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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Apr. 9, 2021) — Credit where credit is due: Dan Bongino made a great suggestion on his 4/6/21 podcast last Tuesday regarding how the MLB blunder in moving professional baseball’s All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver (discussed by your humble servant here) should be handled.  Recall that the reason coughed up by MLB for the move was to protest – as purportedly racist “Jim Crow on steroids” – the enactment of SB 202, the Georgia law which would now require the Georgia electorate to produce valid identification, such as a state-issued driver’s license, in order to vote.

One of the best suggestions Bongino made was to have Donald Trump do a rally in Georgia, maybe even Atlanta.  That should underscore how his popularity has grown, not diminished, since he left the White House.  Ten thousand…, maybe twenty thousand …, or even fifty thousand Trump supporters gathering in unison to support him would be something that even CNN (based in Atlanta) could not ignore.

Your humble servant has another suggestion: if such a rally were to take place, since the Goofball-in-Chief and his Oval Office marionette-masters show no signs of an ability to muster the courage – or the necessary intellect – to articulate a “State of the Union” message as provided for in the Constitution, President Trump could make the theme of the rally his own, “Post-45” unofficial – but surely riveting and entertaining – State of the Union message.  He might even “hint” at some future plans…, if you get my drift.

He could address a wide spectrum of issues now confronting the nation as they are being fumbled and mishandled by the Goofball – from the border crisis to re-joining the insane Paris climate accord to cozying up once again to “death to America” Iran – in the message.  He might even mention the hypocritical stupidity of MLB moving the annual baseball game from a majority black city to a majority white city…, located in a state which requires positive identification in order to vote.  Go figure.

Let us see the leftist propaganda merchants at the Gray Trollop, WaPo and CNN try to censor that

Would that not be an event you’d like to see?  Huh?

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  1. I like this suggestion very much. President Trump, and he is still my president, garnered more legitimate votes than any candidate in history and was cheated out of reelection by blatant FRAUD that cowardly/corrupt judges refused to acknowledge despite ample proof available, including almost 1,000 affidavits from democrat observers who were appalled at the proceedings!!!!!!!!!