by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 4, 2021) — In a 3+-hour hearing on Monday in Washington, DC, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said that U.S. government agencies tasked with safeguarding the nation’s health and steering it through the coronavirus pandemic both “sabotaged early treatment” and lied about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines administered throughout the country since last December.

Johnson began by thanking the attendees who are vaccine-injured for expending the effort to travel given their medical conditions.

“It’s a real shame that we’re having to hold this roundtable,” Johnson said during his opening remarks. “Had government officials, heads of our healthcare agencies been doing their job, had they been honest and transparent with the American public, we wouldn’t be here today. The very sad fact of the matter is is they haven’t,” he said. [sic]

The Biden’s regime’s “vaccine mandates,” Johnson said, “will rob us of freedom and take an enormous toll on human beings and on our economy.” The employer mandate, announced September 9, was made formal on November 4 and already has a number of legal challenges, reports say.

As for the government’s initial response to COVID-19, Johnson said, the U.S. has seen a high number of deaths, ranking “23rd” in the world, higher than Sweden.

A “huge blunder” was that “higher-ups in the agency sabotaged early treatment. To this day, the NIH guidelines for treating COVID are basically to do nothing,” Johnson said.

He asked why, as with other diseases, early treatment was not embraced.

Pivoting to vaccine injuries and using figures from the VAERS database, established in 1990 for reporting adverse reactions believed to be attributable to vaccines, Johnson displayed figures released Friday, October 22 showing that over 800,000 adverse events have been reported over the last ten months stemming from COVID-19 vaccines, including 17,619 deaths.

The heads of the NIH, DOD, NIAID, CDC, FDA and the vaccine manufacturers — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — were invited to the hearing, Johnson said, but none appeared.

Johnson quoted Biden for having promised Americans that if they became vaccinated, they would not contract the virus, be placed in the ICU or die. Those claims, Johnson said, are belied by figures issued by the UK showing that 63% of recent COVID-19 deaths occurred in “fully-vaccinated” individuals.

Over the last four weeks, that number rose to “78%,” Johnson said.

If the vaccines do not prevent illness, transmission, hospitalization or death, Johnson said, they are “pointless.”

He stated that he has spoken with nurses and physicians who treated COVID patients and have chosen not to become vaccinated themselves after treating the vaccine-injured. As a result of Biden’s mandates, Johnson said, a severe worker shortage will ensue in the healthcare industry.

“How insane is this?” he asked. People who have had the virus and are “naturally immune” likely have better protection “than those who are vaxxed” Johnson said.

The “third reality that our policy-makers are denying is the vaccine injuries,” he continued, referring to a similar hearing he held in late June in Milwaukee for the vaccine-injured to relate their hardships.

He asked how the nation’s health agencies can assist the vaccine-injured if they are unwilling to acknowledge those injuries.

The CDC had pledged “in October” to follow up on anyone reporting an adverse event from COVID vaccines, Johnson said, but those injured refute that it occurred.

Johnson then called upon Brianne Dressen, who claims a “life-altering” reaction to the U.S. Astra-Zeneca shot administered during a clinical trial last year and who spoke in June.

Her reaction began on November 4, 2020, Dressen said, and symptoms continue to the current day.

She and others she has met on her road to recovery “are not anti-vaxx,” she said, and all were deeply disturbed after seeing that children who took part in the trials were rendered similarly ill.

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