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(Aug. 9, 2021) — Last week, your humble servant offered this post positing several “what-if” hypothetical questions, the answers to which seem increasingly to suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus may, in fact, be a bioweapon intentionally launched by China. 

If empirically proven, this would constitute an act of war.  But with a cognitively-crippled Goofball-in-Chief ensconced in the White House (when he hasn’t “called an early lid” from his cave in Delaware), the likelihood of him even recognizing that an act of war has occurred, much less taking action in response, is…, remote.

We now learn that Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA experimental fluid powering both the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines,” warns that these two experimental medications may actually increase susceptibility to the Wuhan virus for people who have been injected with them.  Yikes.

First reported here and sourced here, Dr. Malone warns that those who have been “vaccinated” with the mRNA-based fluids may actually be at greater risk of contracting another subsequent strain of the virus than those who are not so “vaccinated.”  Oh, and the shots might also actually aggravate pre-existing conditions.

Translation: if, as the pandemic panic porn merchants, led by Dr. Anthony (“Gain of Function”) Fauci, predict, a whole series of really scary “variants” are brooding on the horizon, and those who have already been administered the fluids against the first wave stand a better – not worse – chance of getting sicker when the second, third, fourth, etc. virus waves arrive.

Meanwhile, perhaps the dumbest – but surely the “most woke” – Secretary of Defense in multiple generations, Lloyd Austin …, appointed, ahem, by the dumbest Goofball-in-Chief in several generations, has announced that all U.S. military personnel will be required to be “vaccinated” with the mRNA-based fluids by mid-September.  Really?

Several members of the House of Representatives, including six who are medically-licensed, brought to Austin’s attention the fact that, until full FDA approval of the experimental fluids is announced, mandatory vaccinations of military personnel are illegal, citing Doe v. Rumsfeld, 341 F.Supp.2d 1 (D.D.C. 2004).  

Currently, the experimental mRNA fluids are being administered to everyone under an FDA “emergency use authorization” (“EUA”) and not after completion of a fully- implemented and approved clinical trial, normally a two-year process.  Faithful P&E readers, you knew that…, did you not?  And you know that Pfizer and Moderna are immune from lawsuits for adverse effects, including death, from the shots…do you not? 

Recall also that when the long-approved, anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine appeared at the beginning of the pandemic as an effective palliative treatment against severe cases of the virus, the FDA gave it EUA status…, that is, until the political and media pressure against the drug – which President Trump had complimented – caused the FDA to rescind the EUA authorization.  If President Trump approved of its use, it had to be trashed. 

The Goofball and Herr Fauci hector us to “follow the science” when in fact, they themselves intend only to “follow the political narrative.”  They give new meaning to the term “jerks.”

Returning to the Austin debacle, the House members educated Austin thusly: “As long as the vaccine is authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization, the Department of Defense does not have the authority to implement such an order. Service members who do not wish to receive the vaccine cannot be required until the approval process is completed. Any action to require it is illegal. The Secretary of Defense is not above the law. The courts concurred.”

Undeterred, Austin and the Goofball have joined hands to ignore the law and proceed with their “jab-the-troops” plan “by mid-September or upon FDA approval, whichever comes first.”  This may be why we have seen recent news reports that the FDA is rushing pell-mell to make sure that full approval of the experimental fluids is announced by mid-September.  Look for the FDA to claim that a 9-month, rather than a 24-month, clinical trial period is “close enough for government work.”  Once again, follow the political narrative, not the science.

The larger problem, of course, is this: what if Dr. Malone – who probably knows more about the mRNA experimental fluid than does the vaunted Herr Fauci – is correct?  What if the entirety of the U.S. military is now required to be injected with a fluid that could, in Dr. Malone’s opinion, render soldiers more – not less – vulnerable to the next “double-plus-no-kidding-scary-variant” virus that gets launched our way?  And what about all the seamen now on extended patrol in the submarines and on aircraft carriers around the globe?  Will they all be called into port – simultaneously, before mid-September – to get their jabs… while the Chinese monitor and explore more… opportunities?

Couple together (a) the Goofball’s insouciance over deployment of the Wuhan bioweapon; (b) his indifference to the invited and welcomed flood of Covid-positive illegal aliens over what used to be our southern “border”; and (c) his demands that Americans engage in kabuki-theater “masking-up” when even Fauci says most readily-available masks don’t work to protect the wearer or those in proximity, etc. etc. etc., and you have a recipe for the collapse of the Republic. 

For those interested in saving the Republic and getting rid of this sad and addled excuse for a president, read this offering again, then contact a House Democrat who has decided to not run for re-election in 2022 but is prepared today to put country before politics (tell them the Reagan story) and suggest that they do the right thing.  Now.  The Republic, at least as we have heretofore known it, might not survive until 2022.

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