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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 25, 2021) — The Post & Email has received a copy of a submission made to the U.S. Supreme Court by Petitioner Robert C. Laity requesting a writ of certiorari regarding his challenge to Kamala Devi Harris’s constitutional eligibility to serve as the nation’s vice president.

According to the Legal Information Institute, “The U.S. Supreme Court uses certiorari to select most of the cases it hears. The writ of certiorari is a common law writ, which may be abrogated or controlled entirely by statute or court rules.”

As reported on Monday, Laity received delivery confirmation from the firm he engaged to print the required 58 copies of a booklet containing all of his filings in the case of U.S., ex rel., Robert C. Laity v. Purported Vice President Kamala Devi Harris.

“I had to send out (58) booklets to SCOTUS and the various attorneys and US Officials who are ‘parties to be served,’” Laity told us in an email on Sunday morning.

Laity believes that Harris is ineligible to serve as vice president or president as a result of both of her parents having been non-U.S. citizens when she was born in Oakland, CA in 1964. The requirements for the president and commander-in-chief are set forth in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution, one of which is that he or she must be a “natural born Citizen” and is the crux of Laity’s petition.

The 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804, stipulates that any vice-presidential candidate must meet all of the qualifications of the presidency.

The booklet consists of a number of sections, the longest of which is a series of appendices numbered 1 through 64 containing Laity’s case filings in Harris beginning with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and proceeding through the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

On March 18, a three-judge panel of the appellate court declined to grant Laity’s request for a hearing en banc as reflected on the docket summary available at PACER:

As The Post & Email has reported, the appellate panel also threatened Laity with monetary sanctions for allegedly filing a “frivolous appeal” and claimed he did not have “standing” to bring the suit.

Harris is represented in the case by Benjamin Razi of Covington & Burling. According to his bio, Razi is “a savvy litigator” who “specializes in finding — and then exploiting — the weak spots in his opponents’ cases.” “He has applied this approach with great success across a range of different types of litigation, including contractual disputes, whistleblower and other ‘fraud’ cases, white collar defense, and torts,” the bio continues.

As he has claimed in many cases involving constitutional eligibility over more than a decade, Laity alleged in a January 20, 2021 letter to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. that Harris’s installation as putative vice president is part of a “pattern of Usurpations of our highest offices” commencing in 2008 “by Barack Obama acting in concert with Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden.” The letter is reproduced in the booklet as “App. 63” and “64” comprising the final two pages of the Supreme Court filing.

Page 1 of the booklet launches directly into the “QUESTIONS PRESENTED” to the court and begins:

The U.S. Constitution requires that a President and Vice-President of the United States be a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States pursuant to Article II, Sec 1, Clause 5 and the 12th Amendment. It is the right of the Sovereign to demand of any public official, whose bona-fides is in question, to prove that he or she is entitled by law to occupy the particular public office he or she now occupies. In the U.S. it is “We the People” who are sovereign…

Laity then presents three questions for the high court to consider, the first of which contends that Harris is “Constitutionally barred” from serving in her current office.

Question 3 asks whether or not “the Judiciary” can “grant standing to interested third parties…to remedy usurpation of our nation’s highest offices, by fraud.”

Update, April 26, 2021, 7:44 p.m. EDT: Laity provided The Post & Email with PDFs of his Supreme Court filing and appendix, which can be read in their entirety:

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    1. bobbi, Mere birth in the USA does not suffice to be VP and/or President. One MUST be a Natural Born Citizen. An NBC IS one born IN the United States to parents who are BOTH US Citizens themselves. NEITHER of Harris’s parents were US Citizens when she was born. YOU get an “F”.

  1. Breaking News:
    Robert C. Laity v. Kamala Devi Harris HAS been docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court, Docket # 20-1503. Kamala Harris has been given until May 28, 2021 to respond.

    1. Congratulations, Robert, for securing a docket with the US Supreme Court.

      Using the contemporary make-them-believe make-believe laws of man, some outlawyers will selfishly work to reject your case.

      Using the non-negotiable forevcr laws of Nature, however, all humanity will have to yield their natural invisible thinking to this over-ruling observation of reality: Obama and Kamala and Canada Cruz are un-Constitutional “natural foreign citizens”

      Your fellow New Yorker, John Jay, the first US Chief Justice, invented “natural born Citizen” as a check to ensure no human with foreign-allegiances would ever become Commander-in-Chief of US armed forces.
      EXHIBIT A: https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Washington/04-05-02-0251

      While today’s attorney-criminals may attempt to confuse lay persons with their own politically-desired meanings of “natural born Citizen”, nonetheless, from womb to tomb, Nature Rules over human nature, and the accumulated life-sensations of sight-sound-smell-taste-touch form each human’s invisible thinking that is directly reflected in one’s particular repetitive pattern of behavior.

      Naturally-acquired foreign sensations = natural foreign-allegiance behaviors

      Using precedent for selecting presidents, “natural born Citizen” before 08-28-08 was interpreted to require natural or naturalized US-citizen-parents of presidents, except Arthur, who hid his father’s foreign-allegiance, both while VP and President.
      EXHIBIT B: https://www.scribd.com/doc/48856102/All-U-S-Presidents-Eligibility-Grandfather-Clause-Natural-Born-Citizen-Clause-or-Seated-by-Fraud

      Obama: natural foreign-allegiance to Kenya and Indonesia
      Kamala: natural foreign-allegiance to Jamaica, India and Canada
      Cruz: natural foreign-allegiance to Cuba and Canada

      “natural born [US] Citizen” remains a supreme law of the land, with the deliberate exclusion of life-acquired natural foreign-sensitizations; it can only be followed as originally intended, until it is otherwise amended.

      Nature Rules, and men follow!

      1. Henry, The link I provided clearly proves that Grandma Obama DID claim that “Barack e nate dhalani” (“Barack WAS BORN in the [Luo] village”).

        1. And the link I provided clearly proves that even Bishop McRae doesn’t translate “Barack e nate dhalani” to “Barack was born in the village.”

    1. In the video you link to when the grandmother says “Barack e nate dhalani” the onscreen translation is “Barack is a son of this village”.

      Who is translating it as “born in the village”?

      Dhalani is a village in Indian not Kenya.

  2. We’re coming back full circle from the early days of Barry Sotoro. Nancy P-Lousey got the great Fraud elected and installed as President. Once again, the Commie-Crats broke the rules. It was the early days of Barry’s campaigning, when his ” sweet great grandmother “, who he talked about so much, got an opportunity to talk to reporters. At the time, I was preoccupied, but I did get to watch most of the interview. It was a day I will ALWAYS regret. Wish I had had a fresh tape in my VCR, but I didn’t, and because of that, I didn’t get the ” proof ” of Barry’s fraud. They were doing a live interview of Barry’s grandmother. She put on her proud grandmother face, turned and looked directly into the cameras lens, and proudly stated that she had been at Barry’s birth, in Kenya Africa. Kenya Africa, NOT Hawaii. That interview never got played again. I have talked with other people who watched that same live interview, but it NEVER made it beyond that moment in time. Within a few weeks, Barry’s grandmother supposedly had a heart attack, just like Vince Foster. My money says she was ” Arkansaed ” or ” Vince Fostered “, either by someone from the ” Klinton Crime Family “, or the ” Obama Crime Family ” to keep her silent. That’s the way this party handles potentially lose canons. They all have mysterious medical complications, which renders the person Dead !! I just wish I had recorded that interview that day. Maybe it could have prevented that Other presidency from happening. But this one needs ending !

    1. Thank you Wing Walker.
      IMO the “big one”, which allowed America to be weakened from the inside like never before was the installation in 2009 of the Soros funded, Brennan and the CIA created, ineligible identity fraud Barack Hussein Obama as America’s putative president and commander-in-chief. From the moment in 2009 when John Roberts swore-in Obama until today there has been a cover-up of that, “crime too big to prosecute”, which effectively gave America’s government and her military to her enemies at its highest level. This was never hard to see as it unfolded in real time, but ownership of 98% of the media, fear of being called racist, and complicity in Barry’s installation necessitated a forever cover-up. Part of that cover-up was supposed to be the planned and promised in 2008, Hillary Clinton. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and later the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” were and still are used extensively by America’s enemies within and they are effective.

      When Hillary was defeated by the “birther” Donald Trump, we witnessed a panic from both complicit political parties, Democrats more overtly than Republicans. They feared the truth about Barry and their complicity in the biggest criminal act against America’s Constitution and her citizens in history…by far, being fully revealed and acted on. They were successful in keeping President Trump under siege and removing him from office in a stolen election and they are now back on track with Obama/Biden and Hillary, and their ultimate puppet-masters…………………….

    1. Obviously you are anti-Constitution and perhaps even anti-American. You obviously delight in ridiculing good people and misrepresenting the facts. Your ignorance and hypocrisy are hallmarks of intolerant leftists such as yourself. Your comments on this site serve no useful purpose other than to provide yourself satisfaction for what is no doubt your warped view of the world.

      1. It is neither anti-Constitution nor anti-American to note the cert. petition is short and that no eligibility cert. petition ever has been granted. There is nothing “warped” about these views.

        What facts have been misrepresented?

  3. harris IS NOT ELIGIBLE, NOR WAS OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! the devildemocommiecrats know it but their lust for absolute power overrides everything else to them. How can We the People NOT HAVE STANDING??????? The Constitution gives We the People the ultimate say but satanic political and judicial hacks want to usurp that power for themselves!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keep it up Henry. I want you to. You are just making me MORE resolved to push this as far as I can. You are actually motivating me NOT to give up. I cannot be discouraged.

    1. Robert, I applaud your tenacity and your devotion to the Constitution. You are a true patriot. What you are doing on behalf of all Americans, requires dedication, courage, and unrequited love of country. Not to mention the amount of time, energy, and money that is required to fight a system that has become increasingly lawless, obstructive, and downright treasonous. Every citizen in America has an absolute right to ensure that the persons in leadership and power are constitutionally qualified and LEGALLY elected. That means that EVERY American citizen has absolute STANDING to have this issue resolved and adjudicated per the actual meaning and intent of our Founding Fathers! It’s time the Supreme Court did its job and stopped hiding behind this phony legal construct called “Standing” which is nothing more than an excuse to dodge the tough issues of the day.

      1. If there are lessons to be learned from 2008, 2012, and 2016, it is that the state courts are more accommodating to eligibility challenges. A savvy litigant wanting to avoid standing issues would have filed in state court.

        1. My last two challenges WERE filed in NY State Courts and appealed to SCOTUS. I was instructed by a Western District of NY US District Court Magistrate that the proper venue is the USDC for DC. That Magistrate’s name is Leslie Foschio, if you doubt me. I expect my case to be docketed at SCOTUS on May 3, 2021.

        2. The 2017 case was dismissed as moot, and the 2013 case was dismissed for being filed in the wrong state court. A property filed and litigated case could get an on-the-merits ruling.

          The magistrate’s purported advice was wrong, as evidenced by the district and circuit courts’ rulings.

  5. As Always Robert Good Luck With The Ineligibility Cases. If SCOTUS Buckles With Hearing Election Integrity Cases, They’ll Certainly Lack The Resolve To Face The Contentious Issues Of Eligibility! Suspended From Twitter I’m At Gab Seeking Originalists!

    1. Because the makeup of the court has “Change[d]”. That’s why. One of my sources advises me that, so far, at least (3) of the required (4) Justices needed to hear the case are open to hear it. I just need one more.

      1. Who is this source, and which three justices?

        There have been only two new justices since the last eligibility cert. petition was denied.

  6. Three questions:

    Why has it not appeared on the Supreme Court docket?

    Hasn’t it been a week since it arrived at the Court?

    How long does it typical take for the clerks to add a filing to the docket?

    I seem to recall Leo Donofrio waited a long time and his filings never made it to the docket.

    1. Because of Covid slowdown many court personnel are tele-working. I called the clerk for a status report. I haven’t heard back. I expect that my case will be docketed in the ORDER planned to be released on May 3, 2021.

  7. Good Luck, Robert; thankfully, you and Sharon Rondeau apparently share with George Washington, his favorite word, being, “perseverance”!

    “Perseverance and Spirit have done Wonders in all ages.” – George Washington



    Lead your life with Purpose
    And survive on “simplify”,
    Much like a missioned Marine
    Who survives on “Semper Fi”! – JD Mooers


    1. Wilson, Despite your constant gainsaying, I told you that I can NOT be deterred from a mission. A pit bull will relax it’s mouth muscles just enough to get a stronger grip. I am made BOLDER by my detractors. Kamala Harris is a fraud,usurper,traitor and spy under 18USC and 10USC.

      1. It isn’t gainsaying to observe that every judge so far agreed there was no standing; the D.C. Circuit Court even ruled the argument in favor of standing was frivolous.

        It also isn’t gainsaying to observe that SCOTUS has denied cert. for literally every eligibility challenge brought previously, and there’s no indication this one will be any different.

        1. Federal courts’ acknowledgement of their limited jurisdiction (and the precedent explaining this limited jurisdiction) isn’t corruption; it is principled conservatism.

  8. Good Luck, Robert; with enough legal salvos lobbed into Washington, DCeit over the years, one just may land in a munitions yard for an explosion heard ’round the world!

    Also, if the Arizona audit of its 2020 general election votes finds Trump to actually be that state’s landslide winner, things may turn around on that Pelosi/Biden/Obama/Kamala/Hillary election fraud as well!

    1. Robert and Sharon, thanks for your continued efforts on this matter, I have
      continued to contact my reps. on this. I encourage others to do the same.

    2. Let us pray to the Holy Ones thanking Them All for protecting the ones acting for the good of the People (most of whom are asleep at the wheel!) against the infernal plane of the Globalist Cabal …. the Orwellian 1984 …morphed in Agenda 2021-2030.