by Bob Russell, ©2021 

(Jun. 18, 2021) — The reporter who outed the bill clinton and loretta lynch meeting on the tarmac at the Phoenix, Arizona airport in 2016 was found dead at his home, the victim of an alleged “suicide.” The meeting happened shortly before the fbi, the devildemocommiecratcrat Gestapo, announced that hitlery would not be charged for keeping classified information on a private computer in her home and unlawfully deleting emails after it was discovered and the emails subpoenaed as evidence, both violations of federal law that should have sent her to prison for a very long time. The timing of the meeting and the announcement that no charges would be filed is very suspicious.  It’s very curious that slick willy talked with lynch only a few days before it was announced that clear violations would not be prosecuted. 

Would Donald Trump have been given the same leniency under those circumstances?  Not a chance!!!!!  Just recently the devildemocommiecrat Gestapo raided Rudy Guiiani’s home office and seized everything he had except the laptop belonging to hunter biden, even after he told them what it was and what was on it, more curious actions by the devildemocommiecrat minions.  Why didn’t they take that laptop when the warrant called for the seizure of ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES PRESENT?  Could it be they were under orders to only try to destroy the lawyer for President Trump?

I am astounded at the number of people who outed or could have potentially outed clinton cartel corruption commit “suicide.”  The number of “suicides” and mysterious unsolved deaths of clinton associates or those who have the goods on them die without investigations or any facts coming out.  The number, dating back to clinton’s Arkansas governor days, is now well over 100.  I don’t know exactly how many, but the scope of this is overwhelming.

The “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein is very convenient for the clintons also.  He was the billionaire clinton friend who operated the “Lolita Express” and the “Pedophile Island” resort that bill clinton is said to have visited.  He “committed suicide” in a jail cell while supposedly closely observed by jail guards but no one knows how he managed to do it because no one witnessed it and it wasn’t captured on video in his cell, another curious unexplained occurrence.  Now Epstein’s alleged accomplice, Ghislane Maxwell, is in prison and was under the same “suicide watch” surveillance last summer. 

It seems anyone who openly opposes the clinton crime cartel is in imminent danger.  The only question is how close to being a viable threat to them does one have to be to become a candidate for “arkancide/clintoncide”?  Seth Rich is one who died very mysteriously without posing a threat that has been publicly acknowledged so I wonder what he knew that endangered the most secretive crime cartel in America? 

Vince Foster reportedly shot himself in the mouth in a Washington, DC park with very little blood trail, according to reports.  I wonder how far he could go with a bullet in his head, which should have killed him instantly.  Ron Brown, a clinton regime insider, was on a plane that flew into a mountain in relatively clear weather without any explanation of why the crash occurred.  I later read that an autopsy found a bullet hole in the top of his skull.  Was he murdered and the plane crashed on purpose as a cover-up?  It certainly looks suspicious to me but no one is going to investigate it because to do so would make them a target of the clinton cartel.

I find it curious that the republican party has no interest in investigating the clintons but the gop deep state establishment is part of the globalist cabal owned by Nazi war criminal george soros and won’t truly oppose anything one of their satanist allies does.  Their tax-exempt “foundation” collected $500 million to help Haiti after the earthquake that destroyed the island nation but very little of that money has been spent to rebuild or help any of the people.  The clintons live large in the meantime, traveling the world, staying in five-star hotels, and dining on the finest and most expensive foods available.  It must be nice to live in such luxury, but they will pay for their sins in eternity.  Almighty God doesn’t look at us as rich or poor but rather as how we live our lives, and the clintons have much to answer for in this life that they will never be required to answer for, so it remains to be seen what their eternal destination is.  They may still have time to repent and escape an eternity of suffering but I suspect they are too arrogant to get on their knees and ask God’s forgiveness for their sins.  People like them regard themselves as gods and don’t think they have to answer for anything but I believe they are sorely mistaken and will find out such only when it is too late to repent, when they stand before the “Great White Throne of Judgment.”

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Putting things together, I have come to the conclusion that Lavoy Finicum was assasinated because of the sell off of american uranium to russia whilst HC was sec. of state (Russian reset)