by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Mar. 24, 2021) — When Barack Hussein Obama became president (in 2009 and again in 2013), he was constitutionally INELIGIBLE regardless of what his “birth certificate” said and whether or not he was born in a foreign country.  The reason is that he had been a citizen of THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES:  Great Britain, because not only was he possibly born in the British protectorate of Kenya but his alleged biological father, Barack Obama Sr., was a British citizen there; Indonesia, where he was adopted by a different male parent, Lolo Soetoro, and became an Indonesian citizen with the adoptive name “Barry Soetoro” and religion “Islam”; and possibly the United States of America assuming that at some point he applied for and became a naturalized (NOT natural born) American citizen and has valid official government documents somewhere to prove it.  All of this hardly meets the “natural born” American citizen requirement contained in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our U.S. Constitution.  And, as such, I am prone to say that OBAMA STOLE THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY!  I presume that this would be an act of TREASON, for which, by the way, there is no statute of limitations.  Is it just a bad joke that in the United States, “No one is above the law”? 

Obama was a Manchurian Candidate of sorts (a person who is not loyal to, or who harms, his own country or political party because he is under the control or influence of another country or party).  It is a fact that Obama was chosen, paid for, trained, educated, and groomed to be president of the United States.  I believe our own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the main instigator in this  seditious activity to overthrow our government and transform it into what they, not we, the American people, wanted it to be.  I suggest you ask John Brennan for the details!  In my opinion, this type of activity is not an approved (or possibly not even lawful) function of our so-called foreign intelligence-gathering agency. 
Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., who swore in Obama as president, LIKELY KNEW ABOUT OBAMA’s BACKGROUND AND, TO SAY THE LEAST, THAT OBAMA’s QUALIFICATIONS FOR PRESIDENT DID NOT COMPORT WITH THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.  Nowadays, try bringing a case to the high court which might necessitate discussing or defining the meaning of “natural born American citizen” and see what happens!  You will be told either that you (an American citizen, taxpayer, and voter) have not been harmed and have “NO STANDING” or that your petition to the court is “FRIVOLOUS!”  It is worth noting, too, that Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas once remarked that the court was “EVADING THE ISSUE!”  Since then, nothing has changed.  In fact, we now have a vice-president who also is constitutionally ineligible and likely to soon be president.   
Obama is by far more Arab-American (44% ethnically) than African-American (only 6% ethnically).  Yet, he and his supporters and much of the general public, even including his critics, contend that he is our country’s “first African-American (or Black) president.”  Not only is he not, but, as you can see from the above discussion, he never was a real, constitutionally eligible president, either.  In this regard, America has been living a LIE for more than the last decade.  
Obama is a criminal (person who commits crimes).  Some of the offenses which he has committed include FORGERY, CONSPIRACY, IDENTITY THEFT, SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAX FRAUD, ALTERATION AND/OR DESTRUCTION OF OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, PERJURY, BRIBERY, NARCOTICS OFFENSES, CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT MANSLAUGHTER BY THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF IN THE 2012 BENGHAZI ATTACK RESULTING IN THE MURDERS OF FOUR AMERICANS, ELECTION FRAUD, SEDITION, AND TREASON.  It is a fact that Obama was convicted in two separate citizens’ jury trials:  the 2010 “CIA-Columbia” Citizens Grand Jury at Atlah Ministries in NYC which resulted in convictions of Obama including sedition and election fraud, and the 2013 Ocala Florida Citizens Grand Jury which resulted in convictions of election fraud at both the state and federal levels and sentencing Obama in absentia to ten years in prison.  Obama’s “birth certificate” was found to be a forgery and a determining element in the election fraud convictions.   
Obama is Muslim, a practitioner of the Islam religion.  I believe the CIA recruited him at Occidental College in part because of this.  Later, he was accepted as a student at Columbia University in New York City.  It appears, though, that he never attended classes there.  Instead, the CIA arranged for him to become a student at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, Russia.  Obama was a paid operative (or actual agent) of the Central Intelligence Agency and worked for them in the Middle East before returning to the United States. 
Not unlike the “cancel culture” movement taking place today in our society, Obama in a sense has attempted to cancel HIS OWN background by Executive Order and also by the CIA and/or others hiding and, in some cases, destroying his shall-we-say sensitive records.  The reason obviously (at least it seems obvious and matter-of-fact to me) is that there have been incriminating, insidious, and un-American aspects in Obama’s life.  Several parts of Obama’s hidden life are his relationship with and connection to the Deep State, New World Order, Communist Party USA (CPUSA), oil-rich Saudis, billionaire bankers and industrialists, the oft-referred-to “fake news” media, and some actual foreign and domestic terrorists.  Can you say “The Muslim Brotherhood” and “The Weather Underground”? 
The final fact that I want to emphasize and try to get you to understand is that Barack Hussein Obama is the single most responsible individual in the world for the current decline of the United States of America.  Our constitutional democratic republic is being destroyed by the DIVISIVENESS, PARTISAN POLITICS, PUBLIC CORRUPTION, IMMORALITY, AND RACISM which Obama personified and utilized in his effort to TRANSFORM our society and government.  It would seem that SOCIALISM and/or COMMUNISM might be the end game.  I place emphasis on “THE END.”
As a postscript, for America to recover and be made great again, the first thing that must be done is to TELL THE TRUTH.  It would be most helpful if Obama himself would “come clean” and do so.  He has an unprecedented opportunity in world history to step up unselfishly and try to save the United States of America.  He would have to be visibly and authentically remorseful and willing to accept that justice would be carried out as decided and required by law.  Unfortunately for us, this is not going to be the desired outcome.  May God bless and help us try to save the United States of America as we descend further into disgrace and chaos.  

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  1. Obama is more than likely running the White House. The same sense of evil sick sense of humor is at work. Remember the military wearing high heels? Now immigrant children are being educated before other children. Watch for evil, vicious sense of humor. Obama.

  2. fuhrer obama WAS NOT ELIGIBLE and I said so in 2008 and have been sauying so ever since. Harris ALSO IS NOT ELIGIBLE but the ruling class, including most of the gop, don’t care, they consider the Constitution to be outdated and irrelevant.

  3. ATTACKS ON HOMELAND USA: 12-7-41……………….9-11-01..08-28-08

    On 08-28-08, US Speaker Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi [81, as of today] and state-licensed attorney-criminal Joseph Robinette Biden II ATTACKED HOMELAND USA by forging the Constitutionally-ineligible and NATURALLY-INELIGIBLE birth-identity-mind-behavior of a known muslim-Marxist-homosexual infiltraitor, “Barack Hussein Obama II”.

    This is not a derogatory “conspiracy theory”, rather, it is a 13-year “CONSPIRACY FACTUALITY”.

    08-28-08 officially began a man-made make-them-believe make-believe “44th U.S. President”, Obama II.

    Factually, Obama II can never be a NATURAL U.S. Citizen, in the eyes of Nature, because his repetitive observable “foreigners first” behavior is a direct reflection of his natural invisible anti-Constitutional foreign-thinking.

    John Jay’s invention, “natural born [U.S.] Citizen” was intended to EXCLUDE FOREIGNERS from becoming our powerful one-person President, not to impose snobbery, but to avoid robbery, and mockery, of the Founding Fathers’ life efforts to create a first-ever Golden Rule Constitutional Republic for all mankind = “That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind [1789].”

    John Jay knew from his foreign experiences abroad, that humans who have foreign births and foreign allegiances/citizenships and foreign traditions et al will NATURALLY act out those accumulated-ingrained foreign sensitivities (as taken it by the five natural senses of sight-sound-smell-taste-touch over time) wherever they lead others….because Nature Rules, and men follow!

    The layers upon layers of fake make-them-believe-make-believe optics generated by Obama II’s criminal handlers in Brainwashington, DCeit can always be disrobed to expose the naked NATURAL repetitive sense-think-do behavior that indicts Obama II’s natural foreign invisible thinking as an anti-Constitutional muslim-Marxist infiltraitor day after day.

    And that anti-John Jay factual foreign thinking-behavior has been disrobed and published every day since 08-28-09 on this free premier in-plain-sight website, The Post & Email! Congratulations!

    Let’s keep disrobing Obama II for all USA citizens to internalize….and act upon accordingly to jail Obama II et al…because for all those willful Obama II-make-believers amongst us, their eyes cannot see what their minds do not know.

    1. Jonathon, you are correct, no theory all fact. I have been yelling from the rooftops since 2008 when fuhrer obama announced he was running!!!!!!!!!!

  4. John McCain may very well been complicit in perpetuating the almost 30 year Obama-Biden-Clinton mess we are living through

    But also, As well John Robert’s judicial administrative role as scotus chief judge’s judicial handling of federal elections oversight since 2006 are also at issue.

    But, it may very well be Bill Barr who was deputy counsel at the CIA in the 1970s along with George HW Bush as CIA Director under Gerry Ford. And Barr was USAG under POTUS HW Bush during the run up to the 1992 where front runner H Ross Perot election was reportedly sabotaged by the CIA and CIA.

    —Perot actually led all contenders in national polling over both Bill Clinton and incumbent HW Bush before FBI/CIA dirty tricksters persuaded Perot to abruptly pull out of the 1992 campaign.

    Sounds familiar????

    It gets better —

    Reportedly Bill Barr’s father Donald was in the OSS in WW-2 Cold War era of 1940s and then later Donald Barr was the head master at a private secondary school in NYC and NYT reported Bill Barr’s father Donald Barr hired and mentored — Jeffery Epstein — Epstein later of fantasy island fame and whose dramatic suicide – assignation while in custody by Bill Barr’s USDOJ NYSD in lower Manhattan.

    And wait for it —

    US attorney general Bill Barr expressed Casablanca movie styled shock and awe of Epstein’s death and took personal control of the Epstein death investigation including conducting witness interviews of jail roommates the last person to share the special holding cell.

    What was Bill Barr possibly ethically thinking regarding his decision of personal involvement in investigating and even interrogation of witnesses to Epstein unwitnessed death???

    If anyone, Bill Barr certainly knows where all the presidential political bodies are interred during the last 50 years. If elected by the entire US House of Representatives as Speaker -Trump January 2023, Speaker Trump should ask Barr to testify before Congress on the entire POTUS / CINC matter.

    1. John mccain was a lowlife TRAITOR. Fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton called him the “songbird” because he gave the North Vietnamese information about airstrike tactics that helped them target American planes.

  5. Mr. Arnold: a good read for sure, thank you! However, I must say that Obama might have declared himself a muslim but, he is irrefutably gay( read Dr. Jerome Corsi’s e-book). Gay people are despised and severely persecuted in the Islamic religion. So, I doubt he ever practiced Islam seriously. Also, the Progressive ideology began in earnest with the ascension of Wilson to the Presidency! That ideology continued with FDR and his New Deal and with LBJ with his War on Poverty; the Welfare State.
    With Obamas’ twice successful usurpation of our White House, the Left, the Democrats, the Rhinos, the Media and the multinational corporate globalists brazenly exposed their agendas, and put their plans for worldwide domination into high gear. They did this with the assistance of the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ and several federal agencies under multiple administrations. This collusion continues unabated even today. The latest crime of the aforementioned was the stealing of the latest presidential election. So, I appreciate your insights Mr. Arnold; please consider mine.
    Thank you!
    Doctor Lou.

    I have a question that never seems to get answered, everywhere I post it…even here. So I’ll try again, thank you.
    So, if I had two daughters and things were tough, and my two best friends agreed to raise them, no problem right? I know there’s some legal issues and all, no problem. But if barry and michael borrowed their two best friend’s two daughters, acted like they were theirs’…used our tax dollars to pay for all their needs, INCLUDING Secret Service protection…and raised them in the White House for 8 corrupt years…is that a crime in itself?

    1. See, once again, all you commentors on here that I know are smarter than me won’t or can’t answer my question…ABOUT bath house barry & mr michael’s 2 FAKE DAUGHTERS.

  7. Jockstrap McStain aka John McCain as the Republican Candidate refused to challenge and stated that obozo aka Barry was ok.
    The traitor is McStain.
    All you say about obozo is allegedly correct as the evidens is a preponderance.

  8. President George W. Bush was the last bastion to save this Constitutional Republic from the perils of Obama and his handlers, but he failed. Bush did not uphold his oath of office to protect and defend the U. S. Constitution.

    In my military mind, Bush could have stopped the CIA plant, Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, in his tracks if he wanted to through his Department of Justice or by appointing a Special Counsel (investigator).

    1. Drivel!! W the son of GHWB and Barbara is evil just like his parents and their parents. W referred to the Constitution as, “just a piece of paper.” His daddy ran the 9/11 operation.

      1. No drivel here. If I was in-charge, I would have had a full life-time investigation done on the Kenyan Kandidate before the 2008 general election or have a tombstone with my name if I failed.

        1. You have to understand that the Bush’s were Traitors too. All these scumbags are controlled and part of the Plan that has been continually unfolding in slow motion throughout the decades. The Left and Right wings are a sham and a lie. They are united as one to serve their true “Political Party”, the NWO. The two wings cooperate and conspire with one another to take the Bird where it wants to go. If only everyone would see through this phony charade, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

    2. I don’t think so. I don’t think bush could’ve stopped bath-house barry barack hussein soetoro obama, 911, or anything. deep state cabal can do anything THEY want to do. Just like they’re doing now. ANY-DAMN-THING.

      1. I disagree.
        GWB didn’t ‘get-er done’ because he was part of the NWO plan.
        GWB DID possess full authority to prevent the Obama usurpation.

    3. Nikita’s UN_Shoe,
      I agree with your comment on George W. Bush. Something big GWB did in 2008 in preparation for the installation of Obama made me certain GWB was part of getting the fraud Obama in office and protecting Barry while he was usurping America’s presidency. I wrote this under the name “Tom Deacon” and it was published here in 2016:

      I’m sure there were also many other indications of George W. Bush and his part in helping to install and protect Obama the usurper…….The planning for “Obama” or someone like him had been going on for years……………

      1. My opinion, and mine alone: I believe that Executive Office’s authority to issue Executive Orders should be limited to no more than instructions on what stationery supplies (paper clips, reams of printing paper/ink cartridges) to purchase in the performance of running the Executive Office.

        If intimate and minute details are required to exercise an existing legal law, those instructions should not be left at the hands of the Executive Office which would be out-of-the realm of authority or purview of our Legislative Office.

        No Executive Office executive order should ever change the complexion or intent of an existing law. i.e., if the FBI does background checks via Standard Form (SF) 46, it should be up to that currently questionable organization to write the details, including finger prints. And, the law should be equally applied to all US citizens, regardless of position in the US government, US-approved contractor, or the US military.

        1. I agree, even when Biden said he didn’t know what was in an Executive Order, he was told to, “sign it anyway”….and he did.
          On my previous comment, Obama replaced E.O. 13467 with a completely different one regarding security clearances just days before Donald Trump was sworn-in. I’m betting E.O. 13467 would have remained in effect if the planned in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton had been elected. Obama the fraud was the only “president” to use E.O. 13467…………… For one thing, it helped him involve Brennan and Clapper in the “security” process……

    4. bush was a new world order shill who cleverly hid his TREASONOUS activities and his opponents were so bad We the People couldn’t see bush’s complicity with other TRAITORS until it was too late!!!!!!!!!!