by Sharon Rondeau

(May 6, 2021) — The plaintiff in a case challenging Kamala Harris’s constitutional eligibility to serve as vice president of the United States has notified Harris’s attorney that the case has been docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court.

On Wednesday Robert C. Laity sent the required notification form to Beth S. Brinkmann, partner at Covington & Burling, one of the firm’s attorneys representing Harris.

A letter dated April 28, 2021 informed Laity of the case’s docketing under the number 20-1503.

Laity petitioned the high court for a writ of certiorari after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia declined to hear the matter en banc. A three-judge panel in March declared the case “frivolous” and Laity to lack “standing,” then threatened monetary sanctions which it declined to impose upon the issuance of its opinion.

Last month Laity appealed to the Supreme Court, arguing, in part:

The U.S. Constitution requires that a President and Vice-President of the United States be a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States pursuant to Article II, Sec 1, Clause 5 and the 12th Amendment. It is the right of the Sovereign to demand of any public official, whose bona-fides is in question, to prove that he or she is entitled by law to occupy the particular public office he or she now occupies. In the U.S. it is “We the People” who are sovereign…

In his petition Laity argued that Harris is “constitutionally barred” from serving as vice president or president as a result of her birth in California to two non-U.S.-citizen parents who were attending college on student visas at the time. Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen,” while the 12th Amendment imposes the same requirements for president on any vice-presidential candidate.

Filed with the court on April 16, the entire petition can be read here (see bottom footnote).

According to Supreme Court rules, a waiver form must be provided to the defendant (respondent) in the event he or she intends not to provide an answer.

Harris has until May 28 to respond if she so chooses.

After receiving notification that the case was placed on the court docket, Laity told us, “Harris may decline to respond. Then it will go to conference. I would need at least (4) of the (9) Justices to vote to grant Certiorari.” 

The letter to Brinkmann can be read here:

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  1. Citizen. Born citizen. Natural born citizen.

    Natural observations of reality reveal to all humanity, who have normal healthy natural eyeballs connected to normal healthy natural brains, that the modifier, “natural”, requires a born U.S. citizen TO ALSO BE “natural”.

    Natural observations of reality also reveal to some 7,500,000,000 humans on planet Earth, regardless of any attorney or law professor or U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s personal life-sensitized interpretation of John Jay’s “natural born Citizen” presidential eligibility requirement, all 36 “Precedent Presidents” born after July 4, 1776, except Republicon Arthur and Democriminals Obama and Kamala, were born of “natural U.S. citizen”-parents or of “naturalized U.S. citizen”-parents.
    (assuming Biden II is a “natural born Citizen” of U.S.-citizen-parents)

    So, this natural observation of precedent reality, for all to see, naturally would lead any objective healthy life-sensitized mind today to deduce that the modifier, “natural”, by observably resulting in 36 Precedent Presidents, equates, essentially, to mean: U.S. citizen-“Precedent Presidential Parents” WITH NO FOREIGN-CITIZEN-PARENTS AT TIME OF BIRTH OF SAID 36 “PRECENDENT PRESIDENTS”.

    Natural observations of reality, regardless of any observer’s accumulated life-sensitized passions, reveal that Founding Father and First U.S. Chief Justice and Second U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs, John Jay, who successfully launched his convention invention of “natural born Citizen”, which remains the supreme, and un-amended, law of the land for U.S. presidential eligibility 1789- TODAY, apparently, and intentionally, equated the modifier, “natural” herein, to mean, “not of foreign-citizen-parents” and, therefore, “chosen from the [U.S.] tribe”.

    In summary, “natural born [U.S.] Citizen” = BORN IN U.S. OF U.S.-CITIZEN-PARENTS 1789- TODAY
    EXHIBIT B: and
    EXHIBIT D: See NY Delegate John Jay’s inclusion of NY-convention-approved paragraph beginning with, “That no Persons except natural born Citizens…”
    EXHIBIT F: Obama II’s natural observable foreign behavior is a direct reflection of Obama II’s foreign invisible thinking >>> >>> Nature Rules, and human nature follows!

  2. Jamaican Constitution, Chapter 2 – Citizenship:
    Section 3C. Every person born outside Jamaica shall become a citizen of Jamaica –
    a. on the sixth day of August, 1962, in the case of a person born before that date; or
    b. on the date of his birth, in the case of a person born on or after the sixth day of August, 1962,
    if, at that date, his father or mother is a citizen of Jamaica by birth, descent or registration by virtue of marriage to a citizen of Jamaica.

    Don’t tell me that the Founding Fathers envisioned a person with every right to foreign citizenship to be the POTUS and the CIC of the US military. It’s ludicrous on it’s face. As for “standing” as I have said before, every American citizen has standing to ensure that it’s elected leaders are constitutionally qualified. “Standing” is a a phony legal construct – not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution-employed by the courts to avoid making the difficult decisions. It is political BS. All of the Obama sycophants and Marxist malcontents that weigh in on this issue are pathetic anti-American misfits who delight in perpetuating lies and misinformation. Nothing better to apparently. Harris is clearly, constitutionally INELIGIBLE.

    1. Justice Scalia wrote the ruling in Lujan, the seminal case on standing. The D.C. Circuit cited Lujan when dismissing Laity’s appeal. Judge Rao was on the panel for that decision.

      Are Justice Scalia and Judge Rao the “Obama sycophants and Marxist malcontents” and “anti-American misfits” to whom you refer?

  3. The petition is scheduled for the May 27 conference.

    If that schedule holds, the petition’s denial will be announced on June 1.

    1. In such case, prompt refiling for rehearing will ensue. Congress has abrogated its responsibility to check and balance usurpers of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. The courts have “evaded” the issue long enough. I urge them to take up the task of preserving the integrity of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. BTW, the U.S.D.C. for the Southern District of California has issued a DEFAULT ruling against Kamala D. Harris in Constitution Association, Inc. v. Kamala Devi Harris, Case # 320-cv-2379-TWR-BLM, U.S.D.C.-Southern District of California. It is an eligibility case.

      1. And any petition for rehearing will be denied, just like the ones filed in 2014 and 2018.

        The California district court has not issued a “DEFAULT ruling” (whatever that is). The clerk entered default, which is but an early step toward a default judgment. And that default was set aside on May 12.

      2. A slight correction: The local U.S. Attorney has moved to set aside the entry of default because the plaintiffs’ attempt at service was faulty.

        The federal court will grant this request because the service was faulty.

        1. Not really: The court docket was updated from “set aside default” to “motion to set aside default.” There was never a “default ruling” because that’s not a thing that exists.

          And the court will grant the motion to set aside the clerk’s entry of default because the plaintiffs’ service was faulty.

          The federal government indicated that, once the entry of default is set aside, the federal government will move to dismiss because the plaintiffs lack standing and the court lacks jurisdiction. Which the court also will grant.

      3. Petitions for rehearing are almost never granted unless something new is brought to the attention of the court. “I was right!” doesn’t work.

      4. In the Constitution Association case, the court ordered the plaintiffs to respond to the federal government’s motion to set aside entry of default. The court also ordered the plaintiffs to show cause why the case shouldn’t be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

        1. .

          Goodness, that’s not correct Henri.

          This is well known to you.

          The federal government is not party to this suit.

          There is no motion by government to set aside the default judgement.

          It is an ex parte motion by Defendant, British Subject Kamala Harris.

          But you well know these things Dear Contrarian.

          Thus, it appears one doth yet again,
          protesteth too much.

          It is regretted your essays now descend into prevarication.

          This violates your Creator’s commandment against bearing false witness, Dear H.

          Repent Brother Wilson.

          Your readers wouldn’t want you to go floating off into an oblivion of triviality – like some stained, shipwrecked, under-inflated volleyball, adrift on a vast sea of immorality.

          Henri, in the court of public opinion you now address, such obfuscations plainly begin to affect how your remarks are perceived by others.

          Are you absolutely sure you wish to continue with such bald obstinance?

          Your credibility now suffers. Objectively.

          Surely this can’t be your intention.


          Kamala Harris was sued as a person
          not as a public official, at time of filing.

          Thus she bore responsibility to respond
          within 21 days, from receipt of service per
          Federal Rules of Civil Procedures – again
          as you are well aware.

          Jdg. Robinson gratuitously chose to interpret Rule otherwise & further cherry-picked other elements to deflect the matter from his view.

          Thus confirming breadth & depth of compromise afoot in the judiciary.

          Madame Harris has perpetrated a Pernicious Grand Fraud upon the American People – and upon the Plaintiffs each & severally.

          They are grievously injured – their liberties and pursuit of happiness, thwarted – much as our Founding Fathers’ were, when they originally sortied against the very same British Crown that Madame Harris now holds allegiance to.

          The wheel turns but the elements of the problem remain unchanged – God & mammon.

          Henri, your sincere reader begs you to turn from the latter.


          [In the present matter, this may be of help to you –]


      5. Why would you waste a filing fee on a petition for rehearing? There are specific requirements for the court to reverse a cert denial and your case will meet none them if it is denied. Why not give money to a worthy charity instead.

  4. Dennis Becker and Henry Wilson,

    Do either of you believe that an adult human who is born in USA to visiting foreign-citizen parents can become a US President or a US Vice-president, even though John Jay convinced the Constitutional Convention framers (with several of the framers being farmers) to EXCLUDE ADMISSION OF FOREIGN-CITIZENS as Commander-in-Chief VIA INCLUSION OF JAY’S “natural born Citizen” ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT within the US Constitution, with those same three words remaining un-amended 1789- TODAY?

    EXHIBIT A: July 25, 1787 =
    EXHIBIT B: July 25, 1788= , page 262, [approved amendment to the US Constitution during the New York ratification convention of 1788] “…Jay suggested that only natural-born citizens, and only freeholders [land owners]. should be eligible to serve as President, Vice-President, or as members of Congress…”

    1. It is undisputed that Jay wrote a letter, but there’s no evidence that the Framers read it as you do.

      I don’t know why you would care about my opinions; it is judges’ rulings that matter. And as the article explains, every judge who considered the issue concluded that (subject to minor exceptions) anyone born in the United States is a natural born citizen, regardless of the parents’ citizenship.

      In any event, Laity’s lawsuit was dismissed for lack of standing, and there’s no indication that the U.S. Supreme Court will be interested in addressing that issue.

      1. Henry,

        Are you going to answer my question. above, or continue to engage in surly subterfuge on this website?

        If you read Max Ferrand’s 3 volumes on Minutes of the Constitutional Convention, it is clear from the recorded closed-door discussions of the Framers that they were well aware, and wary, of foreign-citizens who might occupy the Office of The President:

        1. Volume Three acknowledges that Jay sent his a letter, a fact no one disputes.

          Contrary to your claims, Volume Three does not contain any information about the Framers’ discussions about the meaning of natural-born citizenship.

          Nor does Volume Three reference Vattel at all.

        2. There was an attempt made to assasinate General George Washington by a young officer who had been transfered to his staff. The officers who were responsible for transferring the would-be assasin, (I think the guy tried to poison Washington), were so deeply ashamed of themselves that a regulation was determined, (don’t aske me the specifics. I’m going from vague recollection of reading about the incident long ago.), that from that point on no soldier could serve on Washington’s staff who had a parent who was born anywhere but in the 13 colonies.
          I’ve never read of anyone following up on this but I wonder if that’s not quite pertinent to the article II natural born citizen clause being put in the Constitution.

    1. Her chances of staying in office are slim. I don’t give up. Kamala Harris is a usurper,fraud and spy under US law. SCOTUS becomes complicit if they ignore that fact.

      1. Why would you believe her chances of staying in office are slim? The only issue before the U.S. Supreme Court is Laity’s lack of standing.

          Apr 16 2021 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due May 28, 2021)
          May 07 2021 Waiver of right of respondent Harris, Kamala to respond filed.
          May 11 2021 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 5/27/2021.

          The SCOTUS may not have requested a response from Harris but on April 16th it did give her until May 28th to respond of her own free will. She responded of her own free will via her attorney on May 7th and waived her right to respond to Robert Laity’s petition for a writ of certiorari. On May 11th everything preceding was DISTRIBUTED to required parties for a SCOTUS Conference on May 27th.

        2. Very rarely, SCOTUS will request a response after the respondent has waived the response. That is an indication that SCOTUS is interested in the case.

          That did not happen in this case. So unless the petition is rescheduled to a different conference, expect a denial on June 1.

        3. From the waiver by Harris.

          “I DO NOT INTEND TO FILE A RESPONSE to the petition for a writ of certiorari unless one is requested by the Court.”

          The May 28th response date is automatic when the petition was filed (30 days after petition was files, not counting the day of filing or Saturdays and Sundays).

          Her waiver suggests she doesn’t believe the Court will grant the petition.

          To date no one at the Court has issued a “call for a response”. While not definitive that the petition will be denied, it does suggest no one at the Court (any of the Justices or even a law clerk can issue a CFR) is interested enough in the case to want to hear both sides.

      2. I, far more than most, appreciate greatly your picking up this fight in defense of the Constitution, for even if all the democrats and all the republicans maintain that the article II natural born citizen clause is no longer in the Constitution that does not make it so.
        I went to the preliminary release of the findings of former sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold Case Posse investigtion into Obama as a student reporter with permission to attend by Mike Zullo, the commander of the Cold Case Posse under Sheriff Joe’s authority.
        At that press conference so much hard evidence was provided that Obama’s so-called birth certificate was nothing more than a multi-layered electronic file not representative of any document whatsoever let alone any official government issued birth certificate that the fact was established in an irrefutable manner. (A long time later the investigation even uncovered the two original Hawaiian birth certificates of the Nordyke twins from which the security background pattern used in many of the layers that were assembled into Obama’s forgery were copied and pasted in. That’s how amateurish Obama’s forgery is!)
        But nothing has been done. Everyone was scared off from demanding to address Obama’s forged birth certificate lest they be labeled with the Liberal-fascist Progressive-socialist Left’s scarlet letters arranged to spell out the word ‘birther’ which, if one was labeled with it, meant that they were the Fascist Left’s favorite deprecatory label of all…a “RACIST!”
        Keep in mind that when US Army surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lee Lakin was court-martialed, stripped of his rank, dishonorably discharged from service to his country, and imprisoned his defense team were not permitted to even enter the electronic file that Obama’s administration had posted on the official White House website! Although Dr. Lakin was charged with missing a deployment of his unit there is no question as to the real reason he was prosecuted and persecuted.
        My point is this. You may be and clearly are right but that no longer matters within America’s legal system.
        In the Fascist Left’s alternative reality construct Obama was born in the United States to two American citizen parents because they say so…, because they dictate that such is a reality. It doesn’t matter that there is no proof of their assertion.
        Even Dinesh D’Souza ran with the ‘born in Hawaii’ narrative in his documentary on Obama that made millions of dollars for fear of being labeled a Birther; and of course for the love of money.
        To this day you can hear Sean Hannity proclaim that he “vetted Obama.” Of course, he won’t take any questions from anyone informed about Obama’s multiple names, (Barry Soetoro, Soebarkah, and some argue others), or about the facts concerning Obama’s forged birth certificate and forged Selective Service Registration Card.
        Look closely at the court case in Tallahassee, Florida where Atty. Larry Klayman attempted to block Obama’s name from being permitted to be printed on the presidential ballot in Florida. I was there in the court-room as a student reporter.
        The judge, Terry Lewis, (I remember the name because it rhymes with Jerry Lewis), ruled along the lines of Obama’s name couldn’t be blocked because he was not yet the official democrat party candidate.
        That ruling effectively blocked any challenge to Obama’s name being on the ballot because by the time of the democrat party convention later that year the Florida law held that the window of opportunity to challenge any person’s name being on the ballot had closed!
        As far as SCOTUS becoming complicit, at this point I can only wonder what the Fascist Left is holding over a few of the judges on the Supreme Court.
        Thankyou for fighting the good fight in defense of the Constitution, Chris Farrell

  5. Both India, where her Mother was a citizen, and British Jamaica,where her father was a citizen, are members of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The British Nationality Act made Kamala Harris a natural born BRITISH subject/citizen at birth. The Justices of SCOTUS will be hard pressed to justify, on constitutional grounds, just HOW a British Subject at birth is now occupying OUR nation’s vice-presidency. Harris’s parents were NOT citizens of the USA when Kamala Harris was born. Indeed, Kamala Harris may not have even been eligible to be naturalized as a citizen. Her parents were not US Citizens at all, let alone the five years necessary by law in order to even seek US Citizenship for their daughter under US Naturalization law.

    1. The Commonwealth hasn’t been British since 1949.

      Regardless, SCOTUS isn’t obligated to explain its eventual denial, but common sense suggests that it will agree with every lower judges’ ruling there was no standing.

        1. As that link explains, “British Commonwealth” is an obsolete term. Did you read it?

          The British Nationality Act has been revised numerous times. What part would now apply to Harris?

  6. It is another case of usurping the Constitution and the Office of Vice President/ President just as Obama did. The Democrats are evil and they know she is ineligible for the position but they do not care because the USA is a cooperation so to the Dems the Constitution does not matter. I believe that is why scotus can get away with their corrupt rulings. Check out when the usa became a cooperation it will enlighten you as to how things in this cooperation are happening. President Trump was working to resolve and dismantle this cooperation and give us back our country.

    1. .

      Dear Ann Marie,

      President Washington, in Farewell Address, carefully warned us of the Baneful Effect of the Spirit of Party –
      a flame that instead of warming, may consume.

      Importune Consummation of this potentiality has regrettably been fulfilled.

      98 US Senators voted to engage a second Impeachment Trial against President Trump on absolutely the most specious pretexts.

      There is your party.

      May we now concede Dear Lady, the Alternating Domination of one part over another, must forthwith be departed from, in return to an original American Politic consisting of but one word –


      All else is Tyranny, in a Republic.


  7. Harris is definitely not qualified to be Vice President of the Unites States of America since both her parents were not US citizens at the time she was born.

    1. Biden and Pelosi are complicit with Obama usurping the Presidency and with Harris usurping the vice-presidency. That makes them all guilty of treason against the U.S. and Espionage, since we are in war time. That also means that, under 18USC Sec.2381, if convicted, NONE of the (4) would be able to hold “any office under the United States”.

      1. Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it. And the mainstream-media and big tech social-media are co-conspirators.

        The fact that during the 2008 election a Senate sub-committee investigated the eligibility of Republican nominee John McCain when questions about his eligibility were raised in public but did not do likewise to Democrat nominee Barack Hussein Obama when questions about his eligibility were subsequently raised in public should cause every objective minded intelligent adult to ask: “Why one but not the other?”

        The fact that the SCOTUS has been avoiding the issue of Obama’s eligibility/lack thereof for more than a decade should cause every objective minded intelligent adult to ask: “Why?”

      1. She is a citizen of her father’s country Jamaica who had jurisdiction over her birth according to the 14th amendment. There are no documents referring to her naturalization to this country much like Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro, and Ted Cruz. Kamala Harris graduated High School in Montreal Canada.

        1. Not surprising that Obama wanted Biden to pick the ineligible Kamala Harris as his V.P. The more ineligible occupants of America’s presidency and vice-presidency there are, the more secure Barry the usurper likely feels that this issue will never be a problem for him……..even after losing the planned protective cover of Hillary Clinton. I believe Hillary was promised the presidency following Obama as part of getting her to drop out of the 2008 Dem primary she could have won,….and to not release what she said she had which proved Obama was not eligible. That and the Secretary of State job in Obama’s illegitimate administration ($$$).
          Below is an interesting article about why Harris was picked:

          And a quote from David Axelrod on why Tammy Duckworth was not picked:

          “Axelrod also went on to say that Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran, was ruled out due to fears over birtherism. Her Thai mother and American father, and her childhood in Thailand and Indonesia were seen as possibly bringing birtherism-style claims against her eligibility, though there is no evidence it.”