by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Apr. 1, 2021) — Nor does it “rise” in the east. Words are important. They are the prime mechanism by which we communicate with one another. Different languages may be used, but aside from viewed images and pictograms we may see, words are how we express ourselves. 

There is now an ongoing, concerted effort by the language Schutzstaffel and verbal despots of the Left to commandeer the language – in the United States, largely the English language (or more precisely the “American” dialect of English) – in a vigorous attempt to control the discussion.  And by “control the discussion,” your humble servant means control everything that you may write, speak or hear.  The effort was once subtle and incremental; it is now manifest and on turbocharged public display.  Worse, the linguistic tyrants are, virtually without exception, Leftists, Democrats and their media apparatchiks.

As but one example, it was once acceptable – even accurate – to describe a “crisis” as a “crisis.”  But that was then, and now is now.  Now, for example, because the actual illegal flood of aliens over the nation’s southern border has turned into a tsunami of people, it cannot be called by its true name since it is happening under the insouciant, welcoming nose of a Democrat political regime.  It is a “situation” or “humanitarian issue,” but – horrors and perish the thought – do not dare to call it a “crisis” upon pain of being censored, culture-cancelled, or worse.  Think “doxxed” and/or terminated from employment.

Case in point, leftist pseudo-journalist (aka Democrat propagandist) and NBC luminary Lester Holt recently received the Edward R. Murrow “Lifetime Achievement Award” for… something.  In his acceptance address, Holt asserted that reporters don’t need to hear both sides of a story before determining the “truth” and reporting that “truth” to the public. 

Lester Holt, November 4, 2019 (Attribution: Gage Skidmore, CC by 3.0)

He also claimed that “fairness is overrated” and that “the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in,” adding: “That the sun sets in the west is a fact.  Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.”


So Holt and his comrades in the media are somehow justified in ascertaining for the proletariat what objective “truth” is by disregarding facts which do not comport with the subjective “truth” they have decreed?  Really? 

Recall that once (and even today, in certain elements of the population), the accepted “truth” was that the Earth was flat and that the sun slowly orbited our planet, which rested, in turn, on the back of a giant, invisible turtle.  Those who disagreed with that dogma, if they dared to speak out, were not infrequently executed for heresy.

Then along came two guys named Copernicus and Galileo with their theories, resulting in hysterical cries of heresy and the lampooning (and occasional burning at the stake) of those agreeing with their claims that, instead, the Earth orbited the sun and that the giant turtle was imaginary.  Sometimes, persistence and rational thought pay off. 

But not for Lester Holt and his crew.  Nooooo.  “Truth,” as set in stone by his subjective determination, will not allow for “facts” which deviate from the narrative.  Thus, censorship of “disinformation” and “heretical words” becomes justified.  And yet, speaking of facts, Holt’s comment about the sun “setting in the west” as being an incontrovertible “fact” merely undercuts his thesis and demonstrates his misunderstanding of astronomical “facts.” 

By way of example, while that colloquial observation is prevalent throughout the world – regardless of the language used – the fact is that it more resembles the “World Turtle” theory than it does objective reality.  The “truth” is that because the Earth rotates on its axis while orbiting a heliocentric star, our parent “sun” does not “set” in the west.  Instead, the Earth’s western horizon “rises” to obscure our view of the star.  And in the morning, the Earth’s eastern horizon “dips” to reveal the sun’s rays again.  It is that simple.

“Give me a break,” readers may say: that is merely semantic gymnastics.  No, it isn’t.  When the language tyrants seek to alter the fundamental mechanisms by which we communicate, it is not semantic gymnastics at all: it is the weaponization of the language.  It is the elevation of illusion over reality.  And it is dangerous, if not revealed and denounced for what it is.  Besides, lampooning Lester Holt is fun.

Screenshot: Project Veritas, “Bodies under Bridges” report

It is one thing to label the everyday observation that “the sun sets in the west” as innocuously inaccurate.  It is quite another to claim that an unlawful surge of persons across an international border – incentivized by a governmental regime intent on treating those who enter the country illegally better than its own citizens – is merely a “situation” which, if called by its true name, would be “misinformation” worthy of censorship… is absurd.  And yet, “journalistic” awards are given out like candy for such nonsense.  Sad.

If, as Lester Holt and his ilk truly believe, that “fairness” is overrated in reporting facts, tell me again that we are not entering a linguistic firing range. 

I’ll wait.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of the “dips” that change day to night and night to day but I am well aware that truth DOES matter and that the propagandists in the media will NEVER let facts interfere with their “truth”!!!!!!!!!!