by John Anthony, Sustainable Freedom Lab, ©2021 

(Dec. 1, 2021) — Anthony Fauci is arguably the most powerful agency employee in government today. Not because of his connections to pharma or network of elite swamp creatures established during his 40+ years of betraying the public trust. His power comes because no matter how crooked his activities, his survival is necessary for a more strategic purpose.

From his sunken eyes and adolescent grin to his sarcasm and arrogance Fauci is the caricature of the qualities Americans most detest.

He has funded deadly research on Beagles, and painful experiments on monkeys.1,2,3

He’s lied to the public, to Congress, lied about the lies, and even admitted lying is an acceptable strategy, “until the country was ready to hear what I think.”4,5,6,7

Fauci has been proven wrong on nearly every COVID intervention he has promoted from social distancing, to masks, and lockdowns.8 As a disinformation super spreader, Fauci suppressed data from the Pfizer Phase 2 vaccine trials leading the public to believe the treatments were more “safe and effective” than they are.9 He proclaims himself the voice of science but sinks to politicizing conversations when he lacks coherent scientific responses, then belittles Americans for ignoring his wisdom.10

Protected by media censorship, faux fact-checkers, and intimidation, he continues to draw accolades from the elite, while commanding the highest salary in government.

Fauci grew in prominence when he mocked President Trump during a WH COVID-19 briefing. The image of Fauci rolling his eyes with a covered smirk made him an instant icon for anti-Trumpers.11

Despite his star status and the protective media, the truth is breaking through.

The mounting COVID-19 hospitalizations disproportionately among the vaccinated and the growing data suggesting the boosters encourage variants and compromise healthy immune systems are raising doubts about the vaccines.

The CDC’s obvious attempts to bolster the Fauci-praised RNA treatments by redefining what a vaccine is, slaughtering the historic definition of immunity, and counting the vaccinated as “unvaccinated” are shattering the credibility of Fauci and the vaccines.

In October 2021, the NIH dealt what should have been a mortal blow when they released information proving Fauci repeatedly lied to Congress and the public about his role in gain of function research.12

Despite the revelations Fauci remained in power. Followers don masks, submit to jabs, and excoriate the unvaccinated as ‘dangerous murderers.’ Confronted with irrefutable evidence, they retreat to lies and defend themselves with accusations of “misinformation.”

This compliant behavior is not unusual. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao all used mass hypnosis techniques to convince large swaths of the public that totalitarianism was superior to freedom. These rulers don’t need to convince all people, just enough to create a movement that appears greater than it is to overthrow the majority.

It’s been observed that 30% of the people willingly follow totalitarians, 30% remain independent, and the remaining 40% follow out of fear.

There are background qualities such as isolation, a lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and a feeling of discontent that render the obedient 30% susceptible to mass hypnosis. But what allows the hypnosis to persist is the steady thrum of a singular message repeated until it registers as organic truth.

Prof. Desmet of Ghent University defines it this way:13

“…mass formation [hypnosis] is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to. Totalitarian leaders know this very well: they start every new day with thirty minutes of propaganda, in which the voice of the leader constantly penetrates the consciousness of the population.”

Anthony Fauci is dangerous because he is the familiar voice of the leftist movement to force Americans into submission. He offers steady assurance that all will be well if the obedient will wear masks, stay indoors, get the vaccine, get the boosters. While spewing falsehoods, he warns followers to ignore misinformation; and positions himself as the embodiment of truth and science. “Criticizing me is criticizing science.”

No matter how erroneous his arguments, a ready army of legacy media, medical publications, and the indoctrinated is pre-assembled. They are not there to convince you of their twisted logic. They know you will never abandon truth. They are there to destroy you so the blind and obedient feel the safety of not being alone.

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