September 27, 2021

Dear Editor,

I can’t believe that people like so-called “Modern” Nationals and Liberals: Darren Chester, Jason Falisnki, Dave Sharma and Warren Entsch are still in the conservative (“real-world” thinkers’) parties!

China has stopped all imports of Australian coal which totaled one-third of their coal supply for electricity. Now the Chinese are “power-sharing,” with many of the poorer people in the still-poorest areas of China severely suffering (just as so many of our venerable elders and poorer everyday Aussie families are with Australia’s soaring power prices due to MmGW Mania)!

The Chinese are the world’s most prolific solar panel and battery producers and yet are building more and more fossil-fuel-powered electricity-producing facilities! So much for our “modern” thinkers’ thinking?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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