April 2, 2021

Dear Editor,

Screenshot: ABC News Australia

PM Scott Morrison’s cabinet reshuffle (to benefit women) has been attacked by Australian of the Year, 2021, Grace Tame, who should also button her lip re the – Labor’s Paul-Keating-designated public holiday! – celebration of Australia Day on the 26th of January (Aboriginals were declared Australian citizens on the 26th of January 1949 enactment of the Nationality and Citizen Act 1948) instead of getting caught up in any “Invasion Day” nonsense; because Aborigines should be celebrating “Salvation Day” (saved by the British-introduced white-fellas’ surgeons, obstetricians, dentists, and Royal Flying Doctor Service, etc. from death by: burst appendix, difficult childbirth, snake bite, infected tooth abscess, and horrendous, intestine-exposing abdominal barbed-spear wounds, etc.) on the 26th January each and every…year!

Yes, Grace Tame, “Their voices should be heard” is even more applicable to the innumerable Aboriginal women and girl-children so very heinously sexually abused by their Aboriginal men to this very day!

Grace Tame, pay attention: sexual abuse and violence (including well-documented cannibalism, even by ultra-Leftist Manning Clark) against women in Aboriginal societies have always been (well before Aborigines were white-man-tainted!) endemic, as documented by French explorers and William Buckley, who lived among Aborigines for so many decades!

And Grace Tame, this writer has befriended, employed, sponsored, financially supported, stopped from unlicenced and unregistered car-driving as well as attended court in support of Aborigines for some seventy years!

So, Grace Tame, please have the good grace to go stick your nose into some sexually-abused Aboriginal “women’s business” where it’s really so very desperately needed – to have their voices now, really, really loudly, heard!


Howard “Ivory” Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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