by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 28, 2021) — In an interview on Thursday with Christian ministry leader Dr. Meri Crouley’s “Now is the Time,” Mary Fanning of The American Report predicted that the Maricopa County, AZ forensic report on the 2020 election to be released the following day would reveal that “Trump won Arizona” over Democrat challenger Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Trump has never conceded the election and lauded the Maricopa forensic audit, which reported multiple anomalies translating to an alleged tens of thousands of irregular ballots cast as well as what Arizona Senate President Karen Fann claimed on Friday were violations of law.

The audit team found as an aggregate more than 57,000 votes were received and counted outside the legal chain of custody, lacking the required signatures, or consisting of “duplicate” ballots, among other irregularities. It did not, however, assert that the final awarding of the state’s 11 electoral votes was done in error or that the election results should be “decertified,” as some have advocated.

The 57,000 ballots at issue far exceed the official tally between Trump and Biden of 10,457 votes from the entire state of Arizona.

In support of Fann’s conclusion, former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who once held Fann’s position as senate president, identified three statutes which he said appeared to have been violated. Fann has since referred the findings to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office to request a criminal investigation.

As The Post & Email has reported, since January 3 Fanning and co-author Alan Jones have claimed the election was “stolen” from Trump not by on-the-ground activity, but by a massive “cyberwarfare” attack orchestrated by China. In her interview with Crouley, Fanning emphasized other types of possible election fraud as well as her initial October 31, 2020 claim that an alleged government supercomputer, “The Hammer,” and software termed “Scorecard” “flipped” votes from Trump to Biden in significant numbers sufficient to change the outcome.

“The Hammer,” Fanning’s narrative now claims, was found “in China” “right at the time of the election.” The source of “The Hammer” story is former government subcontractor Dennis L. Montgomery, who has a history of making claims which are not substantiated.

For months after Fanning’s issuing of her January 3 article reporting Chinese “cyberwarfare” launched at the election, “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” as well as their source, were excised from the narrative.

“There were multiple ways that the election was stolen,” Fanning told Crouley at 15:30 in the video, “…but most importantly, it was Scorecard, which is an application that works off of the supercomputer system. That Hammer and Scorecard, right at the time of the election, showed up in China…Scorecard is a prismatic scoring algorithm that steals the votes at the transfer points as it enters the internet, so at that point, it begins shaving votes from Donald Trump…”

Crouley asked Fanning to describe her relationship with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who said he would release 37 TB of data at his “cyber symposium” in August but ultimately did not follow through. The data he planned to release, Lindell said afterward, was gleaned from Fanning and Montgomery, among others.

Fanning joined forces with Lindell shortly after reportedly providing the data acquired from her “source” said to prove China’s remote commandeering of the election. She, Jones, and WVW-TV host Brannon Howse became co-producers on Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” video and subsequent ones emphasizing the “China” theory but also incorporating those involving an “algorithm,” local ballot fraud and other forms of cheating. “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” however, were notably absent.

At 19:39, Fanning raised the issue of “administrator codes” in Maricopa County which were not produced to the Arizona Senate for the audit. Earlier in the process, the senate’s subpoena to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors resulted in the Board stating it does not possess the passwords to election equipment and its declination to provide the routers used during the election out of “security” concerns.

The county has claimed the audit was conducted unprofessionally and proved “dangerous.” On Friday, after the report was made to the senate, the county reportedly called at least one of the auditors’ claims “stunningly ignorant.”

By an agreement reached approximately ten days ago, the county said it will provide the routers to a Special Master, whose team would conduct its own analysis. Both sides claimed a “win,” although the analysis was not completed in time for the release of the audit results Friday.

“From what we understand, they’re going to come forward on Friday and say what the true numbers were and that Trump won Arizona,” Fanning told Crouley at the 20-minute mark.

At 26:51, Fanning pivoted back to “China” as the source of a “cyberwarfare attack” on the election. “The idea that China is going to come in and choose who is going to win elections in this country, particularly for the leadership of our country — that doesn’t sit well with the American people,” she said.

At the beginning of the discussion, Crouley explained that “an avatar” would be used in place of Fanning’s appearing in person due to unspecified “things that have happened” and “for her protection,” although Fanning has never shown her face in any interview in which she has taken part dating back years.

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  1. What would be possible reasons for Fanning not ever showing herself. Did Lindell, Howse and Jones even get to see who she is? Why were Hammer and Scorecard absent?