March 20, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Last evening, my only few minutes of TV viewing were interrupted by a live presidential virtue-signaling event that insisted on haranguing me yet again that the country of my birth and the land that I love for which I served half a lifetime in military service is fatally flawed and indelibly stained with racism and deadly mean-spiritedness.  The cause of the harangue was that some very rare, crazed animal among us had gunned down several Asians and a few of some of other races in Atlanta.

Allow me to stipulate that there are none among us who would condone such evil and we unanimously condemn such vile and murderous acts.

And yet, the virtue-signaler-in-chief insisted on a long diatribe that presumed to accuse all of us of being complicit in such heinous behavior, as if such evil were engraved on the soul of every American.  Yes, it was a heinous act, and none among us condoned it, and yet, the empty-suit-in chief seemed intent on painting us all with the same brush. 

Let’s be kind; perhaps he is simply unaware that most Americans know and abide by the 10 Commandments, and that we have zero intent to murder anyone, let alone innocent shopkeepers?

Certainly, we understand that such a horrific and despicable act might merit comment condemnation by our nation’s leadership.  But the broad-brush approach that seemed intent on tainting each of us with this sin, implying that American society somehow engendered such lunacy and hatred.  It was over the top.  Enough!  In this case, join me in crying out, “Non mea culpa!” 

Americans of Asian descent are no more responsible for the coronavirus and lockdowns than you or I.  That’s not how we think and not who we are.  But President Biden’s remarks were so over-the-top that one must suspect that he doesn’t know who we Americans are.  I feel as though virtue-signaling has spiraled out of control, and I’m sick of it.  Can’t we just tone it down a bit?  Our society – we Americans – are not evil people.  We are not filled with hatred and malevolent intent.  Maybe the Washington crowd and the media should try to get to know us better?  What do you think?

Old Frank     

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