by Dwight Kehoe, TPATH, ©2021 

(Dec. 23, 2021) — Author’s note to the editor: “I sent Donald Trump this letter today via snail mail and posted it in his ‘statements’ web page.”

Dear Mr. President,

You are losing me Sir. You have already lost many in my family who had been as ardent a group of supporters as one could imagine.

Last year in an article I wrote for TPATH REMARKS  I warned that the only person or entity capable of destroying Donald Trump, was Donald Trump.  You seem to be doing everything possible to fulfill that theory.

I also vividly recall a rally where you said, and I believed you with all my heart and soul, “ I will never let you down”. My wife and I, as well as millions of other Americans, believed you.

During your “rally” last week, with that notoriously arrogant O’Rielly who trashed you incessantly when you challenged Obama’s fabricated birth certificate (how soon we forget!), you not only completed the process of breaking those many hearts, it was as if you tossed them to the turf and ground them under your boot.  

To suggest that those followers of yours who have seen major health problems and have lost loved ones as a result of being inoculated with an experimental drug, as “just a small group” was as nasty as anything we have had to endure by the lunatic left for so many years. How sad!

On that note, do you really think those who fear what is happening to this country as a result of this illegal campaign to inject us, represent a “small group”? You will find that you are just as wrong about that as you are about this whole murderous process you appear to love so much.


No one knew better than you about the many drugs on the market that could have ended the Corona virus in a few months. You spoke of them and then, for some grotesquely odd reason you folded up like a cheap beach chair. Many of us are asking why? Many have died.

Knowing that drugs required years for testing in order to prevent mass deaths or defects, you chose to warp speed that killer potion into the people you claim to love. You did this instead of standing your ground and getting HCQ and Ivermectin into the hands of the public.

Your claim that these inoculations have saved hundreds of millions of lives is not only not provable and very improbable, it is dishonest and repulsive. What would have saved lives were the prophylactic medicines, and the use of many vitamins and supplements. All the things you were clearly aware of.

It is hard to imagine and very sorrowful, that someone whom we have admired and loved, almost to a fault, could not or will not avail himself of the data, listen to the warnings of hundreds of qualified doctors while turning a blind eye to those ruined or killed by these experimental inoculations.

Inoculations: None of them prevent the infection nor the transference of a virus. Many thousands have died after taking them and hundreds of thousands have been damaged for life. How, in God’s name, can you support and continue to push this mayhem on America?

Mr. President, I dare you to learn about what you are doing. I dare you to contact Stew Peters ( and sit for an interview. There you will hear about the damage, the deaths, the hidden data the FDA has tried to conceal, the destroyed families.

Not looking at the carnage of a multiple car accident will not make it go away.  Donald, it is far passed the time where you have to cast your eyes upon the havoc being rained down on your country.

Is it too late for you to recover? Too late for you to step up and save the people whom have yet to be damaged or killed by this trillion dollar gift to big Pharma, erroneously called a vaccine?


It would not be beyond the comprehension of most people that you were duped. Duped by that murderous criminal Fauci who illegally paid for the creation of this virus, lied to Congress about that, knew for years that HCQ could prevent or cure it, raked in millions of dollars as people around the world suffered and died.  

Now, before more people are killed along with your legacy, step up and admit that these inoculations are useless and dangerous. That you relied on so called experts that were nothing more than collaborators and evil beings bent on financial gain or worse.

I pray that you will come to your senses and be that guy who swore he would never let us down. It’s not too late. But it is really close.


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  1. Mr. President Donald John Trump,

    You have had my absolute support since 2013 that I can, and will, unquestionably document; and your present conduct is NOT of, nor about, the Presidential Candidate of said absolute support !!!

    I presented you Before The Great Veil of The Most High where you were found “Worthy” as presented – with my own Holy Seal – on numerous occasions …

    Now I am required to ask: “WHAT IN ALL HELL ARE YOU DOING???”

    FYI: My name in Angelic, the language of the Planes of Heaven and Depths of Hell is: El Aku [Entitled, “He The Brings Light To Dark Places”] ALIHA ASUR HIGH !!!

    Christmas Day, 2021 AD

  2. Ditto.
    Best to come clean and start with a new slate.
    Better now than too darn late.
    And, President Trump, if you ever get another chance, how about having a Secretary of Defense who knows a thing or two, for real?

    OPOVV, USN, Been there; done that.