by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021 

(Jul. 11, 2021) — OK, the Goofball-in-Chief’s sidekick, aka Kamala Harris, once again demonstrates how painfully unqualified she is to serve in public office, let alone reside at One Observatory Circle.  And by “unqualified,” your humble servant means incompetent, rather than not constitutionally eligible, an entirely separate topic.

No, the occupant of One Observatory Circle has again demonstrated her ignorance of federal law by claiming that, somehow, state laws requiring voter identification constitute voter suppression in rural communities because they don’t have easy access to a Kinko’s.  Dumb…; read the Tweet comments to her remarks.

Seriously?  This person is next in line to the presidency and she coughs up this logic?  Memo to Harris: not only do rural Americans know how to copy their driver’s licenses to confirm their identities, state laws mandating positive voter identification suppress only illegal voting. 

Harris needs to understand (concededly, a tall order…) that state laws requiring voter identification also promote, rather than frustrate, federal election policy and law.  As discussed here, only lawful U.S. citizens can legally vote for president and vice-president.  See 18 U.S.C. § 611(a)

In this regard, one of the most frequently used documents to provide prima facie “proof” of one’s identity – and, inferentially,“citizenship” – is a driver’s license.  That is because in most jurisdictions, in order to get a driver’s license in the first place, one must provide an original, certified copy of one’s birth certificate.  This, of course, did not apply to the Second Usurper in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., but that is another story.  Perhaps he lacked ready access to a Kinko’s.

As long as one presents a valid (i.e., non-fraudulent) driver’s license at the polling place, identifying himself/herself as claimed, and appears on the rolls as having registered to vote (frequently accomplished when simultaneously applying for a driver’s license under many states’ “motor-voter” registration laws), ninety-nine times out of one hundred, the person will be allowed to cast a ballot, oftentimes without it being questioned or isolated as a “provisional” one.  Lamentably, even a valid driver’s license may not confirm that the holder is a U.S. citizen for 18 U.S.C. § 611(a) purposes.

Thus, the potential exists for thousands – if not scores of thousands – of non-citizen illegal aliens, armed with driver’s licenses purporting to prove they are “citizens” not otherwise disqualified by the restrictions of 18 U.S.C. § 611(a), to vote in “swing states,” tilting the actual vote and electoral vote count “just enough” to shift the state from red or purple to navy blue.  Voilà!   The Democrat gets 270+ electoral votes.  

Ummmm… might this gambit have been in play in the 2020 “election” in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and/or Georgia?  Might forensic audits of those states’ election results prove something the Democrats would desperately prefer to be immediately and permanently “Memory-Holed?”

Furthermore, has anyone inquired into how many illegal aliens seeking “asylum” under the Goofball regime’s “no southern border” policies have already applied for (and received) state driver’s licenses or what their “asylum” status will be on November 7, 2022?  Memo to the Goofball: how’s that “faithfully execute the laws” thing from the Constitution working out for you? 

Kamala’s “Kinko’s Moment” will no doubt come back to haunt her as the nation moves closer to the 2022 mid-term elections, as well it should.  In the meantime, she should read more carefully the recent Supreme Court decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee where the majority opinion notes that mere inconvenience (e.g., finding a Kinko’s) does not constitute a violation of election law.  Moreover, it is wildly ironic – and dumb – that Harris would focus her Kinko’s remark on rural America’s voting rights, where general support for liberals and Goofballs is – let us be polite here – thinner than in downtown D.C.

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