by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 8, 2021) — On Friday plaintiff Robert C. Laity filed a motion with the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit to name Joseph R. Biden and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi as co-defendants in his lawsuit challenging the constitutional eligibility of Kamala D. Harris to serve as vice president.

Biden and Harris ran as Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates, respectively, in the November 3, 2020 election. On Wednesday electoral votes cast for the ticket on December 14 were certified by the U.S. Congress after objections from members of both chambers claiming the electoral votes were tainted by fraud in Arizona and Pennsylvania were quickly set aside.

Despite insisting he won the election “by a landslide” and what could be credible emerging evidence of a massive overseas vote-switching scheme as well as myriad reports of election law violations in various states domestically, President Trump on Thursday said in a video address from the White House that he will be departing on January 20, the scheduled Inauguration Day for Biden and Harris.

He will not attend the inauguration, Trump said, apparently in response to inquiries.

For many months, Laity has questioned Harris’s eligibility to serve as either vice president or president given that although she was born in the United States, neither of her parents was a naturalized citizen at the time and therefore owed no allegiance to the United States. Each hailed from a foreign country and were present in the U.S. on student visas which appear to have been extended, at least in the case of Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen,” a term the Framers did not define. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution states that any vice-presidential candidate must meet all of the eligibility criteria of the president in order to serve.

In his three-page filing, Laity claimed that Biden, Pelosi and Harris are attempting to effect usurpation of the office of the vice president and requested the Court to pursue a Writ of Quo Warranto citing and quoting from “Chapter 35, Code of the District of Columbia, Section 16-3501”:

A quo warranto may be issued from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the name of the United States against a person who within the District of Columbia usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises, a franchise conferred by the United States or a public office of the United States, civil or Military, The proceedings shall be deemed a civil action”.

Laity wrote that in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama II and the late Sen. John McCain were presidential candidates with “neither being an article II ‘Natural Born Citizen.'”  elected to the presidency despite his ineligibility to serve and that Pelosi was aware of the alleged usurpation.  “Nancy Pelosi was complicit with this subterfuge. Now, Kamala Devi Harris in on the subterfuge,” Laity claimed.

Quoting from the writings of retired attorney Leo Donofrio, Laity added, “Quo warranto removes an unlawfully seated person who was never legally[in office].”

“I am a duty bound citizen of the United States defending the United States from being overthrown. This is NOT hyperbole,” Laity continued on the final page. “This court can and must act to enjoin this massive fraud that has been going on for (12) years. The traitors, usurpers and criminals have made multiple attempts to remove the only ‘Natural Born Citizen’ President that we have had since 2008., Donald Trump.”

In closing, he wrote, “The court should grant this Motion based on the foregoing facts. This court has a sworn duty to protect the Republic from being overthrown by usurpations.”


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  1. Kamala Harris born October 20, 1964
    Under chapter 2 of the Constitution of Jamaica, a person born in Jamaica after 5 August 1962, or born outside Jamaica after that date to a father who is a Jamaican citizen, is automatically considered a Jamaican citizen at birth.

  2. That would be nice, but I sure won’t be holding my breath. The courts are corrupt. The Congress is corrupt. Most of the state governorships and legislatures are corrupt. The newsmedia and social networks are almost universally corrupt as well. Maybe Jeremiah Wright hit the nail on the head: no longer “God bless America, but …” (I am sure you remember the rest of that statement).

  3. There IS subterfuge afoot. I call on every U.S. Citizen to contact your elected officials, file court cases, do your civic duty to turn this REAL constitutional crisis around. The U.S. IS at the precipice. This is precisely what traitors like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden wanted to happen. These times are the result of rampant nonfeasance by ALL the Judges and Legislators that allowed this subterfuge to go on unabated since 2008. Obama is a traitor and a spy. Biden, Pelosi and now Harris are all complicit accessories to that treason and espionage against the USA. President Trump should NOT resign. He should still NOT concede. He is NOT incompetent under the 25th Amendment and Impeachment is NOT warranted. President Trump is the victim of subterfuge. This is a matter of common knowledge that many of our public officials have criminally chosen not to act upon. President Trump did NOT incite violence. He certainly never told anyone to lay siege to the Capital. In fact, there is growing evidence that ANTIFA operatives were involved and that Trump supporters were defending the capital. Biden is having a field day. That Trump and his supporters are to blame fits right in with left wing propaganda. Trump supporters are NOT to blame.

    1. I request permission to copy your words to use to email my two US senators and my US Representative from Illinois.
      Thanks in advance.
      Everett P. Rein