by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot: “COVID Revealed” trailer

(Nov. 29, 2021) — The organization Stand for Health Freedom is offering free viewing to a new docu-series titled, “COVID Revealed” premiering on Tuesday night at 9 PM PST.

An email received from the group last week states:

As many of you know, there’s so much more to the “COVID narrative” than meets the eye. With the media twisting and distorting the truth, spreading gross misinformation and false data, and censoring voices of reason and transparency, it’s no wonder our heads are spinning.

Many of these voices, including medical experts, scientists, researchers, and advocates are coming together for an online event that you don’t want to miss. They’ll be exposing the world to the truth about the extreme measures that have been thrust upon us in the name of “public safety.”

The same expert filmmakers who created the Endgame, Money Revealed, Vaccines Revealed, and GMOs Revealed films are now bringing us the new COVID Revealed docu-series. 

It starts on November 30th and you won’t want to miss it. 

As the filmmakers say, full transparency is the only path forward. Otherwise, we’re looking down the barrel of more mandates, more restrictions, and more drastic measures that violate our constitutional rights. 

Join the thousands of others who are seeking the unadulterated truth from experts who are risking so much by speaking out about the buried research and underhanded agendas—which is what’s fostering the real loss of life and health.

In Solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom

All are welcome to register here. The trailer for the documentary is here.

Featured speakers include COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter A. McCullough; mRNA-technology developer Dr. Robert W. Malone; Megan Redshaw, columnist for Children’s Health Defense; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD founder; Dr. David Martin, PhD; “The Highwire” host Del Bigtree; Dr. Joseph Mercola; Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD; and many others.

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  1. So far, have been super-impressed with both the quality of the videos and the amazing information that has been given. I’ve been following this entire COVID charade now more seriously for some months now and this is the best video series I’ve come across to date. Ergo, even though I’m really strapped for cash, I’m going to buy the silver package in order to have what I’ve learned available on tap; have learned some really useful facts and I like Dr Patrick’s approach.

    I just hope that the rest of the world wakes up before it’s too late – although I take on board Dr Zack Bush’s approach; sometimes ‘going with the flow’ is the best option.

    I’ve also joined other groups that are working to enlighten the brainwashed, mainstream media section of the population: check out The White Rose people. They are both here in the USA (Patrick Wood) and the UK..

  2. 24 hr availabilty per episode isn’t enough time. i didn’t get to watch all the #1; scrunching much out of #2 to try to find the best meat & still got cut off with 25 minutes to go. I’m very disappointed; I’ve promoted this series & if I’m disappointed in needing to struggle to see it all, many of my friends will be as well. I did not get a response to my prior post. how can I be able to get the parts I missed?

    1. The Post & Email is neither a sponsor nor a producer of the series; we simply learned of it and reported its existence, scheduled broadcast time, and provided updated information with links after viewers had trouble accessing. The emails have contact information for the production team, including a phone number for public inquiries.

    2. Hi Marty. Yes, it’s frustrating to not be able to have enough time in our busy lives to watch each episode – and take notes (!!) during the relatively short 24 hour viewing time, of which at least 12 hours of it I’m either getting ready for bed or sleeping. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who work full time on top of that – the viewing window narrows even further. So…….that being said, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of the packages that they offer, so that you can watch it whenever and however many times you may want to in the future. I also feel actually OWNING this information is extremely important given how easily this information is either censored or deleted – forever. I’d also like to say that last year I invested in the series “Vaccine Revealed”, from this same company. I got a HUGE printed paperback book (like a telephone book size) with EVERY SINGLE WORD that was in the interview, along with separate DVD’s for each days interview. It’s awesome! I understand that not everyone can afford to purchase these options, but I would highly recommend getting creative with your budget and seeing if there is some way you can manage to purchase it. Perhaps split the cost with a friend?? Also……..I have no way of knowing if the producers will do this again for “Covid Revealed” like they did for last years “Vaccines Revealed”, but AFTER the series was done, a few days later they had this offer of a flashdrive that you could purchase for a limited amount of time, that also had the whole series on it. They sold them for $20/piece – so that you could purchase it to also give out to family, friends. Who knows if they’ll do that again this time…..but it could possibly be another option for you. In the meantime, there’s NO replay so just try and watch as much as you can each day.

    1. Episode 7 explains that most of the effects will happen long term. Which is perfect for the manufactures since by then very few will relate it back to the vaccine. It’s like getting cancer, it doesn’t happen over night.

  3. Wondering what happened…..was supposed to receive a link to watch, I believe it started 30 minutes ago (it’s currently 7:30 MST, so 6:30 Pacific). Quite a build-up the last few days, but no link yet.

    Never mind, just came through…thanks!

  4. I was very excited to watch this. Never received a link to watch, only links to share with others and earn points advertising about watching this and materials for purchase. Is this a scam too?

  5. I registered for the viewing and received multiple email messages to share with friends. Haven’t received any links or directions to the viewing.
    Is this some kind of huge error or is something amiss with Mr. Gentempo’s website?
    Very, very disappointed!

  6. I have registered several times with my e-mail and name. Please send the link to my e-mail address so I may watch the COVID Revealed movie. Sincerely, Paul J. Amell

  7. Would love to have watched. I registered. Never got a link to get on. My friend could not get on either. Will you have a video to watch later?

    1. The Post & Email was not responsible for providing access. The link, at least for me, arrived about 15 minutes late. I clicked the “Help” link and advised them it hadn’t come, after which I received it.

      1. If the event is scheduled for 9 PM PST (west-coast time), wouldn’t the actual times for airing be progressively later zone-by-zone going east?

        Provided that 9PM PST is the correct start time, I believe/suggest that 10PM MST, 11PM CST and 12PM EST are the start times zone-by-zone.

  8. covid is a scam designed by the deep state to overthrow the Republic and establish their dictatorial state that they will submit to the new world order global dictatorship!!!!!!!!!! The gop establishment led by mcconnell and mccarthy are in the mix of those owned by Nazi war criminal george soros. soros should have been executed for his role in the “final solution of the Jewish problem” but truman brought him here to continue his work for satan!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The site showing the videos lists a different time, which is earlier:

      The series premieres LIVE on Tuesday, November 30th at 6 pm Pacific, 9 Eastern.

      1. Has anyone been able to log into the meeting. I am Central time. It is 7:11. I did not receive an email with additional info. on logging in.