by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Apr. 6, 2021) — In baseball lingo, the term “pickle” is used to describe the problem of a runner being caught between two bases with the ball still in play and usually being run down by the other team’s players to be put out. The normal result is a humiliating tag followed by a slow, shameful stroll back to the dugout. The situation is usually precipitated by the runner’s misjudgment, bad communication between the runner and the coaches and/or simple stupidity by both. 

Fast forward to the decision by Major League Baseball to pull the annual All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia.

All three characteristics of a “pickle” now appear to be in full bloom with respect to the decision by MLB – in juvenile and idiotic response to the exercise by the State of Georgia of its right to determine its own election laws – to move the game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado.  After the Goofball-in-Chief likened the Georgia law to “Jim Crow on Steroids” and suggested that Georgia be boycotted, the woke automatons of corporate America began goose-stepping in line to the narrative.  And like clockwork, MLB caved. 

Perhaps two of the most ironic aspects of the decision by MLB to “take their bats and balls” from Atlanta and go to Denver in protest over Georgia’s new voting integrity law is the fact that (a) Denver is an overwhelmingly white vs. black/minority city, and (b) Colorado requires positive photo identification in order to vote, one of the primary reasons the Goofball and MLB think the Georgia law is racist.  Go figure.

The leftist narrative that the Georgia law will “suppress” minority voter rights by requiring positive voter identification for mail-in absentee ballots and inferentially that racial minorities are too dumb to be able to identify their driver’s license numbers on those documents issued to them by Georgia in order to apply for mail-in voting…, is about as stupid and racist as it gets.  On the other hand, because people believe what they want to believe, reality aside, this is what you get.

Even Perkins Coie Democrat mouthpiece Marc (“No-Neck”) Elias got in on the unforced error.  He fouled out by questioning, via Twitter “tweet,” whether Georgian minorities would be able to identify the right number off their licenses in order to vote absentee. 

Constitutional law professor and attorney Jonathan Turley expertly dismantled the Elias tweet here, noting that only the 9-digit license number would fit in the absentee ballot form to be completed.  Oh – and apart from opening one’s eyes and looking at the front of the license – that the form would contain instructions on how to find the number on the document. 

Quite apart from voting issues, if Elias questions whether a Georgia driver can identify his/her driver’s license number on the license itself, does he also question the driver’s ability to read things like “stop” and “one-way street?”  How about “Speed Limit 45?”  Just who is the racist here? 

The Georgia law recently signed by Governor Brian Kemp – SB 202 – neither seeks nor accomplishes the suppression of voter eligibility or participation.  Instead, it seeks to suppress only that which the Democrats and their media apparatchiks strive to preserve: the perpetuation of election fraud and opportunities for same which seemingly clearly characterized the 2020 general election.

People, and organizations, which mischaracterize the Georgia law as being a voter suppression dictate because of the requirement that voters establish positive identification as lawful, registered voters, are, with zero respect, stupid.  And those who would argue otherwise are simply believing what they want to believe.

And yes, Virginia, that comment with respect to stupidity in such a characterization of the law extends all the way to the White House and the Goofball-in-Chief.  Indeed, if the marionette in the Oval Office were truly interested in identifying sources of steroids and other controlled substances (is parmesan cheese an opiate?), he might want to consider picking up the new book just published by his son, Hunter Biden.  Professor Turley adeptly addresses those issues here.

Finally, the truly embarrassing recent attempt by Press Secretary Jen Psaki to distance and “walk-back” the Goofball’s “steroids” remark as having anything to do with the pickle MLB now finds itself in is totally laughable.  These folks are committing one balk after another in their effort to salvage their game…, and it ain’t workin’.  Adding insult to injury, we’re only into the top half of the first inning of the regime’s stumbling around the bases.  The terms “rookie” and “bush league” come to mind. 

Oh, and as for MLB and the other woke corporations more interested in the bottom line with China than Americans in the United States, another word comes to mind: “stupid.” 

Your faithful servant channeled Ben Franklin last night.  He intends to boycott the All-Star Game – and maybe the entire season.

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