by Rook Dunkin, ©2021

(Jan. 19, 2021) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to what may very well be my last sermon, so I hope to make it a memorable one.

“The sun will set on what was once the Beacon of Hope.

“Grown men will cry as the flag is lowered for the last time. It is the Season of the Last.

“Churches will be turned into mosques; church bells, once rung on Sundays, will be replaced by a call to prayer five times a day, seven days a week by obnoxious loudspeakers proclaiming that Islam is the government that will forever rule your life.

“Christians will be prosecuted for being unbelievers and domestic terrorists.

“Inflation will be the topic of conversation; then we’ll be hit with food shortages.

“Iran and its ally, the Army of the Pentagon, will attack Israel.

“There will be no illegal orders because the Constitution will have been relegated to the trash heap.

“Petrol dollars will once again flow into the coffers of Jihadists.

“Mike Pence will be lauded as the Judas who opened the gates to Islam and China.

“Rule number one in a fight to the death is that there are no rules. Our enemies understood that one salient fact; we did not so I’ll leave you with this to ponder: The Witness pb.

“But remember this: they got us trapped in a corner with no place to run.


Rook Dunkin

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  2. The Democrat’s cheated and Trump won’t be President, boo-hoo. Good grief man, don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t moan, whimper and tear your garments. They ain’t got me and mine trapped. We will adapted, we will preserver, and we will overcome. “He never promised that the Cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb. He never promised we’d get victory without fighting. He said help would always come in time.”

    Through our nations history we’ve had good times and bad. We’ve won some and lost some. But mostly we’ve won and we will win this time if everyone stops feeling sorry for themselves and COWBOYS UP.

    1. Once upon a time in Vietnam I — we — was cornered with no place to run, so I — we — fought back killed them all.
      Another time, in Hong Kong, as I was walking back from the embassy to my room at the Hilton, two guys jumped me and had a knife at my throat and here I am, happy and serene, so I say you read the editorial 100% WRONG.
      Besides, the Democrats didn’t have anything to do with anything: they’re being used by the Chinese and just about everybody else to destroy the Beacon of Freedom for the World; they’re just stupid, that’s all and you can’t do better than Pelosi.

    1. Renov8,
      So what do you do when they have you trapped in a corner with no place to run?
      You do the only thing you can do, you fight back.
      Rook Dunkin