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Dr. Peter A. McCullough, America Out Loud

(Nov. 28, 2021) — In a November 16, 2021 “America Out Loud” podcast, internist, cardiologist and COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter A. McCullough interviewed biological researcher Dr. Bruce Patterson, MD on his discoveries of the characteristics of “long COVID,” “acute COVID,” the relationship of the disease to cancer and HIV based on Patterson’s experience, and U.S. hospitals’ ability to accurately evaluate patients.

McCullough’s introduction to the podcast begins:

The revelation that with each injection of COVID-19 genetic vaccines that spike protein is loaded into the human body and accumulates to an even higher level, causing inflammation and organ injury in the brain, heart, immune system, and bone marrow are stunning from a clinical perspective. As the viral pandemic ebbs, we can expect to learn and hear more about how the COVID-19 vaccines, which are now administered by mandate and in some countries by force, grow in strength as the leading public health threat and, instead of preventing disease, become significant determinants of a whole new class of illnesses leading to disability, hospitalization, and death.

Prior to the highly technical discussion with Patterson, McCullough aired a portion of an interview from the previous week with Alex Jones (10:32) wherein he warned that repeated injections of COVID mRNA or “viral vector” “vaccines” could lead to an overwhelming of the human body with the lethal “spike protein” which mimics that of the virus it is expected to prevent. “…the spike protein on the ball of the virus is the same protein that’s in the human body after vaccination, so whether or not someone’s been exposed to it from the respiratory illness, or whether or not someone’s taken the vaccine, they now are exposed to the spike protein,” McCullough told Jones. Based on published scientific research, McCullough said, “the spike protein does damage the heart…”

Federal health agencies have acknowledged that “Pfizer and Moderna cause myocarditis,” McCullough said. “Myocarditis is heart injury; I’ve seen it; I’ve reported it to the CDC; I’ve had CDC officers call me and verify it; this syndrome is not mild because it requires hospitalization,” McCullough said, his voice in a crescendo. “We have a situation where bioethics is off the rails; parental rights are now taken away, and children are going to be faced with a potentially fatal decision…We’ve never seen this ever in human history.”

Other side effects of the shots, McCullough said, include VITT, “neurologic injury,” renal failure and hemolytic anemia.

On a lighter note, McCullough aired the country-style song, “I Will Not Comply” by artist “Blind Joe” which he said a colleague sent to him and demonstrates “an idea of what’s happening in folk music” based on current events.

McCullough also played a clip of Dr. Peter Doshi, Ph.D. from a November 1, 2021 hearing held by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on COVID injection injuries and federal health agencies’ approach to the pandemic declared in March 2020.

Doshi, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Maryland and editor of The British Medical Journal (BMJ), was one of several scientists at the hearing (5:56 in podcast) concerned that “critical thinking” has been abandoned and has led to an “everybody-knows” mindset.

“There’s something not adding up…” Doshi was heard to say, in response to the claim by some in government, including White House occupant Joe Biden, that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Then there’s this: ‘Everybody knows that COVID vaccines save lives; in fact, we’ve known this from early 2021; the clinical trials proved that to be the case…,'” Doshi provided as an example of non-critical thinking, “…but is it true?”

“He goes on to show data that it’s not true,” McCullough remarked. “The vaccines do not save lives…there were slightly more deaths in those who received Pfizer than those who had received placebo in the registrational trials. We later learned that the clinical trials were not truly double-blind; they were considered observer-blind… So we have a circumstance that it is clear that we have what’s going on from clinical trial – FDA, CDC, the National Institutes of Health perspective – we have malfeasance; we have wrongdoing by those in position of authority, and we have willful misconduct, and through our music and through our scientific testimony and through our scholarship and our review, this is being exposed.”

“The questions are: How can this possibly, ultimately be stopped?” McCullough continued. “We know that this vaccine train cannot keep going. We have heard reports now that multiple countries have pre-purchased enough doses of vaccines in order for administration to happen every six months for years for each person in the population, and there is great concern that, in fact, this can lead to an accumulation of the original Wuhan spike protein…that was manipulated in the lab in Wuhan, China with gain-of-function research…that’s what made that protein so lethal and damaging to the human body. Now we’re giving vaccines that code for that original Wuhan spike protein.”

McCullough brought on Patterson at approximately the 30:00 mark. While the interview is scientific in nature, the layman takes away that according to Patterson, U.S. hospitals are not well-equipped to evaluate where patients are in their recovery and therefore which type of treatment would work best.

Lab tests “do not inform” as to which direction treatment should take or whether or not “long-hauler’s syndrome” will set in, McCullough, who has formulated protocols for COVID-19, said.

“A disease this complicated demands precision diagnostics,” Patterson told McCullough at the 50:57 mark.

“My final message is we can do a better job at managing these patients than we’re doing right now, and it’s got to come from precision medicine,” Patterson said.

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  1. My question is the toxicity levels of the drug being given. How much is too much? Where are the studies on that? No one seems to care, just line up and get another dose. I cannot believe that not one medical professional talks about toxicity. Where are the studies about that? Never before have we been forced to take any drug without definitive targeted studies in human beings, let alone multiple injections in one year of a bait and switch approved drug!

  2. This COVID tyranny boils-down to restoring our natural freedoms by taking back our livelihood through the authority of Natural Law, the same way the Founding Fathers did. It seems that the US Constitution currently is null and void.