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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

Vince Foster, public domain

(Dec. 21, 2021) — “In Washington, ruining people is considered sport.”  Those were the words of Vince Foster, one-time law partner with Hillary (“BleachBit?  What BleachBit?”) Clinton and former Assistant White House Counsel during the first few months of the Slick Willie (“Blue dress?  What blue dress?“) Clinton presidency until his “suicide” in July 1993.

Fast forward to December 2021.   Within a few nanoseconds of Senator Joe Manchin’s announcement that he would not support or vote for the Goofball at 1600’s woefully misbranded and thermonuclear-inflationary “Build Back Better” and “reconciliation” monstrosity, White House press flak Jen Psaki issued a stinging rebuke of the Senator from West Virginia.

Flak Psaki claimed, among other things, that aside from seeking to undermine Senator Manchin’s position – including accusing him of not “negotiating in good faith” for the further demise of the Republic – the Goofball Regime was “proud of what we have gotten done in 2021…, ” ticking off a series of purportedly good “accomplishments” in the past eleven months.


Notably missing from Psaki’s list of accomplishments: inflation rates not seen for nearly forty years; the unconstitutional de facto eradication of the nation’s southern border, allowing hordes of illegal aliens to flood into a rapidly evolving “erstwhile” United States; the transformation of the nation from being energy-independent under President Trump to being a Goofball energy slave to foreign sources; the abandonment of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan after promising them “it would never happen”; the forfeiture of a major strategic airbase along with billions in military equipment and weapons to the Taliban hyenas of Afghanistan; and the entirely avoidable deaths of thirteen U.S. military personnel in the rout of Kabul.

Omission from the Psaki list inadvertent or coincidental?  Not likely.  Little wonder Psaki (and by inference, the Goof hiding in a West Wing water closet) would omit these outrages from the list of things which the cabal is “proud of getting done in 2021.”   Weasels.

Then, taking a cue from Vince Foster, in a continuing pogrom seeking to ruin Joe Manchin, Psaki doubled down on characterizing Manchin as being a liar.   Dumb.  Really dumb.

They say that politics is a “blood sport,” not unlike cage fighting or cockfights.  These days, the undisputed arena for political blood sport is in Washington, D.C.   Vince Foster was right: inside the Beltway, the ruination of people — including people on both sides of the aisle — has become a sporting event, but one which has consequences far beyond the D.C. swamp. 

The efforts of not only the Goofball Regime, but the words and actions of the Democrats now strangling both the Senate (Monsieur Schumer) and the House (Madame Pelosi) to vilify, demonize and trash Senator Manchin for trying to be a statesman instead of a Democrat tool, could eventually lead him to abandon those disgusting political vipers.

Hey, if one-time Democrat Ronald Reagan could do it, any and all sentient Democrats (yes, Virginia…, hope springs eternal that there are many such Democrats still alive…), could do so as well, along with Senator Manchin.  The rumors of him doing just that continue to circulate.

Indeed, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D. AZ), also demonized for her refusal to consider killing the Senate filibuster, should consider doing the same thing, despite her recent rejection of the idea.   When asked if she would switch political parties, she responded: “No.  Why would I do that?”

Niccolo Machiavelli was a Renaissance-age philosopher and writer. Some believed he was a “teacher of evil” in regard to his political philosophy. (Image: Wikipedia, public domain)

Answer for Senator Sinema: because not only is it the right thing to do, it is also the principled thing to do.  The problem with most radical Democrats, including Schumer and Pelosi, is that their bedtime reading is “The Prince” by Machiavelli, and the only principle to which they adhere is expediency.

Oh, and by the way, with the total number of House of Representatives Democrats now standing at 23 as having announced their decision to abandon a run for re-election in 2022, your humble servant’s suggestions articulated here take on renewed significance.

Remember, a lot of damage yet to be inflicted – or for that matter even identified – by the Goof at 1600 could be avoided if certain actions were taken before the 2022 mid-term elections.  Just sayin’.

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