by Bob Russell, ©2021 

(May 11, 2021) — The propensity of devildemocommiecrat political hacks, leftist bureaucrats, and the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists to promote the false narrative of the barely-existent danger of the coronavirus is beyond sinister, rising to the level of a pure evil power-hungry tyranny!!!!! The Wuhan Flu epidemic, whose infection and death numbers were inflated to instill fear and subjugation in citizens, was caused by the communist Chinese loosing a created/modified virus on the entire world. I believe the main target behind this is the desire to overtake and supplant America as the dominant economy in the world. It looks as if they are succeeding given the tyrannical reactions from the very evil and tyrannical devildemocommiecrat politicians in America. 

One of the saddest aspects of this travesty is the loss of freedom in our nation from hype over a flu-like virus that has a 99.9% recovery rate among the group most endangered by it, that being people over 65 and/or having existing health issues such as heart problems, obesity, and diabetes.  I am 71 and in recovery from a devastating stroke but otherwise in good health so am in the prime age range to be susceptible to “dying” from coronavirus according to the “experts” like anthony fraudci, a leftist bureaucrat playing this up for his own personal benefit.  Suddenly this obscure nobody “virologist” is the only person recognized by his leftist friends as being “qualified” to speak on the virus.

The devildemocommiecrats keep spouting “follow the science” when they themselves reject any science that goes against their agenda of total control over We the People.  Science says that young people have virtually no danger of contracting the Wuflu, but the left insists that schools stay closed and that any schools that do open must have children wear masks at all times and “social- distance.”  There is NO science to justify this and even plenty to refute it, but that which refutes the leftist agenda is ignored and denigrated, as are any people who point out the fallacy of the leftist talking points.

I saw a video a few days ago of a high school track runner who collapsed near the end of an 800-meter race due to lack of oxygen from wearing a mask during the race. The girl, her father, and her coach were interviewed by Tucker Carlson and pointed out the problems of wearing a mask during athletic events where oxygen intake was inhibited by the mask.  The sad story is that oxygen deprivation and CO2 retention, a huge danger to health in athletes, is irrelevant to leftists.  Science has also shown that masks are designed to block spores 5 microns and larger but that the coronavirus is only 3 microns so masks are virtually useless against it, but that only drives the left to insist that the answer is to wear two or more masks.

Leftist hacks like anthony fraudci, desiring only to extend their public exposure and the income it provides, keep the narrative going for their benefit regardless of the damage their tyrannical policies cause to the lives and liberty of American citizens.  Joe dementia, the mentally-impaired, morally corrupt usurper sitting in the oval office, continues the joke that the issue is “public health” by wearing a mask, even when alone in an office on a skype call.  The idiot usurper has been vaccinated and according to the “science” is immune, so why does he wear a mask when alone in a room other than to advance an agenda justifying continuing tyranny against the nation?

Another leftist hack, the ineligible kamala harris, also vaccinated and therefore immune, sat for an interview with 12 to 15 feet between herself and the interviewer, with both of them wearing masks.  This is all done for political theater!!!!!  The hypocrisy of these illegitimate hacks is monumental, but those of We the People who don’t watch One America News Network and a select few on FOX, like Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld, will not see the truth reported because the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists will not report anything that either doesn’t support or refutes the leftist narrative.

Another issue not covered by the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists is the open-borders problem that is creating a real danger to citizens.  Besides not knowing how many are gang or drug cartel members or terrorists, illegal-alien invaders are mostly not tested for coronavirus when they are “processed.” Those who are “processed” and even those who test positive are put on buses and transported all over the country.  The devildemocommiecrats want to keep American citizens locked down and isolated “for our own good” yet scatter known carriers throughout the nation with no restrictions on their travel or interactions.

Also, look at the hypocrisy of devildemocommiecrat politicians who ignore their own mandates imposed on citizens.  Nutty nancy pelosi, while railing against people like me who refuse to wear a mask as “domestic terrorists,” was caught on video at a salon getting her hair done without wearing a mask.  When she knows she is on camera nutty nan wears a mask and makes a big deal about it but when she thinks she isn’t being seen goes without it.  Does anyone else see the massive hypocrisy in that? 

Another leftist tyrant, California governor gavin newsom, after ordering the most expansive shutdown in the nation, was seen at one of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants in the entire nation, celebrating the birthday of a lobbyist, inside, in close proximity to people who do not live in his household, and all without masks.  More hypocrisy from the ruling elite who see themselves as above We the People and immune from their own edicts against We the People, more “rules for thee but not for me” nonsense.  Christian churches were ordered to shut down because they are “super-spreader” locations but liquor stores, strip clubs, bars, and anywhere newsom wants to go are “safe places” because satan says they are!!!!!

I WILL NOT wear a mask nor will I take the vaccine.  I don’t get out a lot due to my disability from a stroke but that predates the Wuflu by a few months short of six years.  I decided I would never fly again after the tyrannical government started treating American citizens like terrorists many years ago.  When the FAA decided I had to be strip-searched to get on an airplane while letting moslems board without search because they object on “religious” grounds I decided that if I couldn’t walk or drive to a location I wouldn’t go, but that was voluntary to protest tyrannical treatment of citizens.  My only travel currently is to church, to visit my grown children, to local convenience stores to buy the occasional lottery ticket, and to the local Braums to buy crushed ice.  My travel isn’t limited by fear of the Wuflu nor tyrannical mandates but by my physical disability and lack of the financial resources to do much traveling.  I did volunteer work at our local Veterans Center until they shut the program down due to the “pandemic” in March 2020.

Government overreach hasn’t affected me much directly because I live in Oklahoma, a conservative state with politicians who still follow the Constitution and respect the rights of We the People to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  Thankfully, these same patriotic politicians have made Oklahoma a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state where the federal Gestapo cannot come in and strip We the People of our firearms.  Many Americans, due to propaganda and a lack of educational truth about the God-given, unalienable rights guaranteed to We the People by the Constitution, don’t know what their guaranteed rights are. I carry a pocket copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with me at all times in case I need them to help explain our rights to others, either other citizens or any law enforcement officers that may desire to overstep their authority.

Most people also don’t know the true cause of the American Revolutionary War.  It wasn’t started by the Stamp Act or the Boston Massacre but rather, when the British army set out from Boston to seize the arms of citizens in Lexington and Concord.  About 40 farmers stood their ground on Lexington Green, refusing to surrender their muskets.  The resulting firefight led to the deaths of several colonists but gave others the time to gather to fight the British soldiers.  As the approximately 750 soldiers continued on, thinking they had won, colonial militiamen ambushed them along the way, firing then melting into the woods to set up another ambush farther down the road.  By the time the British soldiers returned to Boston empty-handed they had suffered more than 400 killed or seriously wounded.  The shot on Lexington Green that started the war has since been known as “the shot heard around the world.”  News of the American Revolution led to revolutions against British tyranny throughout the world and the eventual dissolution of many colonial outposts that became free and independent states.

Under the current circumstances of a tyrannical federal government, it looks as if the only answer to tyranny may be a second Revolutionary War to put down tyrants and exert the liberty We the People deserve.  I hope that isn’t the case but it is sure beginning to look that way.  I served the country for four years in the U.S. Army.  It was 50 years ago, but the oath I took to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the united states of America is still in effect and expires only when I die.  I will continue in my quest for liberty for all with everything in me.  I no longer have the physical ability to fight for freedom but I can write and speak to others about the inherent freedom America has always stood for.  When Almighty God restores the physical abilities lost from the stroke I will do all I can to use them for the restoration of liberty.  At my advanced age I probably still wouldn’t be much, if any, help on a battlefield but can use my Army training and experience as a Special Forces soldier to train those able to fight but lacking the knowledge and training to be successful.

If it comes to a shooting war I hope the American military will stand up for the oath they took to defend the Constitution and American citizens as I and my fellow soldiers would have done.  People point to the Kent State massacre but that was National Guard, not active military.  In those days the National Guard was made up of people who joined there because they were afraid of being sent to Vietnam if in the active military and so signed on where they knew they would be safe.  At that time National Guard and Reserve units were not in any danger of being activated and sent into combat.  We considered them cowards who were only interested in their own safety, not that of the nation and fellow citizens.  If our opinion was unfair that is too bad, but that is the way we felt about it.  Today National Guard and Reserve forces are sometimes sent into war zones, though not as regularly as active-duty forces.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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