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August 10, 2021

Dear Editor,

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, public domain

So, Uniting Church minister Rev Alistair Macrae backs former Sex (now Reason) Party leader and former Australian Capital Territory sex-industry leader Fiona Patten’s bid to end the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer in Judeo/Christian-based Western Society Australia’s second most populous state’s (Victoria’s) parliament.

This Judas Iscariot-like betrayal is no surprise to any thinking Aussie. When entering any Australian country town its Uniting Church is immediately recognisable because it’s leaning so far to the left as its foundations subside under the load of its Marxist-leaning woke, folk congregation: Uniting Church sermon/deliverers like Alistair Macrae need mountaineers’ crampons to stand even somewhat erect in the pulpit!

Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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