by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2021  

(Jul. 18, 2021) — Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and others have boldly been warning the masses of the dangers of taking the Covid-19 vaccines and the amount of people being hurt and killed by them already.  However, millions have continued to be manipulated and tricked by Government, media and medical spokespeople to take the vaccines or else.  Recently fake President Joe Biden is sharing his plans to go door-to-door to convince us all to take the experimental vaccines.

Whole industries are being forced to take the vaccines; pilots, military, health professionals and many others are having their freedom of choice taken away potentially at the expense of their lives. Horrifyingly, we are now finding out just what this really will mean to hundreds of millions around the world.  

Vaccine expert Ph.D./scientist Geert Vanden Bossche outlines in detail why the vaccine is so dangerous.  Watch his interview and listen up. Dr  Bossche explains the danger with clear urgency. 

The bottom line that I got from Dr. Bossche was that when you take the vaccine, very specific antibodies go into your immune system and neuter the nonspecific antibodies that are there to fight off all that attacks your body. It renders your immune system totally non-functioning.  It cannot defend you from anything else that attacks you, nor a potential hybrid and more deadly version of Covid-19, which he states is starting to pop up around the world in highly vaccinated countries. Now the deaths are rapidly growing and out of control.

What has been unleashed with the release and push of vaccines on people here and around the world is nothing but an unfolding genocide.

Doctors and scientists had better get busy figuring out how they are going to save the hundreds of millions who have taken this vaccine and are literally waiting for the next virus or illness to attack them that they cannot fight.

It is beyond absurd and unbelievable that as leading doctors and scientists continue to come forward and expose the deadly dangers of the vaccines, that we have an unelected president, Joe Biden, pushing to go door-to-door to push the vaccines even farther. It appears that genocide may be one of the many goals of this administration.  Wake up, world.  Do not take the vaccine ever and pray to God for help and protection if you have.

These are deadly times to live in but we will get through them with our Lord’s help.  Phil: 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Spread the real word around.

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  1. the vaccine is a scam just like the “severity” of covid 19. government played up the danger of covid in order to seize control over We the People and are now denying the danger of the vaccine for the same reason. Last summer joe dementia was all over tv bashing the vaccines because he didn’t want President Trump to get credit for it. Now that he has cheated his way into office the narrative has reversed.

  2. I couldn’t Agree More. Between Bill Gates and his Depopulation agenda and George Soro’s, Fauci, Klaus Schaub. They are all Nazi’s. These people are using Covid to legally Kill people and commit Genocide world wide.

  3. The Lord Himself will intervene shortly: during the Great Warning (to be expected later this year), every single living soul will be offered the choice to ask Jesus to heal them. And if they do, they will not die, but heal instantly. Let your Faith be greater than your fear!

    1. AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!! I am trusting God to protect me from the virus. I WILL NOT let them inject their poison in me to “protect” me from a virus I have a 99.8% chance of surviving IF I catch it. I personally know several people who have survived it.

  4. Spike proteins are being blamed for what they think is coming. I could be wrong, but my initial searches on PubMed show remarkably little research on how spike proteins break down in the body. There is some suggestion that some parts may resist breakdown.

    One person suggested that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) can help break down spike proteins. We need to hurry and get some answers.