January 24, 2021

Bed Bath and Beyond got this email from me today. If you would like to contact them here is their email:

Dear BBB,

My wife and I have shopped in your Monmouth County store over on Highway #36 for many, many years. We have always found your store employees to be exceptionally helpful, which included from time to time, giving us access to a coupon we may have missed or forgotten to bring to the store.

As I sit here looking over my kitchen and dining room I realize that many of our home furnishing were purchased at BBB.

There will be no new purchases. Both my wife and I were so very disappointed in your company for it’s idiotic and foolish attempt at controlling free speech.

Even if Mike Lindell was wrong and had misguided facts, he is still an American whom is supposed to have the right to freely express his views.

On that subject however, it is not Mike who is incorrect it is your company. There are mounds of evidence that show plainly and clearly that this election was stolen and without a doubt the most fraudulent in the history of our Republic.

If you and whomever it was who decided to halt the sales of MY Pillow products had spent time looking into this fact instead of listening basement dwelling bots, being paid by Soros and other Marxists, you would know this.

I am actually a customer, better described now as an ex-customer and not some paid pajama wearing bot creating hitman who most likely never set foot in one of your stores.

You might be interested in one important thing. My family and I do have something in common with those useful idiots you seem to care so much about. We will never set foot in one of your stores.

Remember being uninformed or misinformed are bad things. Being both indicates something even worse.

Dwight Kehoe

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  1. I think we need more retail in Politics and less Politics in retail. All money is green and my green will no longer be used at BBB. Cancel culture is a two way street!

  2. i agree with the comments below and I will no longer shop at BBandB as they will not support the American worker and a company that is build by American’s. Their attempt to control freedom for speech and product choice has us as passed customers and we will continue to support Mr. Lindell as he has a fine product they we have used for years.

  3. I too am giving upBB&B because of their policies of getting into politics. How stupid it is to get into politics and welcome boycotting! Not that it matters but I do have “My Pillows”Add appreciate the fact that they are manufactured in the United States

  4. I am no longer a customer of BBB ever since they pulled My Pillow and caved in. If you can’t stay true than I will never buy from you again. I have bought a lot from your company through the past few years with collage students etc. No more. You lost my business my families and friends.

  5. Your Company will now be boycotted by my family and friends. Getting rid of “My Pillow” shows your character!!!! Hope your company follows Linens and Things!!! Your store will suffer without our money!!!!

  6. I found this site because I was looking for an email to send to BB & B to let them no they have lost two customers due to banning My Pillow from their stores. Coca-Cola just got an earful from me also.

  7. When a company such as bed bath and beyond chooses to become political that’s where I draw the line. Mike Lindel is a true example of the American dream, what you can achieve with hard work and determination. He should be looked upon as an inspiration instead companies are canceling his products. This is how a Free society and capitalism work, not Socialism as everyone on the left in this country seems to want but the biggest joke of all is if America was a socialized country bed Bath and beyond would be nonexistent.

  8. I too, am no longer a customer of BBB! I am so tired of companies, athletes, and politicians telling ME or anyone else what to believe, say, worship! That’s why we call this America! You have the right to say your beliefs without someone making you think you can’t possibly be right! Who the heck are you to judge? It seems to me that anyone who goes to such drastic measures to shut conservatives up, must really be CONCERNED about what they have to say. People can say what they want, I have my own opinion and that’s okay. Stay out of my business and I might stay IN yours. I liked your store, products but not your attitude. May God be with you in your business. Since you are planning a shutdown of several locations, you might talk to God a lot more!

  9. Thank Dwight Kehoe. I stand with you. I will NEVER shop at BB&B again. They are on the side of tyranny and those who want to oppress us and silence our voice, so why should we give them our money. I hope they go bankrupt and disappear.

  10. To Whom it may concern at Bed, Bath, and Beyond Stores:
    My husband and I already feel that we are living in the cancel culture living in a “blue state” and “blue city” totally out numbered by liberal democrats who have taken it over in all areas of the political scene. We have been “cancelled” when we try to express our opinions with neighbors, especially at election time. In 2016, we had a bumper sticker on our car expressing our opinion of dislike for Hillary Clinton, only to get a nasty note stuck to our window and because we park in our driveway, our house was egged! Though we were in support of Trump this last election, we didn’t put up any signs or bumper stickers because we again felt the pressure of the “cancel culture”!

    Now, one of our favorite places to shop for home goods has foolishly fallen in the Cancel Culture Trap, all because of Mike Lindell (My Pillow) having the nerve to express a different opinion, SHAME ON YOU!

    We know that something very wrong is happening in our “Land of the Free” when people are forced to have only ONE view! If you and those who think like you have your way, this would NO longer be the “Land of the Free” but the land of the Lemmings, the people following only one narrow and liberal train of thought! You may think you have won some sort of battle, but you WILL lose the war, for there are millions of people like us who will refuse to shop any longer at your stores! As of now, we refuse to give you any more of our business and will gladly take it to your competitors unless you come to your senses and stand up to the intolerance, ignorance and control of this group.

  11. Do not forget,
    Bed Bath and Beyond Inc. also owns a ton of other stores that you probably shop at. These stores include: Cost Plus World Market, buybuy BABY, Christmas Tree Shops, Harmon Stores, Of a Kind, and One Kings Lane. Love BBB, Christmas Tree Shop and Harmon. It truly is a shame that they are forcing good customers to go elsewhere due to their decision to contribute to this country’s mission to stop free speech. Wake up America, if they can try to shut Mike Lindell up, they can shut you up also.

    1. Thank you for the list. I’m putting their other stores on my cancel culture list. They participate in cancelling our voices and our freedom of speech, so I’m cancelling my money in their stores!

    1. Remember to include QVC and HSN which are owned by Qurate Retail Group. They have also stopped selling Mike Lindell’s products due to difference in political ideologies. They will try to convince you that the reason is that they like to change their inventory. That is not true. I confirmed otherwise.

  12. Since bed Bath and beyond boycotted my pillow and removed their pillow from their stores I will never step foot inside another bed bath and beyond.
    Bed Bath and beyond needs to stay out of politics.

  13. This is to measure my total and complete agreement with Dwight Kehoe.
    What BBB is doing is lining up with a communist-type regime where freedom of speech DOESNT EXIST! THAT is one of the guaranteed rights in the US Bill of Rights. Pitiful.

    1. Go on My Pillow website. You can email them through the website.
      Great letter.
      QVC and HSN also stopped selling his products for same reason.
      I WAS avid shopper in QVC, HSN and BBB. Stopped as soon as I heard news. Having come to this country from a communist country, I know what freedom really is. People in this country do not realize the dangerous path they are currently in. Do your homework, find out how communist leaders manipulated people in believing that free speech is dangerous. Mike Lindell is entitled to free speech.
      Shame on you BBB.

  14. Don’t appreciate the company participating in politics with cancel culture. I have a right to my opinion and right to determine truths. I will no long shop your stores.

  15. I respect free speech for all people, to try to do finacial harm to an american over his or her political views is unacceptable and just un american.I will no longer spend my money with these retailers again.

  16. This is the e-mail I just sent to BB&B: Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have frequented your stores for YEARS, and I have furnished four homes, spending THOUSANDS of dollars – stocking kitchens, adorning bathrooms, purchasing all things necessary for cleaning these homes, buying all manner of storage supplies, and the list goes on. But alas, I will never again darken the door of one of your establishments. The moment you stepped onto the rights of free speech in banishing the My Pillow line, I knew I would never spend another dollar to fund your misguided retail war. I will gladly spend my money elsewhere and smile when I see your doors forever shuttered. Because dear Sir or Madam, you have sealed your own fate.

  17. So much for free speech in America! I will not support the cancel culture. Mike Lindell is a patriot and for that, you ban his products from you stores? Am I no longer living in a free America? Done with you.

  18. BBB, you should be grateful for customers since you are in financial trouble but instead, you want to be part of the political spectrum and part of the new cancel culture. Well that works both ways, and I cancel you. I also unsubscribed from all mailings. I will hate to see another empty store in the shopping centers but oh well, you get what you ask for Mr Tritton. As these stores close and you put people out of work, that will rest on your shoulders for trambling on free speech.

  19. My wife and I have decided to stop buying at bed bath and beyond since they have stopped selling my pillow product. If they want to act like a communist company. Then we are through shopping there.

  20. Mark J. Tritton, Gustavo Arnal, Cindy Davis, John Hartmann, Joe Hartsig, Arlene Hong, Rafeh Masood, Gregg Melnick — consider yourselves part of the American Citizens Cancel Culture who will never set foot in one of your stores ever again. You are all guilty of being Traitors to the American Constitution, First Amentment. A boycott list of your corporation and others like yours is being formed and you will hear us!

  21. Like begets like…Cancel Mike Lindell because you executives are weak and nothing else and we will cancel you as well. Let me virtue signal first, gay (just gay no other letters thankyou!) mexican decent (latinX-?) with tons of expendable cash will no longer shop the North Dallas stores. We have had enough of the virtue signaling, identity politics and the cancel culture nonsense! Its nonsense and nothing else! Get a clue, you will not survive with this business model if you honestly believe you are doing the right thing. I am done with BBAnd B Do not forget WWG1WGA!

  22. I agree wholeheartedly. I just wrote a letter myself. I am completely done and will no longer be supporting them in any way. They are playing a dangerous lose-lose, cancel/censorhip game and sadly demonstrating their intolerance and ignorance.
    Americans deserve better. Stay strong and true to values.

  23. I absolutely agree. I will no longer shop at Bed Bath and Beyond and for those of my friends who are uninformed about your idiocy, I will be sure to tell them. I live in a retirement community of 130,000 people. Word spreads very quickly. Why are you so quick to give in to the left?? What are you getting from them?? What ever it is, just know you will be losing many customers.

  24. Freedom of speech is still alive in this country it will not be infringed . Any company should keep their political beliefs to themselves . Trying to silence anyone because of their beliefs & who they support is communistic . No consumer should support any company that suppresses free speech . I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran that sacrificed my health both mental & medical fighting communist ideals & policies I believe in our country & our constitution . If BB&B believes in communism & bought fraudulent elections then maybe they should be doing business in Russia China North Korea & Vietnam only . This is still America & all who don’t support it need to leave you are not welcome . Oh & by the way maybe you need to hire Hanoi Jane or Alec Baldwin or any other Hollywood hypocrite to manage your stores under communist rule . As for my wife my family & friends we will not shop at any of your stores again or other places like kohl’s way fair AT&T Ford motor company . There are many other businesses that keep their business practices separate from their political beliefs . Please do not send us any more of your hundreds of coupons in the mail because as far as we are concerned they are junk mail . You disgust me .

  25. Bed bath and beyond has stopped selling My Pillow items because they don’t agree with the owner’s political views. No longer will my family support their business. We don’t need a retailer to tell us what we should believe or what political stance we should have. We can take our business elsewhere. If they wish to do business with over half of the U.S. population they should stay politically neutral. Liberal views are an insult to half of the USA and we will not tolerate a business trying to control freedom of speech! Thank you for your time.

  26. I just wanted to tell you I use to like your store and buy some things off of you but since you got rid of Mike Lindells Mypillow products you can count on me not coming back to your stores. And I am writing for a lot of other people in our area that’s told me also and will not take the time to email you. Believe me when you store goes out of business in this area which I am pretty sure it will I will be sure to email you again amd say I told you so. If your store goes that much to the left then this side on the right will not support you. Bad part is Mike is a Christian and did not do anything wrong. Oh and by the way I support our President Trump also. Which is still our President!

  27. The fact that Bed Bath and Beyond are going to stop selling the My Pillow products shows bias in the company. Freedom of speech is at stake in our country and socialism is creeping in

  28. We are in total agreement and WILL NOT shop at BBB. I would rather go without than support a company who chooses to not follow our country’s Constitution. BBB chose and now we choose and it won’t be BBB.

  29. I have been a customer of Bed Bath & Beyond since the store opened in Destin, FL. Just about everything I have in my home, dishes, towels, linen, cleaning equipment, kitchen utensils, pots & pans was purchased in BBB. I purchase gift cards for birthdays & for Christmases. I am also a member of Beyond +.
    I plan on going to several Bed Baths & Beyond & fill my basket then leave it.
    In America we are guaranteed freedom of speech by OUR CONSTITUTION. How dare you violate the Constitution? The banning of Mike Lindell’s products because of his support of President Trump. We all know the election was full of fraud. Mr Lindell is a great example for young Americans. He gave up drugs & alcohol. Started a thriving business that hires & supports Americans. Wow! What a great thing to do!
    I will not shop in any Bed Bath & Beyond store. When my membership comes up for renewing, I will NOT RENEW IT; unless you change your despicable disrespect for our Constitution.

  30. Mike Lindell is an example of the American dream. He was a drug addict who turned his life around and started a successful business. He has done nothing wrong! He supported the 45th President of the United States along with 76 million other people. The last time I looked we do not live in Communist China! This is supposed to be the United States of America where we have freedom of speech.

    We have always loved Bed Bath and Beyond, but we will not be purchasing anything else from your store. I think what you have done is disgusting! You’re ruining a man’s livelihood and the people who work for him. Your message is that conservatives are not welcome to shop in your store!


    Thanks for article. Sometimes the pen IS mightier than the sword (until a possible civil war against the demonic deep swamp state in future occurs, then the sword will prove mightier than the pen “that’s made in China”)
    I emailed BED DIRTY-BATH-WATER AND BEYOND and basically expressed my opinion regarding how they bamboozeled Mike Lindell. And I told them to go gather up boo-koo’s of buzzard feathers and make their own pillows and call them “Yo Momma’s Pillow.” Also told them that I’d rather shop at The Dollar Store (soon to be The Yuan Store…”Yuan” is the Chinese dollar, currency.)

  32. I love my “My Pillows” and with several years of experience as an election official, I know it does not take anymore evidence than the videos taken in Georgia to prove CRIMINAL occupation of a controlled area, felony operation of vote counting machines, and the PURPOSEFUL voter fraud to rig a Presidential election, especially with the too obvious coordination between other certain states. MUCH WORSE is the proven internet connection with foreign countries that constitutes TREASON.

    1. I 100 percent agree with your letter and like you i will never buy from bbb in store or on line because od their radical decision to crush first amendment rights to freedom of speech and association by blackballing my pillow.

      Oh yeah. Here you go. You want me to say what you want me to say. By callinfg it moderation. No. No further moderation