January 24, 2021

To the Editor:

House Speaker Ritter favors the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.  He thinks the chance of this passing is 50-50.  Obviously, the pro-legislators, pro-senators, and the governor, who would vote for this, have not done critical thinking.  One of the justifications for passing this is to tie into the legislation, expunging criminal records for people convicted of low-level drug offenses.  This essentially would be rewarding criminals, who chose to break the law at the time.

The elected officials, including Governor Lamont, who said at one time, this is the “right thing” for the state, have failed to consider: health risks, safety risks, and social risks.

The health risks that marijuana leads to are: 1.) addiction, 2.) stronger drugs, 3.) higher risk of alcohol  abuse, 4.) brain and lung damage, 5.) memory loss, 6.) psychotic disorders, 7.) increased suicidal tendencies.

The pro-legislators, pro-senators, and the governor would cause more health problems for our citizens.  We already have opioid and heroin crises.  They should not foster another drug crisis by making marijuana more readily available.

The safety risks that marijuana leads to are impaired: 1.) judgment, 2.) attention, 3.) concentration, 4.) motor coordination, 5.) perception.  The pro-legislators, pro-senators, and the governor would make our roads less safe.  On May 20, 2017, a Manchester teenager, who was high on marijuana, caused a fiery crash, killing three.  States that have passed this legislation (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada) have seen more auto accidents to the point insurance companies are considering increasing auto insurance rates.

The social risks marijuana leads to are: 1.) lower satisfaction of life. 2.) relationship problems, 3.) lower academic and career success.  The pro-legislators, pro-senators, and governor would cause our citizens to be less satisfied and successful in their lives.

The pro-legislators have not performed unbiased, in-depth interviews with: doctors, educators, state and local police chiefs for their opinions and evaluations of the impact of making marijuana more readily available. Instead of performing critical thinking they acted on a “knee-jerk” reaction, seeking more tax revenue, because neighboring states have legalized this drug, etc.

Some doctors, educators, and law enforcement officials have come forward against legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Shamefully, the pro-legislators have ignored their advice, putting the citizens at risk.

If the pro-legislators and governor put the well-being of the citizens first, this proposed legislation would not have been proposed, again.

Bob Gaynor
Connecticut resident

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  1. Wow! After reading the health and social risks of marijuana they sound like the same exact risks of alchohol…especially hard liquor. I still shake my head in total disgust that pot is banned but alchohol isn’t…hell, alchohol is WORSE than pot. If alchohol is legal, well POT SHOULD BE LEGAL. I’m a 59 year old honorably discharged Vet who believes in Mom, America, apple pie & obama’s fake birth certificate. If I want to smoke marijuana (which I don’t) I should have that right, lawfully. My wife, who is 50, smokes here and there…big deal. I make her go on our back porch. Big deal! Our forefathers smoked it (including some presidents, I heard…big deal!) How about let’s crack down on police officers who are illegally using and abusing Illegal Anabolic Steroids and leave the Flower-Power Ratfink Groovy “Far-Out Man” hungry for munchies pot smokers alone?