by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 24, 2021) — Launched by Greg Hunter, the website contains an unusual presidential poll in that one of the responses is conditioned on a specific action by the subject potential candidate.

At this writing the poll is located approximately halfway down the home page on the right side and asks, “What do you think?” “Do you still support Donald J. Trump for re-election?”

The responses from which participants can choose are:

Only If Trump admits he was lied to & says stop the shots 


I don’t know

At the time of The Post & Email’s visit to the site on Friday evening, the following results were shown:

A short time later, the results registered an increase of more than 3,000 participants:

“The shots” are undoubtedly a reference to the COVID-19 “vaccines” which are reported by both the federal government and a number of websites to have injured thousands of people around the world, some permanently. As of December 17, 2021, more than 20,000 deaths were attributed to the vaccines, which have been in use by the public for just over a year.

At present, reports of adverse events from COVID-19 vaccines surpass those attributed to all other vaccines combined since VAERS was launched in 1990.

Met with the coronavirus “pandemic” early in what would be the last year of his four-year term, Trump facilitated generous financial support to drug manufacturers Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson to produce COVID-19 vaccines which would be “safe and effective” against the virus said to have the potential to kill millions around the globe. Under “Operation Warp Speed,” the three corporations went to work to develop vaccines in record time, with the first product approved by the FDA under an “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) on December 11, 2020.

Shortly thereafter, the first batches of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were shipped and administered to those considered to be at the highest risk, with increasing numbers of batches rolled out as time went on.

Despite his stunning election “loss” which his campaign challenged in dozens of lawsuits through the new year, Trump took great pride in Operation Warp Speed’s effectiveness for which he continues to claim credit.

In September, Trump claimed he “saved millions of lives” by presiding over the vaccines’ development, while stating that “people have to have their freedoms” to choose whether or not to take them.

“I love our people, so I want our people to take the vaccines,” Trump said on the John Fredericks Show, according to The Washington Post. “But at the same time, I have to tell you, you can’t mandate it. You can’t force it. And I don’t think it’s going to be necessary because this thing is going to eventually go away.”

Trump does not appear to have acknowledged that the vaccines’ efficacy has been found to wane after six months or less, giving rise to a new push for “boosters” now considered part of a “full” vaccine regimen in the U.S., Israel and other countries.

After initially opining that “boosters” appeared to him to be a scheme for financial gain for the manufacturer, on Sunday in an appearance in Dallas with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Trump revealed he had received a booster, much to the disapproval of some in the audience.

Trump attempted to tamp down the negative reaction, telling O’Reilly that it came only “from a very tiny group” in attendance.

In July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) opined that “boosters” were not necessary since “The United States is fortunate to have highly effective vaccines that are widely available for those aged 12 and up. People who are fully vaccinated are protected from severe disease and death, including from the variants currently circulating in the country such as Delta.”

The CDC reversed course in November when it approved booster shots “for all US adults who completed their primary vaccine series for those two mRNA vaccines at least 6 months ago.”

On December 9, boosters were approved for 16- and 17-year olds despite the acknowledged risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in that age group, particularly among males, with the Pfizer product.

The CDC has also acknowledged that “vaccinated” individuals may become ill with the virus and transmit it to others.

Children are reportedly now experiencing myocarditis as a result of the shots, approved for 5 to 11-year-olds in early November.

The CDC reports that the “mRNA” technology employed by Pfizer and Moderna to create the coronavirus vaccines was “studied” for “decades” in the fight against “influenza, Zika, rabies, and cytomegalovirus (CMV).” However, no mRNA vaccine was previously approved for human use.

Moderna’s COVID-19 patent applications appear to have originated long before the declared pandemic.

According to a 2012 paper published at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus.” “Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated,” the authors concluded.

Last year, Trump not only encouraged the exploration of therapeutics amid fierce vilification by the media, but “Operation Warp Speed” pledged to develop those products, along with vaccines and “diagnostics,” for treatment of the coronavirus. Increasingly, however, emphasis was placed solely on vaccines, which Americans hoped would restore their lives to a pre-pandemic state.

Trump has already had coronavirus and, according to cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, who the Trump White House consulted on therapeutics last year, would therefore not have needed a vaccine.

McCullough himself is a COVID-19 survivor and has treated numerous patients with the disease, he has said in multiple interviews. Were safety signals observed by the CDC and FDA, McCullough has opined, the COVID-19 vaccine program in the United States would have been halted in late January.

According to McCullough; mRNA inventor Dr. Robert W. Malone; America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS); virologist Geert Vanden Bossche; and “thousands more physicians, medical scientists and researchers from around the globe” by means of the Global Covid Summit Declaration, universal vaccination against COVID-19 is unnecessary, and available therapeutics can be deployed successfully against the virus in many cases.

Both Vanden Bossche and Malone have warned that blanket vaccination conducted during a pandemic will lead to the emergence of variants, the latest of which is “Omicron.” In early August, Malone and Trump White House Trade Adviser Dr. Peter Navarro, PhD published an editorial in The Washington Times claiming that “The Biden administration’s strategy to universally vaccinate in the middle of the pandemic is bad science and badly needs a reboot. This strategy will likely prolong the most dangerous phase of the worst pandemic since 1918 and almost assuredly cause more harm than good – even as it undermines faith in the entire public health system,” a position refuted as having “relied on inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims about virus evolution, vaccine immunity, and COVID-19 vaccine safety.”

Despite his usual harsh criticism of the Biden regime and frequent claims of election fraud costing him a second term, on Tuesday Trump expressed appreciation for Biden’s crediting of his administration in the development of the vaccines.

As reported in the article:

“I’m very appreciative of that — I was surprised to hear it,” Trump told Fox News. “I think it was a terrific thing, and I think it makes a lot of people happy.”

The mainstream media has largely avoided reporting about the hundreds of adverse events submitted to VAERS stemming from COVID-19 vaccinations or seeking the reasons many Americans, including thousands of healthcare workers, to decline to take them.

According to Josh Guetzkow, PhD in an August 28, 2021 paper titled, “Adverse Events Reported Following COVID-19 Vaccinations”:

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of reports submitted to the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines…Taken together, the greater rate of serious events and even greater rate of deaths, coagulopathy and myocardial infarction reported following COVID-19 vaccines and the variation across age groups constitute a robust signal of disproportionately serious harms from COVID-19 vaccines that cannot be attributed to stimulated reporting.”

In an open letter directed to Trump via his political website on Thursday, TPATH founder Dwight Kehoe wrote, in part:

During your “rally” last week, with that notoriously arrogant O’Rielly who trashed you incessantly when you challenged Obama’s fabricated birth certificate (how soon we forget!), you not only completed the process of breaking those many hearts, it was as if you tossed them to the turf and ground them under your boot.  

To suggest that those followers of yours who have seen major health problems and have lost loved ones as a result of being inoculated with an experimental drug, as “just a small group” was as nasty as anything we have had to endure by the lunatic left for so many years. How sad!

On that note, do you really think those who fear what is happening to this country as a result of this illegal campaign to inject us, represent a “small group”? You will find that you are just as wrong about that as you are about this whole murderous process you appear to love so much…

Your claim that these inoculations have saved hundreds of millions of lives is not only not provable and very improbable, it is dishonest and repulsive. What would have saved lives were the prophylactic medicines, and the use of many vitamins and supplements. All the things you were clearly aware of.

It is hard to imagine and very sorrowful, that someone whom we have admired and loved, almost to a fault, could not or will not avail himself of the data, listen to the warnings of hundreds of qualified doctors while turning a blind eye to those ruined or killed by these experimental inoculations.

Inoculations: None of them prevent the infection nor the transference of a virus. Many thousands have died after taking them and hundreds of thousands have been damaged for life. How, in God’s name, can you support and continue to push this mayhem on America?

Updated December 25, 2021

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  1. Cheers, Bob68. You are one of the best! Personally, I have found that practically everything you say about today’s problems in our country has been carefully considered and is true. I beg your indulgence (forgiveness, too) and that of other patriots, for what I am about to say. I am sick and tired of “BEING PLAYED” by the office holders in our Federal Government, especially by our presidents. Though arguably not too meaningful in the greater scale of things, why would Donald Trump align himself , as some in this editorial have pointed out, with Bill “No Spin” “Lookin’ Out For The Folks” O’Reilly! This is a supposed journalist and historian who deceived the American people (2007-08 or so, if I remember correctly) by telling us that he had discovered “proof” that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. According to him, the proof was the birth announcements for baby Obama in Honolulu newspapers! Say what? Birth announcements can be submitted to newspapers by anyone from anywhere in the world! As such, O’Reilly gave his stamp of approval (and that of Faux News) to the unwitting American people. To add insult to injury, O’Reilly then added that he was too busy with other more important things to look into the matter any further! You’ve got to be kidding me! But, despair not, Bill, the Murdoch family and Roger Ailes agreed with you! If I remember correctly, Ailes even told Glenn Beck, upon Beck’s resignation/firing, that he, Ailes, had other more important things to do, i.e. “picking a president!’ Okay, so much for those disturbing little episodes in American history. Now, excuse me for asking, but whatever became of Donald Trump’s allegation that he and/or his associates traveled to Hawaii and found earth-shattering (or words to that effect) information about Obama’s claim to have been born there? Note that it really doesn’t matter where Obama was born, because he was a CITIZEN OF THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES when, years later, he was running for president! Hardly what I would call a “Natural Born American Citizen!” Furthermore, I contend that he, Obama, was NOT African American/Black. He was ethnically 44% Arab and only 6% Black (the rest 50% or so White). I point this out because this is just one more example of America “BEING PLAYED,” and look where it has gotten us today! So, what is the remedy to all of this, if it’s not already too late? One word says it all: the TRUTH. My gratitude to and respect for Bob68, Sharon Roundeau, Robert Laity, and the countless other patriots who have been seeking it. Amen. Tom Arnold.

  2. I will comment first, then take poll, then read article.
    Trump darn well knows that the death shot, aka clot-shot is the same as Russian roulette.
    Trump needs to show leadership fortitude and do the right thing. Admit he got hoodwinked and that these death serums are killing and maiming US citizens and people world-wide. He needs to call for Fauci’s arrest by the Secret Service.

  3. I support Trump and will vote for him without hesitation when given another chance. Nothing the left would like better than for “the vaccine” to take out the worst enemy of the uniparty. The man they openly feared while he was in office, President Donald J. Trump.

    About the vaccine I (stupidly I suppose?) took the 2 Moderna shots last last March. So far nothing bad has happened to me that seems any different than the normal 78 year old aches and pains.

    I detest the idea of anyone being forced to take the “jab”. At the time I took the Covid shots to hopefully help protect my wife, who mostly stays home while I am out and about, and around many more people that she is. She had been told by her doctor not to take the Covid shot because of a previous bad reaction she had to a flu shot a couple of years ago. As it turned out she got Covid, even mostly staying at home and felt very bad for about 10 days. She’s fine now and should have some immunity from having had Covid.

    Remember the blame President Trump took as the media gleefully showed their daily deaths caused by “Donald Trump inaction” chart?” Imagine what they would have said if Trump had not said we were going to have the vaccines soon (warp speed), and instead had said vaccines are being developed, but it will be 5-7 years years before testing is complete and they are available to the public. The media headline would say something like, “Trump delays vaccine development, entire world population is in grave danger of severe illness and/or death because of Trump’s delay in getting a vaccine”.

    For me, I don’t plan on taking the booster shot, but Covid will never be a reason for me to not vote for Donald J. Trump. I don’t want to give the far-left what it wants…………Being on the same stage with Bill O’Reilly is more of a reason for me to consider voting for someone other than Trump than is Covid………..I’m 99% sure I will be voting for Trump if he runs again……..and if I make it to 82 years old…..
    Bob68 (78)