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(Jun. 25, 2021) — “Everlasting Love” (2:33)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Once again, ‘Pulse’ will broadcast the introductory speech of this year’s PTSD conference here in West Palm Beach, FL, the first town west of Palm Beach, the home of President Trump, and when I say ‘President Trump,’ I mean our current president who, we opine, will soon be back occupying the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. With us in the wings is Professor Zorkophsky, who is about to give his introductory speech.”

“Howdy, Chief. Look, we’ve only a minute before I go on, so I would like very much to mention my latest book, ‘The Truth about 1/6 is that there is NO Truth.‘ Would you mind very much if I mention a few of the reasons why your audience needs to buy, I mean, read my book? I thought not. Well, first of all, my sources all point to the FBI, not only for orchestrating the whole farce, but to assist in the mainstream media to cover it exactly the same way.”

“The ‘same way?’ Now why would that be?”

“So as not to confuse Biden or, for that matter, Harris. You see, one is impaired mentally while the other is mentally-impaired.”

“You mean to say that the fraud of a VP is stupid?”

“You could say that, and you could also say being used as a wash-mitt at a car wash. One thing you have to give VP Harris, she has never been accused of being ‘at the front of the line’ for anything at any time.”

“You don’t seem to hold either one in high regard, do you, Professor?”

“Please, Chief, call me ‘Zork’ since I feel that it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere. And, to answer your question, no, I do not, just as any rational American thinks of them who, even they, must realize that they were a shoe-in by China because Trump was a thorn in their side.”

“China’s side.”

“That is correct. Trump was getting too close to how bad China is, not only to us, but to the rest of the world as well. Talk about desperate; why, China paid big bucks to take over the Pentagon, and it seems to have paid some really big dividends, seeing how the Joint Chiefs of Staff are kowtowing to the whims and dictates of the Chinese with the China Flu muzzles* and CRT nonsense.”

“I have to agree with you on that one, Zork. Now, what about the book?”

“Glad you asked. See this? What you have in your hand is the press release that was sent out to the media two days before the event. That’s right, it’s all there: the route, timeline and the death: that’s right, someone had to die to make it more real, more scary, more than it was.”

“No way. They murdered the girl on purpose? She wasn’t a threat to anybody; she didn’t have a weapon of any kind.”

“Even more dangerous: she had an idea, the idea that the election was a fraud backed by the Deep State via China.”

“What kind of book is it? I mean, is it a textbook or a coffee-table one with big photos?”

“No, nothing like that, although there are a few photos. It’s written as a first-person FBI informant, which is how I got my information, for real. I mean, he came to me and told his story; all I did was record it and change a few names along the way and, Whyola! Another bestseller was born but I’m afraid it’ll never be made into a movie unless Trump gets back in.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the Deep State can’t afford for the truth to become mainstream, that’s why. I mean, that would be like Biden opening a press conference by saying, ‘I’m not the president of anything and I’ll answer your questions as long as you don’t ask me anything about nothing.‘”

“Yes, that makes sense, for Biden. There seemed to be a lot of 18-wheelers parked around the side; any ideas?”

“Why, yes: whenever I give a speech I sell books, lots of books. Have you been to the lobby within the last half-hour? The truck drivers are all young ladies who are, shall I say, very healthy and they are my sales ladies who call themselves ‘Zork’s Girls’; they even sell T-shirts with ‘Zork’s Girls’ written in sequence, only $16.95, or two for $30. Pretty good deal, wouldn’t you say?”

‘For sure; what’s the main topic of your speech tonight?”

“The title is, ‘Communication is the Key.’ I break it down to three categories: one, don’t hold it in; two, open up to your significant other; and three, don’t lie to yourself.”

“Sounds rather boring.”

“Well, it is, which is why I gloss over the first two and spend my time talking about lying to oneself.”

“What’s the key point about lying to oneself?”

“The key is not to lie to oneself.”

’To yourself be true.’”

“That’s it. Look, just be honest. If you say you’re going to quit the drugs, but have no intention of quitting the drugs, then don’t say that you’re going to quit the drugs. How many times have we heard people say, ‘Oh, I can get straight anytime,’ but never do? A lot, and those are the ones that will most likely do themselves in. So, I say, if you’re a heroin addict and have no intentions of quitting, don’t go around saying to yourself that you’re going to get straight when you know you have no intentions whatsoever to ever get straight.”

“What’s the advantage of that?”

“The advantage of that is, when you finally believe yourself, when you stop lying to yourself, is that time when you say you’re going to quit and mean it and then actually do it. By then you’ll have the mental strength to follow up up on any promise that you have made to yourself. No more lying to yourself or any other. Remember this: if you’re no good to yourself, you can’t be any good to anyone else.”

“Hey, time for me to go out on the stage and introduce you. Break a leg, Zork.”

“You, too, Chief.”

“And the clock just ran out and so, on behalf of Zork, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“A little winded. We’ll grab the burgers later: my treat.”

[*muzzles: masks to stifle free speech.]

Big Iron” (3:57)

Chief New Leaf

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