by JR Nyquist,, ©2021

(Aug. 11, 2021) — Mike Lindell … could do so much good. He has got so much wealth. He could be our George Soros…. Instead, he is sinking millions and millions of dollars into these videos and this upcoming Symposium on alleged cyber-warfare from China. I fear … it is just going to be money down the crapper.  —CLIFF KINCAID

As the Lindell Cyber Symposium has begun, it is worth reviewing what we know in the midst of so much disinformation from right and left. Cliff asked me why Lindell’s information is not to be believed. I told him that the ultimate source of Lindell’s information, of course, is serial fraudster Dennis Montgomery. I asked Cliff, furthermore, that “If [China] wanted to change our election, would they do it so obviously that we could trace their computers back to their own country?” This does not make sense.

Post Script: From Backstage

The word from backstage at the Cyber Symposium in South Dakota is that the cyber experts are unhappy. Expert Robert Graham is reporting, on Twitter, “they are not allowing pcap experts to analyze this data.” The “proof” is not in the pudding. In fact, the whole thing IS A PUDDING. Such a shame. Such a waste of effort.

[See video here]

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  1. I wish the money had been well-spent. I wish David Clements’s arguments had been strong. But his arguments fell apart at the end of his presentation. The PCAPs were not presented. China’s involvement was not proven. The majority of our fellow-citizens were not persuaded. Let us be honest with ourselves. The promises made by Lindell were not fulfilled. In fact, Lindell broke his promises. He failed. Yet you would make him a hero anyway and cast me as a villain for telling the truth. Do you know why the conservative movement is filled with grifters, opportunists and circus clowns? Because you are ready to reject honest people with critical sense. It is a hopeless case.

  2. Only time will tell if right, but military backs Trump, and world’s largest military sting operation has been going on. Seen Hillary or Bill lately?, many of the usual suspects have disappeared. Interesting, I hope and pray that military tribunals are going on because the “justice” system cannot be trusted

  3. All the Marxists have is misinformation.

    After you listen, for example, to Dr. Shiva’s presentation, the money has clearly been well spent.

    After you listen to David Clements, you realize the money has been well spent.

    And there are others. So, commentary such as Mr. Nyquist’s are to be expected, and not trusted.

    1. Dittos Cort Wrotnowski…

      After his excellent prosecutor’s presentation today on day 3 of the Cyber Symposium, I nominate law professor and former prosecutor David Clements for Department of Justice Attorney General in President Trump’s next administration, whether it is in 2021 or 2024. I prefer 2021 but with John (“call it a tax”, and, according to an audio which is said to be online somewhere, “that m-fer will NOT be reelected”) Roberts as Supreme Court Chief Justice (and Trump nominated Justices) well, who knows.

      Dr. Shiva went to court “pro se” and is winning so far. He, like Mike Lindell, is a general, a leader, and not a follower.

      Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the marxist footsoldiers of the “Marxists” have deceit and “disinformation” in their quivers. The “Marxists” and their “color revolution” will be exposed and dealt with eventually after “O”biden and “O”Harris are removed from “our” government over which they are merely administrators.

      Our “government” is not the enemy of We the People. It is the November 3, 2020 “occupation” administrators of “our” government who are the enemy of We the People.


  4. The proof is overwhelming by a large percentage that the election was a total fraud.
    More votes per registered voter are just the tip of it; ballots trucked in from out of state; ballots pulled out from under tables in the middle of the night is just icing on the cake, and to top it off, the crooked voting machines and the hacks from China add up to F-R-A-U-D.
    My wife is a computer expert and she actually understands the evidence, maybe even better than Mike’s experts, and she calls the election a fraud and would swear to it and she’s a better Christain than I think I am.
    Now if that isn’t enough evidence to kick Biden-Harris O-U-T, so much for injustice in the Land of the free and the Home of the brave.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    After quoting Cliff Kincaid, J.R. Nyquist says:

    Paragraph 2
    “As the Lindell Cyber Symposium has begun, it is worth reviewing what we know in the midst of so much disinformation from right and left. Cliff asked me why Lindell’s information is not to be believed. I told him that the ultimate source of Lindell’s information, of course, is serial fraudster Dennis Montgomery. … ”

    Hi Cliff Kincaid and J.R. Nyquist, Dennis Montgomery is NOT the “source” of Lindell’s info. Also, what “disinformation” are your referring to?

    I have watched all 24 hours (12 hours on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 and 12 hours on Wednesday August 11, 2021) of the Cyber Symposium, and absolutely nobody, cyber experts, panelists or legislators, has suggested that the info is disinformation from anybody (Dennis Montgomery, Mary Fanning, or any U. S. General). The consensus by implication of the silence of the cyber experts, the presenters and the legislators in the audience is that the cyber info is 100% legitimate. Period. If disinfo was the “source” of the cyber “info” the $5 million dollars would be claimed already. Right?

    However, in addition to other “journalists” in attendance at the Cyber Symposium, Alan Duke and Lead Stories has been mentioned by Mike Lindell many times as a disinformation agent masquerading as a “fact checker” of the packet captures (pcaps) and the image captures on Wednesday, and etc.

    Alan Duke is a shyster and a disinfo agent. After listening to Alan Duke talk and defend his China business associations twice on Steve Bannon’s Warroom in the previous month, it is obvious that Alsn Duke is slick and, since he knows the truth about the implications of his China business associations, he knows how to lie about China and his business associations.

    Mike Lindell is a truth teller and Alan Duke is a truth liar.

    The United States has been “attacked”by the footsoldiers of the marxist revolution (and the marxist revolutionaries who funded them) since the start of the burning and looting in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and elsewhere and the nation was successfully “subdued” by the marxist revolutionaries who perpetrated a “coup” (check the dictionary for “coup”, “coup de grace”, “coup de main”, “coup d’etat”) on November 3, 2020 in the national election locations, and on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. when they masqueraded as Trump supporters to mislead a very, very, very, small number of true Trump supporters to enter the U. S. Capitol. The “false flag” action is just too obvious.

    The Trump haters simply have to deal with the false flag op and start telling Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the FBI and the DOJ who the REAL insurrectionists were on January 6, 2021.

    The real insurrectionists were, and and still are, the footsoldiers of the marxist revolution. ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are simply front groups of the internationalist marxist revolution and the revolutionaries who trained them and are funding them. The nazi “brownshirts” have been replaced by the marxist “blackshirts” who carry umbrellas.

    Cliff Cincaid and J.R. Nyquist are on the wrong side of history if they continue to think that a single guy, Dennis Montgomery, is the “source” of disinfo and is misleading Mike Lindell. They need to do better than insinuate who is the bad guy in the takeover of the U. S. government.


      1. Hi Sharon,

        Hi William Wheeler,

        The “source” means…

        The “source” is the perpetrator of the crime, not the person who tells another person of the crime.

        Dennis Montgomery did not “source” the cyber info, he passed the info about cyber warfare to others before Lindell was given the info and, like the 5 star General he is, Mike ran with the info, and here we are, debating the “source” of the cyber warfare info instead of the cyber warfare info.

        Well, some people are, but I’m not.

        Mike Lindell is a truth teller and it seems that Josh “Spyder” Meritt is not, otherwise he would be $5 million bucks richer instead of “reporting” about a minor figure. In the greater scheme of things, specifically, a stolen election, Mike Lindell is trying to protect America and our freedom and Josh is majoring on a minor person.

        If the cyber info discussed at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is phony baloney who is the winner of the $5 million bucks? Certainly not Josh Merritt, right?

        Josh “Spyder” Merritt did not, because he could not, expose a fraud at the Cyber Symposium and win $5 million bucks so he decided to “report” to Alan Duke at his spaghetti factory (throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks) Lead Stories instead? Is that realistic? Is that courageous reporting by Josh (whomever he is)?


  6. If there’s a hero in this story, it’s Sharon. She has been on top of this story since the beginning. Well before Lindell’s symposium was announced… well before ‘Scorecard’ was hypothesized…
    I never for a minute believed Mary or Mike Lindell – I knew (thanks to Sharon) that it was always bunk. Going back to the original ‘Hammer’ claim, there was enough evidence presented on this website to discredit the entire Fanning/Montgomery enterprise.
    Anyone who was duped deserves it. They deserve the disappointment and deserve to be considered fools… they need to grow up and get out of fantasy land. There was not hack by China, and Obama didn’t build a supercomputer to spy on anyone (the NSA already has them, besides).
    Just because something sounds great doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, the easiest way to fool someone is to tell them exactly what they want to hear.
    Wise up people, and stop believing anonymous people on the internet who promise the moon but refuse to deliver evidence. Should you find yourself taken in by such a gimmick, remember: you’re being conned.

  7. Yesterday the claim was that Lindell’s main source was in the hospital with a stroke.

    Remembering the emails from the Seattle Operation of Sheriff Arpiao, Dennis Montgomery used the stroke complaint several times to explain why he could not finish his work or provide evidence of his claims.

  8. If Mike Lindell was wise to the truth he would realize the reality is the election was stolen in 2008 and 2012 A.D.

    Barack Hussein Obama danced over the blood of the innocent ones he has murdered and still ongoing, at his birthday bash this past weekend. 30 Special Operators, part of the call mission Extortion 17, the best of the best were blown out of the sky on 6 August, 2021 A.D. to give cover to the lie of the usurping Hussein.

    Who is Barry Soetoro?

    Who is Barry Soebarkah?

    Why did Congress attempt to remove Article II Section I Clause V repeatedly? Why not support Judge Roy Moore or Sheriff Joseph Arpaio and Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator Michael Zullo, Mike Lindell?

    I would be a hypocrite not to say HEY DONALD J. TRUMP, this is the election fraud that brought about the election fraud of 2020 A.D. Repent of this lie and God will heal our land. Hey DONALD call out the indefinite detention and labeling lawful Americans as domestic terrorists found in the NDAA 2012 A.D.

    Sections 1021 and 1022 contain that evil needs to be exposed and repealed.

  9. No matter how accurate Lindell’s proof is, the MSM and others who lied to get the senile Biden and his ineligible V.P. in office, (and more importantly President Trump out of office), will succeed in getting most of America to believe, or at least accept, the conclusion that there was, “no significant voter fraud” . That is America in 2021.