by Sharon Rondeau

(May 27, 2021) – Recently The Post & Email interviewed Kellye SoRelle, a practicing Texas attorney, former assistant district attorney and former Texas House candidate who served as a Trump election observer for the November 3 election.

SoRelle opened her own law office last year, specializing in divorce and family law.  She joined the “Open Texas” movement, she said, after she became concerned that COVID-19 lockdowns were destroying the state’s economy and society.  On May 18, she shared her observations as a member of “Lawyers for Trump,” formed in late summer for the purpose of assuring election “integrity” in the November 3 election.

On September 3, Fox News reported, “The coalition is being led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, as well as California Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon and former Deputy White House Counsel Stefan Passantino. The group includes prominent Trump-allied attorneys like former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, former Attorney General Ed Meese and the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.”

In sharing her story, SoRelle said she believes that “if you actually expose the truth in this case,” the ramifications for both major political parties will be devastating.

In addition to governors, secretaries of state and local election officials who altered laws and election norms, SoRelle said, Congress is also complicit for “failing to comply with law.”

Other outlets have been unwilling to publish her conclusions, SoRelle told us.  After she released video she took of the events of November 3 and 4, the media quickly identified and aggressively sought to discredit her, as she pointed out in our interview.

“I signed up in October to volunteer for ‘Lawyers for Trump,’” Sorelle told us.  While multiple locations were possible, she was assigned to the state of Michigan.

There was a handful of lawyers coming from Texas,” she recalled.  “When we got to Detroit, nothing was ready.  They didn’t have poll-workers; they didn’t have challengers.  There was another election-integrity group set up by former state senator Patrick Colbeck, who also ran for governor.  But nobody had credentials; nobody had anything to be in the polling locations or Cobo Hall for the counts.”

“I got there November 1,” SoRell said.  “A week before that, another team had been there.  We got there and realized it was absolutely crazy.  I took my laptop, literally edited a PDF of a credential issued by the state GOP, and I started sending out credentials while other people were calling to see if they could come volunteer in Detroit.  Nothing was right.”

“Should the Trump campaign have had a better handle on what to do?” we asked, to which SoRelle responded:

Do you remember back in 2016, there was a rule change which basically allowed the RNC and DNC to take over a campaign’s role?  Now it’s basically where the party has the ability to fund-raise under the campaign’s name and actually become responsible for the campaign itself. 

That was the biggest burn setup to Trump ever; everyone I talked to from different areas after the fact told me they saw the same thing:  The RNC absolutely stood down.  So basically nothing was done in these areas; everybody was scrambling to get people out there. 

In Michigan we were a little bit lucky because there was the election-integrity group which had their version of everything.  They were freaking out because we were issuing credentials at 2:00 a.m. on the day of the election before it kicked off at 7:00 a.m.  So we knew that day it was already a mess.

So we got up, started doing the poll-watching; all of us attorneys were rotating out; we all had a map and our locations.  The polls were dead; there was not a whole lot of turnout and no lines I ever saw in Detroit.  It was actually pretty peaceful, and it was in one of the battleground counties.

We ended up with all of us doing our job; we came back, had dinner, went back to the hotel, and we started watching for results to come in.  Trump was looking as if he was doing pretty well.  We heard the announcement from the media that basically everybody in the battleground states was going to shut down for the night because of the absentee ballots; Georgia had its plumbing issue.  They were going to shut down for the night; I was going to go to bed, but instead, I wanted to go check and make sure they actually stopped counting.

So I did.  They were fully functioning; they were still counting.  The media was there. I recorded hours of videos which I shared with Louder with Crowder, and the media attacked me, which was fine, because I didn’t even choose which videos they aired. 

The next day, the RNC was basically, “Just let it go.”  I said, “They were still going all night; I heard some weird stuff…” I heard a conversation at 3:30 in the morning where a Democrat operative appeared to be negotiating money in exchange for someone bringing “50,000 more ballots,” but the recording isn’t clear.  However, I knew something was wrong when he asked for more money for something.

Gateway Pundit released a video showing vans pulling up that morning. 

I saw the unsecured facility; they were checking temperatures for COVID, but people were bringing in giant ice chests; they were bringing in giant bags on wheelie carts for files for four-hour shifts. That didn’t make any sense.  I have all of that recorded.  My primary concern was that it was purely an unsecure location and that more ballots were coming in.

I tried to relay this information; it was falling on deaf ears. Then the media came in and tried to obliterate me, which I thought was funny, because I was exposing something and they had to jump to make me look stupid. 

I didn’t trust the RNC at that point or the state GOP.  My little core group from Texas and several of the other states kind-of started playing the game to a certain extent, but basically we created our own system and took command and control over the hotline.  We dragged the RNC into it; they weren’t super-helpful, but there were a lot of breakdowns in communication when we were feeding them information.  We were building a database of affidavits and staffing for bigger stuff that came in as far as complaints and giving it to Rudy Giuliani’s team.

We provided Giuliani the evidence out of Michigan, even having to fight through the RNC, which kept trying to sabotage our efforts.  I spent a couple months working on all of that.

I also worked in Georgia, trying to open up the communication lines.  I had security at that time, as I was knocking on doors and trying to track people down with information. 

The groups I worked with at the very, very beginning – former government actors who are outside the “bubble” – started before me, back in the summer, as an election strike force when all the governors started changing the laws.  Some changed the laws over mail-in ballots; they expanded the time frames or said you didn’t have to have identification, etc.  That is why Arizona is so important, because if the deletion of the database occurred, that is a violation of the Civil Rights Act which requires all data to be retained for 22 months.  So in all of these states where we have denial of access to the machines or records, or we have records that are manipulated in some way, shape, form or fashion, that alone is a violation of the Civil Rights Act which is recognized in HAVA (Help America Vote Act).  All of those requirements for record retention are scattered throughout all of that.

We actually filed a case which is still hanging out there.  It claims there was a conspiracy to violate civil rights between all the members of Congress who swore in.  All of that entire election would have been illegitimate because they failed to comply with law. 

What’s frustrating, more than anything else, is that not one of the people still fighting these cases is getting back to the basics, which is the non-compliance with the requirements of the Civil Rights Act. The mechanisms for that were HAVA and the Voting Rights Act because those are where those requirements come from. 

There is also a conspiracy because you have a concerted effort from the CTCL grants and the suppression by social media; the non-governmental organizations that came into play; you have governors’ offices, secretaries of state, Congress itself, which passed the CARES Act which allowed them to fund these violations.  They approved them to do these things in violation of law, and I don’t think you can just waive law.  You can’t violate someone’s civil rights without a bigger finding or a modification of the civil rights act. 

Editor’s note: A search for “CTCL Facebook” yields the following entry:

However, the link brings the user to the following message:

“All of these things would have been easily rectified had people been filing on that from the very beginning,” SoRelle continued.  “Nobody did; they all went for broke on the fraud. I don’t know why they did what they did, but basically anybody who fought this battle blew it up.”

“Why wasn’t it able to be proved?” we asked.

“Because it’s too hard to figure out the ‘who’ and the ‘how,’” she responded.  “Every state that contracted with the electronic machines – and this was explained to me by Harri Hursti out of Georgia – some of these things happened in the Trump camp in 2016.  But he laid out all the issues and went through the legal requirements and how they’re violating the law.  I came back to the Trump team with all of these people, and here’s what they can do and what they already know, and then they chose ASOG.  As far as ASOG, they’re not bad people, but I believe they were in over their heads, and I think there were people way ahead of them with better credentials who got cast aside.

“Harri Hursti explained to me that it didn’t matter which machines were sitting in any county or any state in this country.  If they’re relying on electronic voting equipment, they are all capable of doing the same thing.  It didn’t matter if it was Dominion, ES&S, Smartmatic – they’re all manipulatable in the same way.  He also pointed out that in the manual, it tells you they’re connected to the internet, so why everyone says they’re not now is insane.  It’s the weird things that they focused on for evidence and that they chose not to follow through with that just made it really frustrating for me as I was watching this occur in December and January…

“I was there to help the Trump team, thinking we were all on the same page, but I wasn’t ready for federal election law.  One of the things they said was that maybe they would have us draft pleadings, gather evidence, but we were ultimately told, “You’re doing nothing.” It was just beyond insane.”

“Do you think that was by design, or was it incompetence?” The Post & Email asked, to which SoRelle replied, “Let me tell you what I think really, truly, deep down inside, actually happened:  if you actually expose the truth in this case, the jig is up for both ‘red’ and ‘blue’ all over the country.”

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  1. Both political parties were afraid the “birther” Donald Trump would expose their allowing and assisting…..and then covering for a Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created total fraud, Barack Hussein Obama to be sworn-in as America’s putative president by John Roberts in 2009. They allowed and covered for the usurpation of America’s presidency, and that was the biggest criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution in history. America’s government and her military were effectively given to her enemies. Hillary, the planned and promised, (and much needed), after Obama cover president was not supposed to lose. Hillary was confident she would win because she knew how important her part in the forever cover-up of the usurpation of America’s presidency was going to be…..and that, for sure, Donald Trump would never be allowed to win……………The Republicans and Democrats never wanted the risk of the truth about Barry being fully exposed and acted on which was brought by President Trump…..and were glad to help keep President Trump under siege while he was in office, and the Republicans to roll-over after Trump “lost” the stolen 2020 election. As the “opposition” party, Republicans were generally less overt in their efforts to damage and remove President Trump, but both parties were/are protecting number one……..themselves………………..

  2. the rnc is part of the deep state gop TRAITOR cabal who fear and hate President Trump because he would expose their corruption!!!!!!!!!! They wanted him out of office and hopefully in prison or dead!!!!!!!!!!