by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret), blogging at CDRKerchner, ©2021

(Jul. 18, 2021) — Mark Levin did a good job in writing this new and easy to read book which introduces the reader to “cultural Marxism”, aka American Marxism, and how all our major institutions in the USA have been infiltrated per the teachings of Herbert Marcuse and Saul Alinsky over the last couple generations and how our cultural institutions are now solidly controlled by ideologue Marxist disciples of Marcuse, Alinsky, and other Marxist mentors. The cultural Marxists now have “permanent influencers” in all our major institutions. And they are now openly and aggressively working on one of the last major institutions not totally infiltrated – our military. The long march through the institutions advocated by Antonio Gramsci 100 years ago has succeeded in the USA where violent revolution advocated by Vladimir Lenin could not.

For another book that covers more of these “cultural Marxists”, past and present, I would recommend the reader read another book “Who Was Karl Marx?: The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left” by James Simpson.

Mark Levin is doing a great job now identifying and sounding the alarm regarding “cultural Marxism” with his new book. But in my opinion, he let the country down previously when he refused to fully engage with others in the exposing of the “cultural Marxist”(and life narrative enigma) Barack Obama when he first ran for election to the Presidency in 2007/2008 and subsequently became the Marxist-in-Chief, and then also let us down again during Obama’s re-election campaign in 2011/2012.

Barack Obama getting forefront control of the executive branch of the U.S. government for 8 years, and now “leading from behind” in another 4 years under his front-man and puppet Joe Biden, is one of the root causes of the rapid acceleration of the end-game power plays of the various Marxist movements in the USA that we are now seeing play out before our eyes, and no longer hiding in the shadows.

Mark Levin should have been more supportive of those back in 2007 and 2008 challenging the Article II Section 1 Clause 5 constitutional ineligibility of Barack Obama to be the President and Commander in Chief or our military. Mark Levin militantly refused to listen or join in that battle regarding Obama’s ever changing early life narrative.


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  1. Mark Levin’s support of birthers would yield zero income.

    Mark Levin’s constitutional expertise is questionable due to his rejection of the true definition of a certain phrase found in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

  2. A flashback in history back to January 2010 on how allowing Obama to become President and Commander in Chief has allowed the accelerated infiltration of our government and institutions. I said at the time that Obama was a national security risk and history has proven me correct. The major media, Congress, and the federal court system dodged the issue on technicalities such as “standing” and left the Constitution and our country down and now we are bearing the fruit of their cowardice to address Obama’s lack of being a “natural born Citizen”, with Obama’s 3rd term in office as the puppet master behind Joe Biden:

  3. Mark Levin is a staunch patriot who is trying to stop the communization of the USA. I don’t know anything about a refusal to oppose obama based on his ineligibility to hold office. joe dementia is most definitely nothing but a bobblehead puppet and kamelface harris also IS NO ELIGIBLE to hold office but devildemocommiecrats despise and ignore the Constitution because it limits their ability to succeed in implementing their lust for tyrannical power over We the People!!!!!

        1. That’s an odd use of “clearly wrong”: Levin’s views align with those of every judge who considered Cruz’s eligibility.

        1. Levin also believed wrong about Obama.

          Just because a professional commentator gets to decide which topics are/aren’t worth of discussing in no way, shape or form means his decision(s) are correct.

        2. Your defense of Levin is pathetic. You offer nothing of substance. We all know what Levin did and did not do and you simply repeating it is a waste of readers’ time and an insult to their intelligence.

        3. It is no defense of Levin to note that he is a Temple Law grad, used his legal training to come to same conclusion as every judge who heard an eligibility challenge on the merits, and decided the topic was not worth significant commentary on his program.

          Again, Levin knows his audience better than any, so his decisions are correct for him. And his decisions align with most other commentators.

          There’s nothing controversial about a mainstream person holding mainstream views and acting in a manner consistent with those views.

    1. Often during Mark Levin’s radio casts, Levin often was angered should a “birther” telephone caller get past his caller screener’s vetting.

      I remember Levin screaming at the birther caller: (paraphrasing) Get off the phone, ya big dummy.

  4. The entire crew at Fox News let America down re the ineligible Marxist Muslim from Kenya, and the ineligible Socialist Jamaican Indian from California.

  5. Mark Levin has damaged and continues to severely damage our country with his view on the meaning of a natural born citizen and his tyrannically shutting down anyone who disagrees with him on the issue. He has polluted the minds of countless U.S. citizens on the meaning of a natural born citizen and its critical importance to the survival of our constitutional republic.

    Both the U.S. president and vice president must be natural born citizens to be constitutionally eligible for those offices. A natural born citizen is a child born in a country to parents who were its citizens at the time of their child’s birth. Neither former President Barack Obama nor Senator Ted Cruz is an Article II natural born citizen. While presumably born in the U.S., Obama was not born to two U.S. citizen parents. Cruz, who ran for President, was born in Canada to a Cuban father and a U.S. citizen mother. Both Obama (allegiance from birth to the U.S. and Great Britain/Kenya) and Cruz (allegiance from birth to the U.S., Cuba, and Canada) were born with conflicting loyalties and allegiances. Yet, Mr. Levin gave both Obama and Cruz an allegiance pass and for what policy reason one can only wonder.

    Levin has also not registered one objection over Kamala Harris running for and holding the office of vice-president. While she was born in California, she was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother. Hence, she was born with conflicting allegiances and loyalties to the U.S., Jamaica, and India.

    How Levin could argue that the president and commander in chief of the military (and the vice-president who may step into those shoes) do not need to have from birth sole allegiance and loyalty to the nation he or she serves is nonsensical at best and traitorous at worst. How he could allow the leader of our military to have a conflict of interest of such proportions has no rational basis. For sure, Levin failed and continues to fail to stand up for the Constitution and the national security interest of our constitutional republic, the United States of America.

    1. Levin is a graduate of Temple Law School. Presumably, Temple instructs on United States v. Wong Kim Ark.

      So Levin likely is using his legal training to observe that every eligibility case that was decided on the merits ruled, following the guidance of Wong Kim Ark, that all those born in the United States are natural-born citizens.

        1. Cruz was not born in the United States.

          But every challenge to Cruz’s eligibility that was decided on the merits ruled he was a natural-born citizen because he acquired U.S. citizenship at birth from his U.S. citizen mother.

          Levin’s comments on Cruz’s eligibility were consistent with the courts’ rulings. So, again, it would appear Levin used his legal training to find no fault with the courts’ conclusions.

      1. Wong Kim Ark decided the question of whether those born in the United States to alien parents who are permanently domiciled and residing there (not military invaders or diplomats) are born subject to its jurisdiction and therefore “citizens” of the United States under the Fourteenth Amendment. It did not decide nor did it have to decide whether Wong was an Article II “natural born citizen” of the United States as originally conceived by the Framers in the original Constitution. Hence, Wong Kim Ark answered that single question and held that Wong was a citizen of the United States. It did not hold that he was an Article II natural born citizen.

        As you said, Levine is a graduate of Temple Law School and should be able to understand not only the holding of Wong Kim Ark, but also the reason why the Framers included the natural born citizen clause in the Constitution.

        1. The Constitution gives Congress the sole power over naturalization. The Constitution also gives Congress the power to alter its grace which it has done throughout U.S. history.

          It was only by the grace of Congress granted through a naturalization act that Ted Cruz became a “citizen” of the United States “at birth.” With no such act, Cruz would have been born an alien.

          It does not take much to reach the conclusion that if one needs a naturalization act of Congress to be a citizen and that in default thereof one would be an alien, or if Congress can change one’s birth status at whim, then that person cannot be a natural born citizen whose birth status Congress has no power to alter.

        2. Levin’s comments on the eligibility of various candidates, and his silence on others (such as Harris), show his beliefs are in line with the mainstream legal community’s.

          In other words, his degree from Temple taught him how to analyze and understand the law as judges do.

        3. “Wong Kim Ark answered that single question and held that Wong was a citizen of the United States. It did not hold that he was an Article II natural born citizen.”

          Was this argument rejected by the recent Court rulings?

          Didn’t the Government in the Wong Kim Ark appellant brief admit that if the Court ruled in his favor, he would be eligible to be President?

        4. As can be seen, people like Henry Wilson and Ray Fremick have no responding constitutional argument.

          Also, I stand corrected. Harris’ father is from Jamaica, not Haiti. I knew that but just typed the wrong country.

      2. Henry: For a person who is born a dual-Citizen at the moment of birth (born as a U.S. Citizen per U.S. law and also simultaneously born a Citizen of another country and recognized as such by the other country’s laws), is said U.S. Citizen one who is born with attendant foreign allegiance requirements and influences on them by virtue of their foreign Citizenship status since birth?

        1. That run-on sentence doesn’t make sense. Regardless, Cruz undoubtedly was born with at least dual citizenship (from Canada and United States), and every judge who heard an eligibility challenge on the merits did not consider Cruz’s undisputed Canadian citizenship to be disqualifying.

          Similarly, the judges who heard eligibility challenges against Obama found his birth in the United States to be determinative.

      1. Are person’s who are born in the USA via C-section regardless of the number of US citizen parents a natural born Citizen?

  6. A “4th Estate” government watchdog on the peoples’ behalf, MARK LEVIN, YOU WERE NOT! Certainly not in 2008-09 and 2012-13. Neither was O’Reilly. Nor Hannity. Nor Roger Ailes. You might say that no one at FAUX NEWS was, or is. And, obviously, other so-called “journalists” and “news organizations” have not been exceptions. THE BIG PROBLEM IS- NONE OF THEM GIVE A HOOT ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE COLLABORATED TO DO TO OUR COUNTRY! One more thing which makes my blood really boil- EVER HEAR THE WORDS “NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN” DISCUSSED ON AIR, OR EVEN SPOKEN AT ALL, BY ANY OF THESE PHONY PIN HEADS? This, by the way, is quite possibly the greatest, most dangerous (from a national security standpoint), and embarrassingly relevant constitutional matter facing our republic today! It has been for more than a decade. I know you don’t agree, Chief “Justice” John Roberts, but then you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you to keep mucking around with our society and making billions of dollars doing it! The solution (assuming a solution possibly exists to our country’s rapid decline) is, as I’ve always preached, THE TRUTH. Everyone must participate in telling THE TRUTH. No unnecessary wokeness and no revisions or cancellations of America’s actual history. AND, THIS MEANS YOU, TOO, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. BE PREPARED LIKE A GUILTY MAN, FOUND OUT, TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

    1. I don’t claim to know where Barack Obama was born… But what I do know for a 100% fact is that the documents that Obama submitted for public viewing, his birth certificate and his selective service papers.. are computer generated forgeries.. I know for a 100% fact that the social security number that Obama was using in 2012
      failed e-verify… I also know for a 100% fact that every single sitting member of congress in 2012 was aware of these anomalies.. and not one of stood up and cried foul… So as far as I am concerned, they are all complicit in the destruction of our nation