June 8, 2021

[Editor’s Note: The following was sent to Executive Editor Dean Baquet and several other addressees at The New York Times as well as the CNN tipline on Tuesday afternoon.]

Subject: Kamala’s Dilemma

I am here to reach out to The New York Times, and especially to their executive editor Dean Baquet, to get their input on Kamala’s historic trip to Guatemala.

After putting on her diplomatic genius for all the world to see, she is being bombarded with criticism, some of it from her own party.  I understand AOC is outraged.  What is the world coming to when a Patriot like Kamala gets attacked.  Always putting the needs and welfare of this country and it’s citizen’s as her top priority.  With an occasional break for a pastry or two.

Well the right has been showing what they call,  a national embarrassment of her trip non stop.  I was hoping to see the Old Gray Lady come to her defense, but all I saw was a small AP story yesterday.  It must be a deadline issue, yeah that must be it.


Well for months now, the radical right has been harping on the Harris administration to get down to the border.  So after just a few short months that dynamo Kamala flew into the Guatemalan/ Mexican border.  Which by the way is just about 2,500 miles away from the US/Mexican border.  Does it really matter that much, radical right? After all it is still a border, sheesh.

Let’s look at what this trailblazer accomplished on her first diplomatic trip, shall we.  Well her main goal was to identify the root causes of this border catastrophe.  I agree wholeheartedly with Kamala, you want to do in-depth research while a catastrophe gets exponentially worse by the day.  You can never have enough data, I say.

Of course these Conservatives are screaming from the roof tops that the crisis at OUR border needs to be addressed immediately. That flat out says this is a result of reversing all of President Trump’s very successful policies, not investigating “root causes”.  They claim Joey’s rapid fire executive orders are an utter failure.  The right calls these actions plain vindictive and grossly incompetent.

They point out the trafficking of young children, rampant influx of drugs including fentanyl, people being left for dead as they march to the border in Biden/Harris tee shirts.  More and more cages for children being built, I mean holding facilities.  Kamala has changed her description on these cages over the last 5 months or so.  

Illegal immigrants being bused to airports and flown out in the dead of night under the shroud of secrecy, to avoid any media detection.  But those pesky right wing media groups did indeed get footage of this happening.  You know, in line with when they caught Pete Buttigieg having secret service pull his bike out of a van, close to his office, you know, so he could claim how green he was by peddling to work.  President Trump is a racist.

Well, Kamala’s retort was the main problem for the influx of illegal immigrants was climate change.  There, take that radical right! I guess the climate must have really changed since President Trump left office.  I guess, it must be attributed to El Niño.  Let’s go with that Deano, El Niño  is the cause of the catastrophe at the border, our border that is.

The only thing that is a little confusing is she is telling illegals not to come now.  Her administration previously said all are welcome. I mean, she just listed the root cause as climate change.  I mean, does she want these poor people to remain there and possibly get sunburn?  You can see the quandary here, quite vexing.  I know AOC is not happy, she would like to have a word with her, maybe after she takes care of her Grandma’s house in Puerto Rico.


Well talk about ingratitude,  after Kamala treks all the way to the wrong border, to identify the problem of illegal immigration. You know, the root cause of ALL of this is climate change, and possibly a little government corruption.

Well, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, gave his opinion.  He lays the blame squarely on the Biden administration, not this climate change nonsense that Kamala is touting.  I mean, of all the nerve.  Then during their meeting with the press, one reporter had the audacity to ask Kamala why she hasn’t visited the US/Mexican border?  Well, without skipping a beat and looking, oh so comfortable and confident, stammered and said, I’m not getting caught up in these Republican games!  Fantastic representation of our country and oh so professional, really shows her in-depth insight, and how she stays cool under pressure.

My question, who vetted these reporters down there in Guatemala?  I mean don’t they know we usually supply the Harris administration with pictures of reporters who ask tough questions,  you know, like Joey has at all his press conferences.  Well, I mean his one and only scripted, I mean unrehearsed presser.  Well, anyway President Trump is a racist.

Word is, Kamala demanded her cookie back that she gave to Mr Giammattei earlier in the day.  Rumor from the right is that the secret service we’re running after his motorcade screaming for her cookie back.  Damn scoundrel!  I always thought the old cookie trick was a shoe in.  It worked wonderfully for “Dr” Jill Biden as she gave them out to the National guard after they were forced to sleep on the floor of the DC parking garage. Where she get the time to bake is beyond me.  Maybe they were from Joey’s midday after work supply.


The coverage from this highly successful trip has been nonstop.  Well, from the right that is, not all that much from you media icons from the left, you guys the beloved CNN too.

How about Rino Lester Holt grilling obviously exhausted Kamala ( poor woman hadn’t had a pastry for hours), if she had any plans to visit the border.  Well Kamala said, THEY have been to the border!  But Old Lester fired back…..you specifically, when will you go to the border, you’ve never been yet?   Well the unflappable Kamala replied, well I haven’t been to Europe either.  What a brilliant comeback, Old Lester just seemed speechless.  That was her JFK, FDR, shining oratory moment, breathtaking.  Of course, she emphasized her point with her lilting ,coquettish, girlish laughter.  Some from the right refer to it as a form of Tourette’s Syndrome.  I also understand, she looked out the window of her plane when it passed over the actual border in crisis.  It was a little fuzzy from 35,000 feet, but she gets the picture.

The right says, she is so used to being treated with kid gloves from liberal propaganda hacks, that she has folded like a cheap suit when put under scrutiny.  They claim her ineptitude for her job title was on full display for the world to see.  The right claims, if one or two more questions put the spotlight on her incompetence, she would have broken down into tears, like a young schoolgirl.  
Well thank goodness for honest, unbiased reporting from you guys at The Times, Deano.  Always showing both sides of the story, always apolitical. A shining example to our children on how to present yourself in a unscrupulous and respectable manner.  That is why I was happy to see your minuscule coverage of this developing disaster.  Kudos on a job well done.

Chris Cirino

Chris Cirino, 59, is a retired New York City fireman who has taken to satire to address the problems he sees in politics and government. Perhaps in a glimpse of things to come, he was named “class wit” in his Catholic elementary graduating class of 1975. Prior to joining the NYFD, he worked for Local Union #25 IBEW.

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  1. Natural Born American Citizen is the wording contained in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. My interpretation is that NBC is the “highest” type of citizenship and that it derives from the “laws” of NATURE, not by the writings or vocalizations of man (judges included, especially Chief Justice John Roberts!). And, no, I am not an attorney or a constitutional scholar. However, considering that there are three or four other dictionary-defined types of citizenship, my COMMON SENSE leads me to believe that Natural Born American Citizen (required to be vice president or president) supersedes those other types and is the citizenship status which, today, no one wants to talk or write about! I wonder why not! So, do you want to know what’s wrong with our country? I’ll bet the Founding Fathers would recognize it, but then who cares about what they might think!

  2. And, worst of all, she’s not even constitutionally eligible to be VP or President. One parent a Jamaican and one a citizen of India. What does that actually make her? A “native born” (definitely NOT natural born as required by the constitution) citizen? A “dual citizen?” An “anchor baby?” We’ve seen this rodeo before! In fact, traitorous Chief Justice John Roberts Jr swore in a CIA and Deep State sponsored MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE twice. Once in 2009, and again in 2013. Roberts knew exactly what he was doing (he became a billionaire in the process!). The USURPER, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, of course, was “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.” And, things in our country have never been the same since. You do know, don’t you, that Obama’s ethnicity was 44% Arab, only 6% African/Black, and the rest 50% White. He also was and probably still is a Muslim, who worships Allah and the Islam religion. I contend that, because of these aspects of his life, he, Obama, was not our country’s first African American president. He was much more Arab American, and he was not a “real” president at all because he STOLE the office. I prefer to say that he committed TREASON (with many others who were co-conspirators). He likes to say “no one is above the law!” Apparently, that does not apply to him. Bob68 (a regular WND contributor) hits the nail on the head when he calls it “a crime too big to prosecute!” Will someone, anyone tell me how our republic can survive four more years (2021-2025) of Obama and the Deep State in our own federal government pulling Joe Biden’s strings with the “next up” puppet being usurper Kamala Harris! THIS IS NOT THE CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC ENVISIONED BY OUR WISE FOUNDING FATHERS!

    1. Every judge who has considered the eligibility question concluded that (subject to minor, inapplicable exceptions) every person born in the United States is a natural born citizen.

        1. There’s no evidence that any judge who heard an eligibility challenge was blackmailed.

          There’s certainly no evidence that all of them were blackmailed.

      1. Well then, every one of those judges concluded erroneously. PERIOD!

        Recall that until around the 5th Century BC every “judge” who had considered the shape of the Earth concluded it was a flat disc AND until the early 16the Century AD every “judge” who had considered the relationship between the Earth and the Sun concluded that the Sun orbited the Earth.

        1. The possibility that someone may be wrong, or that someone else was wrong about something unrelated, does not mean these judges actually were wrong.

          Regardless of any disagreement with these rulings, they still exist and have their legal authority.

      2. Why don’t you just stop it. Henry, you are a pathetic troll and apologist for the leftists who are intent on destroying this country. I am sick of your lame comments. Same old worn-out leftist BS. Your ignorance is breathtaking and your hatred for the Constitution and the founding principles is obvious.