June 8, 2021

Dear Editor,

This bloke whose business and family semi-adopted a very troubled Vietnamese boat-boy makes no apology in asking for a very thorough investigation of the circumstances of the illness of the Biloela Tamil illegal-immigrant family’s youngest child, who has been flown from Christmas Island to the Australian mainland for hospital treatment.

The child’s Tamil parents have tried many subterfuges (including having two children in Australia) to thwart their legitimate deportation from Australia! Far too many illegal immigrants have already fraudulently taken advantage of all Australians’ Medivac generosity. And there have been reports of incidents where parents have threatened to throw (or actually have thrown) children overboard in the past, so I make no apology for asking for an investigation.

I have seen firsthand the European and Scandinavian results of Angela Merkel’s folly in encouraging illegal immigration and also the results of such follies by similar anti-US activists in Tucson, Arizona!

Under no circumstances should this family be permitted to set a precedent (opening floodgates for people-smugglers) by being allowed to permanently stay in Australia. And if there’s COVID in their country of origin, then they can stay only until cleared to go back (with all their children)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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