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(Oct. 23, 2021) — “Bach” (1:00)

[For those of you who aren’t familiar with our operation, ‘Pulse’ is a small independent television station (we used to be on satellite, you know). Due to the good graces of Sharon Rondeau of The P&E, the transcript of the show is made available after Molly, our secretary, transcribes the product and sends it via email to The P&E.

We usually tape in the morning, grab a burger on the way back to editing, and are on the airways at 6:00 pm. Molly sends the transcript along with no specific timeline. Hope you enjoy reading the script.]

Blueberry Hill” (2:21)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. The other day the father of the child who was raped in her high school girls’ restroom was arrested by the police when it was quite obvious to all that the school board members were the ones who should’ve been arrested.

“Once again, the cops got the wrong guy, and it’s right on film, the goons following the orders of the Deep State. Instead of wearing brown shirts, reminiscent of Hitler’s goons, they’re in blue, the new brown.

“What we’re witnessing is the death of a nation; we’re in the death throes; our military (Joint Chiefs of Staff) have turned their collective backs on the Oath they took to the Constitution. Our police*, who used to protect us, are now the enemy, the strong arm of the powers that be.

“The DOJ is as corrupt as they come, ordering the FBI to incite riots, harass innocent civilians and arrest the guiltless. Meanwhile, the Fake News covers for this administration’s lunacy; I’m sorry, there’s just no other word that comes as close to describing the wanton destruction of the ‘Beacon of Freedom of the World’ because, once we’re gone, once the USA is turned into yet another Third World cesspool, the chances of freedom for others are nil.

“The future for American citizens is one of horror, for real and not Halloween make-believe. Rapes; kidnapping and gang rapes; beatings and your regular everyday (at least in Chicago) murders will increase exponentially for many reasons, the top one being that most of our judges could care less about our well-being, about the law, about the Constitution. The judges must honor our treaties that specify we will not conduct capital punishment on child-molesters, rapists and murderers from, say, Mexico and El Salvador and will enforce Sharia Law that leaves males unpunished for beating, disfiguring, raping and/or murdering women because it’s what they do; it is their way of life and welcome to America, the land where you can act just as you did wherever you came from.

“Our guest tonight is Professor Zorkophsky, of ‘Trash the masks’ fame.”

“Thank you for having me on, but please call me ‘Zork’ since I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“Okay, Zork, and we’ve just run out of time. Thanks for stopping by; it was a great pleasure having you on the show, and so, at this time, let’s wish everyone a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Police: I’ll admit that maybe 10% of government employees are honest and hardworking.]

Flag of the Chinese Communist Party (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

[Last thought: Our government is made up of people who want to trash the Constitution, a little here, a little there, each and every day. That there are thousands in the government who have sold their soul to the CCP is a given, and Omar and her fellow travelers, by whatever actions they take, are weakening our country, which is, after all, the whole point of the fraud: Trump out, Biden in. We are in the race of our Republic’s life; the prize is either freedom or slavery, and the only way to foretell the winner is how long Biden stays in destroying everything we hold dear, such as a secure border, energy independence and a military that isn’t ruled by traitors.]

That’s Amore” (3:05)

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