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(Feb. 16, 2021) — “Angle on My Shoulder” (2:21)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. We’re on the road at a nondescript parking garage in our nation’s capital, fulfilling a request by a group of the National Guard from, oh, okay — just reminded not to mention where they’re from — thank you. Which one of you guys is the spokesperson? Pardon me? Spokesman? Very well: which one of you is the spokesman? You? Well, what’s your name and what seems to be the gripe?”

“I’m Corporal Smith, sir, and we were asked if we would fire on American citizens, just one of the stupid questions on a questionnaire they passed around.”


“And each one of us balled-up the questionnaire and threw it in the wastepaper basket as we stormed out. How dare they — I mean, the nerve.”

“So none of you filled out the questionnaire?”

“Not a one, sir.”

“Please call me ‘Zork’; I feel it’ll make for a more relaxing atmosphere.”

“Okay, you got it, Zork. First of all, we were a little bit miffed at being called-up, and for what? So some lamebrain, who ‘already sold us out to China,’ can take the Oath to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’ when, even by taking the Oath, he’s in violation to start with? How dumb do they think we are?”

“I’d have to say dumb enough to travel over a thousand miles to get here in the first place.”

“That’s not what we were told. We were told that, and I quote, ‘Nefarious forces are afoot and you must protect the honor of your country.’ I kid you not.”

“Seriously? You wouldn’t be pulling my leg by any chance?”

“No way, and if we all thought about it, we should’ve stormed the grandstand and sent Biden to Leavenworth after perp-walking him with chains and shackles through the airport, just as they did LTC Terry Lakin.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Something we’ll be regretting for the rest of our lives, I’m sure. Now it’s too late, but then again, maybe not. It seems as if there’s a lot of Guard who are really dumb, and I do mean dumb. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some of them cried when Hillary lost.”

“I take it you don’t have any women in your unit?”

“We do have women, but not in any ‘boots-on-the-ground infantry.’ Other States do, but not us and we like it that way. Look, we have a million years of DNA of men protecting women, and to have women in combat, or on a ship or even on a sub, is ludicrous at best, and a death wish at worst.”


“Infantry; bayonet; knives; hand-to-hand mortal combat; none of this Saturday-morning cowboy, ‘I winged him.’ When we were taught to shoot in Basic it was shoot to kill, not to wing. Head shots or a Bat Masterson: between the eyes, otherwise known as ‘the undertaker’s friend.’”

“I get it: closed coffin.”

“Hey, Zork, you’re okay. You ever serve?”

“Long time ago in a faraway place called Southeast Asia when us troops, just like you, were treated like nothing more than cannon fodder; units moved around the board like we were Parcheesi pieces.”

“Welcome back to the real world, Zork, but this time we’re not going to follow any illegal order by an illegal president. I’m not sticking my neck out; no way.”

“What do you guys think about the Pentagon?”

“Is this going to be edited in any way?”

“Well, no: we’re on live right now.”

“Then I’ll just say that we don’t like the Pentagon; we don’t like the Department of Homeland Security, or State, or the FBI, CIA or the NSA. We like Border Patrol and Immigration: you know, ICE, but we don’t like the mayors of Baltimore and Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and a hundred and one others who allow BLM and ANTIFA to run roughshod over law-abiding citizens. We all took the oath and we aim to keep it.”

“Anything to add?”

“I’ll tell you this: Biden is on thin ice, as are all who voted for Impeachment, but the worst are the backstabbers.”

“Care to name a few?”

Romney is the worst of them, but then they’re all bad. Look, we just got a call to form up so we’ll be seeing you, Zork. Thanks for hearing us out; ‘preciate it.”

“You, too; take care. Well, what can I say except they all have the same information we all do: the election was a fraud. This I’ll say: I’m beyond a little bit ticked how so many in Washington are just so blasé about it all. That and the cavalier attitude of Biden and a lot of others just rub’s me the wrong way. If you ask me what I think, I’d have to say its déjà vu Germany 1933, when Hitler replaced German law with NAZI catastrophic beliefs.

Now is the time I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

And the Angels Sing” (3:01)

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky 

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