by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot: NewsmaxTV

(Jan. 12, 2021) — President Trump is meeting with officials at a border location in Alamo, TX, where he placed his signature on a post forming part of the border wall he advocated for so strongly throughout his 2016 campaign, presidency and 2020 campaign.

Newsmax is providing live streaming. As of 3:07 p.m. EST, he has not made public remarks.

Since President Trump was censored by Twitter, Facebook, and more than a dozen other companies late last week, he has not spoken publicly.

At 3:10, however, he began to speak at a lectern, where he said he was “proud to be here” and called Border Patrol personnel “incredible.”

At 3:12, he said “free speech is under assault” and that “the 25th Amendment” is not a risk to him but that it is to Joe Biden, who is expected to take office next Wednesday. Trump spoke of “a Biden administration,” although he never conceded that Biden won the election.

After decrying the violence at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, he said, “This has been a very difficult year” and referred to the November 3 election. He called for “calm” and said “law enforcement” should be respected. “We are a nation of law and a nation of order,” he said.

The visit comprised a “celebration of the first 450 miles of wall,” Trump said, remarking that a border wall approved by a previous Congress was never built and the money appropriated for something else.

He said another 300 miles of the wall is in “construction or pre-construction.”

He recounted his administration’s accomplishments in reforming “immigration chaos,” arresting illegal-alien criminals, and stopping the practice of “catch-and-release.”

Trump thanked President Obrador of Mexico for for his statesmanship and cooperation “during the construction of the wall.”

“Don’t ever start that process again,” he appeared to caution the next “administration” of illegal-alien criminals who were allowed to move freely within the U.S. prior to Trump’s reforms.

“It’s been incredible what we’ve achieved,” he said, particularly with the “horrible plague” of the coronovirus. He again praised border professionals, saying, “They love what they do…”

“We have terrorists from the Middle East coming in to our country” through the southern border, he said.

He said “already,” thousands of people from other countries are attempting to enter the United States and again cautioned that his policies should not be changed. “The safety of our nation must come before politics…”

He said that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called him after the election and informed him that he garnered votes in historic numbers in the Lone Star State.

At 3:32 he concluded his remarks with “God bless you” and “God bless the United States of America.”

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