved to be able to rely on government for cradle-to-grave security. If you wanted to control a population, would you prefer citizens who seek freedom to or subjects who seek freedom from?

Another factor that explains the sorry state we are now in is the fact that millions of Americans are socially isolated. They have few friends, even though they may live in large apartment buildings with hundreds of neighbors—neighbors they have perhaps never even met, let alone bothered to converse with for any length of time. Their communication largely consists of a head nod in an elevator. They lack a spirit of association, of belonging. Most of their daily contact is with a plastic keyboard, rather than with other human beings. This isolation was exacerbated by forced masking and “social distancing.” Masks kept people from seeing expressions. (Imagine the further isolation forced on deaf lip-readers.) Social distancing kept them from even shaking hands, and hugging was out of the question. (No, an elbow bump is not a reasonable substitute.)

Beyond isolation, far too many Americans have also not bothered to seek meaning for their lives. They exist, rather than live. They lack purpose. They are indifferent nihilists. They do not attend church. They do not believe in God, morality, or righteousness. Their standard of accomplishment is based on the accumulation of material goods and “keeping up with the Joneses.” They substitute new cars and electronic gadgets for new relationships. They ask Siri or Alexa for limited information rather than read a book or have a deep conversation with a friend. They watch Netflix rather than visit elderly relatives struggling with loneliness who want nothing more than someone to talk to.

Even truth has lost its value. Many Americans have fallen prey to the idea that truth somehow differs from person to person. Thus, there is “my truth,” “your truth,” and “their truth,” and to question someone else’s “truth” is insulting and indefensible. Free speech therefore becomes not a right but a privilege that can be restricted as circumstances change. But when truth and reality become negotiable, greater emphasis is placed on freedom from being offended by an opinion than on the freedom to give an opinion.

An increasing number of people have freely surrendered their liberties because they do not care to be burdened with the responsibility that accompanies those liberties. Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” How many Americans gave up essential liberties to obtain a free strep throat test under ObamaCare? But why would they not, when politicians and their media sycophants kept making additions to the list of “rights”? “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” went from the limited ideal to the baseline. Suddenly, everything became a “right,” with no one taking the time to understand that there is no such thing as a “right” if it comes at someone else’s expense.

“I want everything, I want it now, and I want someone else to pay for it” is a demand that can never be satisfied. The insatiable appetite for the impossible leaves people hungry and angry. They are full of anxiety yet cannot identify what it is that is making them anxious. Frustrated, they carry with them an overall sense of dissatisfaction but cannot explain its cause. At some point, they stop looking for the cause.

Unable to create structure in their lives, such people find it easier to allow others to create it for them. They blindly follow the crowd and its routines rather than think through issues, evaluate pros and cons, and make their own rational decisions. Losing their jobs due to senseless lockdowns or mask and vaccine mandates isolates them even more and intensifies the inadequacies that made them miserable in the first place. Lost in the woods of their lives, and having no internal moral or value compass to guide them, they are willing to seek direction from almost anyone. As a result, they readily fall prey to government commands and edicts. They hear the words “follow me” and do just that, not bothering to ask “why?” or “where?” Before they know it, salesman Fauci has sold them an overpriced used car that is a long way from “safe and effective.”

Creating an environment of fear makes it easy for tyrants to control directionless people and persuade them to do things they do not realize are foolish, immoral, or against their own interests. Recall that even though Japan is more than 5,000 miles from California, in the 1940s the U.S. government got the American people to believe a coastal invasion was likely any minute. The despicable Franklin D. Roosevelt violated the U.S. Constitution and rounded up thousands of Americans of Japanese ancestry and sent them to detainment centers, in an unconscionable act of oppression and moral depravity. Government propaganda led Americans to fear their own neighbors, as if they had leprosy.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, official portrait from website

Meanwhile, some four thousand miles across the Atlantic, Hitler had gained the support of the German people by getting them to fear and despise “disease-ridden” Jews and blame them for their country’s economic hardships, which were actually caused by the price increases resulting from the government’s monumental inflation of the money supply—which was itself the result of the punitive penalties imposed on Germany after the end of World War I. (Today we have Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) urging Americans to hate the owners of supermarkets for rising prices, when the cause is the federal government’s deficit spending, massive borrowing, and unjustified money-printing.)

To get black voters riled up against white Republicans in 2012, Joe Biden told them, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.” Stoking fear and pitting one group of voters against another is the time-proven method for politicians to gain support. When they run out of ways to get one group to fear another, they come up with a non-human enemy. “Global cooling” was tried. But the glaciers did not spread from the arctic to Nashville, so they tried “global warming.” But the Antarctic ice sheet did not melt and flood Florida, so they switched to “climate change” as a pathway to their goal of borderless, global socialism. But the climate simply continues to do what it has been doing for millions of years, and the voters have not been convinced that anything can or should be done about it. That forced the global elites to again dip into their bag of tricks to find another scare tactic.

“You’re all going to die if you don’t do as you’re told!” can certainly be a persuasive argument, especially with fear-peddling journalists going out of their way to remind people of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that killed an estimated 20-100 million people worldwide, including perhaps 575,000 in the United States. Of course, the media neglect to mention that most of those 1918 flu deaths were caused by pneumonia—which is now readily treated with antibiotics that were not available a century ago. But the scare tactics worked. Americans were suddenly washing their hands every ten minutes while singing “Happy Birthday” twice, using antiseptic wipes to scrub boxes of corn flakes as soon as they got them home from the supermarket, and avoiding friends, relatives, and neighbors like, well, the plague.

We have been led to believe that a virus with a survival rate in excess of 99 percent (for all but the oldest, weakest, and sickest Americans) warrants extreme measures that have destroyed thousands of businesses and put millions of people out of work while—as one meme now circulating on the Internet points out—“If you have Ebola, meningitis, conjunctivitis, strep throat, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, shingles, MRSA, chicken pox or a cold/flu/cough, you may still travel, go to work, go to school, go to a restaurant, go to a gym, go to a mall, go to the grocery store, go to the theatre and go to a concert without a [vaccine] passport.”

The world is suffering because Anthony Fauci provided his pals at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with the funding to conduct “gain of function” experiments that he had been banned from doing in the United States. (Why anyone should be experimenting with viruses to make them more lethal is a question no one in the media ever bothers to ask “Mr. Science.”) The virus then escaped (or was released) from a lab that had a negative airflow system the French builders of the facility had never properly completed. (The CEO of the construction company, bioMerieux, was Stephane Bancel. He is now—surprise! —the head of vaccine maker Moderna.)

Fauci and his vaccine-producing comrades never bothered to tell Americans they could probably avoid hospitalization and death with Vitamin D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or ivermectin (IVM), or various other readily available medications with expired patents. They ignored alternatives to their vaccines because the profit is in the new, patented drugs. But they could not get tens of millions of Americans to willingly allow the injection of inadequately tested experimental chemical concoctions into their bodies without the motivation of fear. Fear is profitable, so fear was aggressively put to work.

Some experts believe 80 percent of the Covid deaths were avoidable. More than 600,000 Americans possibly died not from the virus, but from medical malpractice. But why were so many physicians unwilling to administer HCQ or IVM? Fear again comes into play. Doctors are dependent on the insurance companies, the hospitals, and government checks for their livelihood. They cannot afford to stand up to Medicare and Medicaid. If they defy the government or the insurance companies, they lose income. If they defy the hospitals, they lose admission privileges. One IVM tablet costs about $0.40 to manufacture and a dozen of them taken over a few days might keep a patient out of the hospital. But a Covid diagnosis (even if based on a false positive from the outrageously unreliable PCR tests), prescribing the expensive but ineffective and dangerous drug remdesivir, and putting a patient on a ventilator can mean thousands of dollars in profit to a hospital.

Viruses weaken and die out over time. That seems to be happening with Covid-19. We are now being warned about an “omicron” variant of the virus, which apparently leaves people with the sniffles for a few days. Because that is not frightening enough, drama queen Jeff Zients, the White House Covid Response Coordinator (and junior propaganda minister), warned, “For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death, for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.” (And Merry Christmas to you too, Jeff!)

The exaggerated White House warning does two things. First, it helps explain how we got to this point: fear and propaganda. Second, its absurdity means it cannot be taken seriously. It is so incredibly laughable that millions of Americans should now be saying, “These people are nuts.” That should quickly be followed by, “I am going over the river and through the woods, mask-less, to grandmother’s house on Christmas Day—and Fauci and Biden can go to Hell.”

Yes, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and that is usually enough to get elected. But you cannot fool most of them forever. At some point even the biggest buffoons realize they have “kick me” signs on their backs. (They would be wise to remove them before moving from New York or California to Florida.)

People whose minds have been underused, undernourished, and neglected for years and who instead allow emotions to rule their actions are overwhelmingly easy to command and control. But the individual who maintains a proper balance of reason and emotion, who is in control of his mind and his life, is not easily subjugated. The free man does not cower in fear because of a virus. The weak man curls up in a corner and awaits instructions from anonymous sources he is told are “experts.” The free man knows life involves risks and acts accordingly. The weak man hides in his basement to avoid the extraordinarily low risk of Covid, and then has a nervous breakdown when reminded of the dangers of below-grade radon poisoning.

The free man does not voluntarily restrict his own breathing. The weak man masks up, inhales his exhaled toxins, hides his smiles and frowns, and marches in lockstep with the miserable masses. The free man does not prioritize groupthink over individual thought. The weak man is relieved that he no longer needs to think. The free man refuses to be separated from his productive, meaningful life. The weak man does not mind being removed from his pre-pandemic life because he never found it meaningful in the first place.

The free man survives. The weak man is enslaved.

Be a free man.

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  1. “Merry Christmas” to Don and Sharon, The P&E staff and its commenters
    08-28-09- TODAY.

    ” Be a free man.”, I believe = Be an independent FREE THINKER and not a willing MIND SLAVE.

    MIND SLAVERY = CRT in K-12 classrooms plus CRTv in living rooms via “corporupt” (corrupt corporate) medias’ endless exhibitions of black males sleeping with white females on tunnel vision television + defy, not deify, Nature
    (= unnatural trans gender-confusion, unnatural unreproductive shame-sex “marriages”, unnatural legalization of pedophilia, unnatural abortion-murder-on-demand, unnatural women in front-line combat engagements along with big lusty males on either side, equating free conscience with unnatural con science, et al) + “victimhood” and “white supremacy” and black male blackmail “Reparation$” and other Negro con-sense non-sense of “make-them-believe make believe” via “LAWFARE = LAW FEAR”+Etc.

    The difference between “CURE” and “CURSE” is the inclusion of “S”atan.

    To all of today’s lost “young-uns” (= un-happy un-grateful and UN*-manageable):
    Lead your life with purpose
    And survive on “simplify”,
    Much like a missioned Marine
    Who survives on “Semper Fi”! -JD Mooers

    *UN = United Nations

    Happy New Year! [for many lost young-uns, begins with Happy New Yearning!]