by Sharon Rondeau

Ron Ewart (photo supplied by Ron Ewart)

(Jul. 31, 2021) — It was with a heavy heart that The Post & Email learned Saturday morning that longtime columnist, freedom and property rights advocate Ron Ewart passed away on Sunday, July 25.

Ron was founder and president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO), working tirelessly for more than 15 years to assist rural and urban property owners to exercise their God-given rights in an age of ever-encroaching government and rising threats to freedom. In that effort, he authored, “The NARLO Landowner Handbook” and created a unique “No Trespass” sign, the demand for which resulted in “an unprecedented surge in orders” as of July 11 this year.

Along with his work at NARLO, Ron wrote a weekly column urging Americans to confront socialism, “radical environmentalism” and “Agenda 21,” government corruption and cronyism, and “social justice,” taking only rare breaks. His hard-hitting commentary calling out government’s empty promises, deceptions and eternal quest for power, as well as many Americans’ capitulation to government by allowing themselves to be “bought off,” resonated with thousands, if not millions, and in recent years was often featured at news-aggregator Whatfinger.

The Post & Email was unaware of Ron’s declining health until several months ago, when he made a passing reference to it in an email. After three weeks passed without hearing from him, we reached out through NARLO and received the sad news this morning.

His last article, published July 4, 2021, is titled, “Just How Long Are Free Americans Going To Take It?”

Through his organization, Ron’s legacy will continue, his relative informed us. He then extended an offer to speak with us about it at some point in the future which we gratefully accepted.

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  1. A true American freedom-lover. Sure wish there were more of his caliber; he was truly out in front of whoever is in 2nd place.

  2. Ron was one of my favorite authors. When I wrote to him, he actually took the time to reply. I so enjoyed running my thoughts, ideas; and even my fears, by him. He never failed to make me feel truly connected. Rest in peace, my friend. You truly made a difference.

  3. Ron will be missed. He was as passionate as Rush Limbaugh, I believe, just in a different venue, i.e., written media passion vs radio media passion.

    He was very clear in his writings, many of them a national public messaging service, which educated me, personally, on some things that I was completely unaware of.

    I am waiting for an upcoming Crescendo Event that brings forward Founding Fathers’ wisdom and Main Street patriotism to topple today’s Organized Ungratefulness, and Ron Ewart will be credited with much of that Triumph.

    1. Beautifully and thoughtfully written, Jonathan. Thank you from a fellow fan of Ron Ewart. I look forward to the “Crescendo Event.”

  4. We lost a true Patriot and the world is a little bit sadder for it.
    Wish you could’ve stayed around a while longer and see it to the end, Ron.
    You were the one voice of reason in a wilderness of stupidity and we’ll miss you.