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(Sep. 2, 2021) — Discrimination is a major workplace problem and has been since the dawn of time.

People can be discriminated against in a variety of ways, from their race to sexual orientation. This is wrong, and issues like this show no sign of stopping any time soon.

A group that also frequently falls victim to workplace discrimination is the disabled. For example, disabled people can be wrongly turned away in the hiring process or denied promotion opportunities despite earning them.

When disabled people experience discrimination at work, they – unfortunately – often decide to let the matter go. But it’s the 21st century, now, and your rights are your rights! Quite frankly, there’s no excuse for disability discrimination. Therefore, this help guide is here to support you.

Keep reading for some useful advice and information.

Seek legal help when you experience discrimination

When you experience discrimination, the best course of action is to obtain legal help. ADA lawyers in Colorado are experts on disability discrimination and have lawyers ready to defend your cause. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them!

Employee attorneys, providing your case is strong and justified, have a great chance of successfully defending you. This, in turn, can lead to the compensation you deserve. Without legal intervention, you will struggle to get any form of compensation, which is worth bearing in mind.

Inform your boss and HR

If you experience workplace discrimination from other employees or 3rd party companies, you should immediately inform your boss – even if it’s age-related discrimination. After this, the next step is to inform your HR department (which specializes in resolving employee complaints and issues).

Write a journal

It’s absolutely essential that you keep a journal surrounding your discrimination encounters.

A journal helps you keep track of evidence and remain consistent with your story (so that no specific details are forgotten or misremembered). Here are two ways you can keep a journal:

  • On your smartphone. There are many journal apps that are free to download. Alternatively, you can type everything down in the ‘notes section.
  • In a paper journal. Paper journals are still popular and are the classic way to keep track of your thoughts and the life events you’re experiencing.

Collect evidence

Collecting evidence is perhaps the most important step you can take. Depending on your specific discrimination case, the evidence you collect will differ.

For example, if your boss is refusing is bullying you and using your disability as an attack point, you should record these encounters and ask fellow employees to act as eyewitnesses. This will strengthen your case and give you a much greater chance of receiving justice! 

Consider changing employers

If you’re being discriminated against by your company (currently, the popular gaming company Activision is in hot water with a discrimination lawsuit), sometimes it’s best to change employers. After all, even after a successful legal intervention, it’s possibly not a good idea to stay somewhere with such a bad working environment. 

Get support from your family and friends

During your struggles, you should confide in your family and friends to get the support you need. They will – rightfully – be shocked by the discrimination you’re facing and will do all they can to help you!

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