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(Oct. 6, 2021) — “What’s Up” (4:55)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Today’s guest is a real treat, someone who has worked on the top floor of the FBI for the past 30 years and is willing to step forward with the truth and nothing but the truth, right?”

“In a manner of speaking, and glad to be on the show.”

“Glad you’re here, too. So, what was your title at the FBI? It says here you were in charge of the top floor for the past 20 years, but I didn’t recognize your name from any of the list of the top people.”

“That’s because I’m unlisted; never been listed, matter of fact.”

“So you operated ‘under the radar’; interesting.”

“No, it’s not. It was just a job, but entertaining to the hilt. Every day was some sort of ‘crisis control’ going on, day after day. Agents working long hours, coming in disheveled but in good spirits.”

“Give us an example.”

“Well, I remember one time when a couple of agents arrived late, like around 10:00 p.m., and high-fiving everyone in the office. Quite a show.”

“What did they do to merit such congratulations?”

“They successfully arrested three mothers that they caught – on camera – at a school board meeting badmouthing the teaching of CRT.”

“Why, that’s sick.”

“Not if you’re the GESTAPO and get to dress up as a real soldier going off to war, but knowing you’ll be home for a hot meal and time to tuck the kids in for bed. They basked in the limelight knowing that Roger Stone wasn’t going to open up on them with a .30 caliber in the wee hours of the morning. Some of them even got to pretend they were on Sea Hunt, fighting off sharks and alligators in case Stone, his wife and dog made a swim for it.”

“Somehow you don’t sound like a fan of the FBI.”

“Fan, are you kidding? Anything but; I cleaned up after them for 30 years and know what they think of the Constitution, for real, and it isn’t good.”

“So what was your job on that top floor?”

“I was the janitor and the only Trump fan there, but I kept the job because I kept my mouth shut. Since I retired I can finally speak my mind; mind if I do?”

“Not at all; go for it.”

“Forget the easily bought-off politicians; America’s real power is in the hands of the petty little bureaucrats who love to make the rules and regulations that make it almost impossible to fire them, even if caught stealing and lying, as the IRS’s Lois Lerner did before Congress and the world on live TV. How come she isn’t in jail, along with Hillary, Fauci, John Brennan and all the others? I’ll tell you why: because the FBI can’t do their job, that’s why. Bunch of losers, if you ask me.”

“And that was going to be my last question: ‘Do you think that the FBI is a bunch of losers?’ Thank you for being our guest. What do you say we take a break before our next guest?”

Everyday” (2:05)

“And we’re back with our favorite fortune-teller, none other than Madam Shylock. Welcome, and what’s up?”

“Better to ask, ‘What’s down?’  Your freedoms, that’s what. Every day, a little less here, a little less there; pretty soon there’ll be no rights against unlawful searches and seizures, and if you resist, well, they’ll just shoot you and go on to the next on the list. Think of King George and you’ll get the picture.”

“But King George was the reason for the American Revolution.”

“That’s true, but like then there’s traitors everywhere; why, the FBI is full of them, more than willing to follow any illegal order, like the 4:00 a.m. arrest of Roger Stone when they could’ve picked up the phone and asked him to come down to the office. Reminds me of the FBI fiasco in Waco, Texas, in 1993 when all they had to do was wait for David Koresh to go to the grocery store and ask him questions there, rather than burn to death 25 children.”

“Yes, that’s true. We would be better served if the FBI would keep an eye on the 22+ Muslim Boot Camps scattered all over our country and all the Muslim armories that the ignorant call ‘mosques.’”

“That is so true, but the FBI and all of law enforcement hire Muslims, so the mosques and other Muslims always get tipped off if there’s a raid planned.”

“Any good news?”

“I’m afraid not. Still trying to find that one honest federal judge who believes in the Constitution more than he believes in his bank account.”

“Or his life, if it come to that.”

On January 26, 2016, LaVoy Finicum was killed by an FBI agent while on his way to a meeting following the Malheur Wildlife Refuge incident

“I’m afraid we’re already there. You have to fight fire with fire; we’re trying to use the courts and the Constitution while they are using bullets, and under that scenario, which side do you think has the best chance of ending up on top?”

“Yes, I gathered that. Well, thanks for stopping by, and with that we’ll be wishing our audience a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[‘Pulse’ would like to tell the ‘Muslim Admiration Society,’ heretofore known as the UN, to take a hike.] 

[Little People update: Communication blackout. Would report but too many spies; too many government informants who would blab for a few trinkets of silver.]

Marry You” (3:37)

Roving Reporter  

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  1. Thank you Roving…or do you prefer Mr. Reporter?

    Could it be that swearing in the ineligible, identity fraud con-artist Barack Hussein Obama resulted in a lot more Muslims in the U.S.A.? When America’s government and her military were given to enemies of America one of Obama’s first actions was getting as many Muslims into America as quickly as possible. Also, strategically putting Muslims is areas where they could be voted into Congress was part of the plan.
    If Obama remains off-limits….race and ineligibility protected, America will not recover from The Obama Fraud which was intended to weaken America as much as possible….and it worked. If Obama continues to pull the puppet the strings of Biden the influx of Muslims into America is not going to stop………or even slow down.
    When the three letter agencies are busy protecting criminals it’s hard to see a peaceful way out………………and it’s hard to see a successful way out, peaceful or not. Voting?. We tried that and the result was the election was successfully, stolen.

    The answer to America’s recovery from massive corruption is ???????

    1. Hello Bob68;

      “…America’s recovery…?” The truth lies in the trigger finger of the Patriots of the land, that’s where. No use sugarcoating it, not with the majority of the military and officers of the court acting as GESTAPO agents, more than willing to incarcerate and violate our Constitutional rights without pause for reflection.

      The so-called ‘Patriot Act’ gives sweeping powers to violate honest citizens Constitutional rights in the name of ‘Democracy’, a misnomer if there ever was one.

      Each passing day brings us closer to anarchy, the point where the courts act as a means to keep the few in power by allowing the State to run roughshod over all of us.

      The playbook was written years ago, but the issue currently used is of the NAZI Party in 1930’s Germany, and we’re looking at the same conclusion: a wasteland filled with despair and crime with no way out.

      A successful conclusion is possible, but not with Trump unless Trump gets religion, and by religion, I mean enforcing the Constitution by force. You break the law of the land, you pay the price.; you murder, you hang and I don’t give a hoot if we have a treaty with Mexico or any other Third World cesspool prohibiting capital punishment of their citizens.

      Muslims seem to get some sort of special dispensation from our laws, as in ‘it’s their way of life, as stated in the Quran’. No more. Either we deal with it (which we have not) or watch us pass from what we were to what we’re about to become: a footnote; a has-been; a distant memory of a failed system of thought, where ‘free speech’ had to be censored; where truth was outlawed and where people, such as Andrew Breitbart, had to be murdered by the government, had to be silenced in case people believed his warnings of a government out of control over everything but what is most important: a secure border.

      Mr. Roving

  2. No. It’s not Gene Hackman; rather, he’s a Major Patriot, Jeffrey Prather, who puts his life on-the-line every day by being vocal about the swamp. The below 52-minute-long video is worth the watch and listen to reinforce not only the content of this article about the FBI, but Jeffrey Prather also covers many other aspects of the entrenched swamp members that we must not allow to continue to take over this country who want to literally kill us all.