by John Porter, ©2021

(Aug. 23, 2021) — Joe Biden, President…Kamala Harris, Vice President…Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. This is our president and the line of succession. I submit for your consideration, the United States of America has never been exposed to a more imminent risk of disaster or ruin of our Constitutional Republic of individual freedom since its founding in 1776.

This exposure should concern every American of all ages. IF we can survive this, I hope and pray the American people will learn from this and not ever again vote themselves into this situation. Our Republic is EXPOSED to a real and present danger of total destruction!! I have honestly tried to think of one thing these people have done, are doing or intend to do that will be of benefit to America, but nothing comes to mind, only actions leading to destruction. Is it possible that any liberty- and freedom-loving citizen of this nation can support what is happening to America right now?

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  1. What do the putative ‘President,’ putative ‘Speaker,’ and super majority of the Supreme Court have in common? To whom do they owe ultimate allegiance? Who is really in control behind the scenes (despite apparent conflict)? Who is seeking global domination? What kind of track record does this organization have? Do you feel better now?

  2. We The People already are in a second Constitutional crisis. Author failed to prefix the following titles “President”, “Vice (definition of previous career)-President”, and “Speaker of the House” with the following adjective: “putative”.

    Due to a stolen 2020 general election, the U.S. government is being operated by a rogue corporate organization – all three branches.

    adjective [ before noun ] formal
    US /ˈpjuː.t̬ə.t̬ɪv/ UK /ˈpjuː.tə.tɪv/

    generally thought to be or to exist, even if this may not really be true: