by Bob Russell, ©2021

Paul Joseph Goebbels was a member of the
Reichstag and campaigned for Hitler, later
becoming head of his propaganda ministry
and committing suicide at the end of World War II

(Jan. 8, 2021) — The satanic left in America is using a plan of dividing We the People in order to subjugate all of us under the thumb of their globalist dictatorship headed by satan and financed by the globalist billionaire cabal led by Nazi war criminal george soros with help from a whole bunch of globalist billionaire allies who seek control over every aspect of the lives of all people. 

To succeed they must destroy the United States of America, the last and best bastion of freedom on planet earth. As long as the USA exists as founded a global government cannot be formed so the globalist billionaire cabal, a consortium that owns and controls the “mainstream” and “social” media, and the political ruling class that is turning America into just another third-world dictatorship, is busy creating as much strife as they can.  The democrat party and the gop establishment are working together, using stealthy and not-so-stealthy tactics, to alienate American citizens from each other, pitting us against each other so We the People will be at each others’ throats and unable to unite to defeat them.  They divide us by race, “people of color” against “whites,” by region of the country we live in, by economic status, and by moral standards.  Their plan on the economic front is to cause those living on the lower end of the economic scale to envy those with more possessions and/or a higher income and for those on the upper end to look down on those of us not so blessed financially.  They also foment hate based on skin color and ethnic background.  The section of the country we reside in is being used to get some to believe they are more “sophisticated,” “enlightened,” and/or more “diverse” in their thinking.

The left pushes the narrative that Christian conservatives “hate” people with different views on morality but that is a lie designed specifically to separate us based on moral issues.  The last information I saw claimed that there are 59 different “sexual identities” when the Bible states that there are only two, male and female.

The left pushes homosexuality as “normal” and derides the Christian Biblical stand as “phobic,” “unenlightened,” “exclusive,” and “bigoted.”  I find it rather hypocritical that the leftists say that Christians must accept their views but they are “within their rights” to reject our viewpoints and deride us for them.  Abortion is another subject the left pushes to divide us.  They claim that a fetus is merely “a blob of inert tissue” and that destroying that “blob of tissue” is the “right” of the mother and is necessary to preserve the health and happiness of the pregnant woman.  They rationalize that killing an unborn child of God is promoting life, saying that a pregnancy “could be a life-threatening danger to the host body” and that “a woman has a right to choose” to terminate the pregnancy if giving birth will be inconvenient or embarrassing.  Christians believe that the choice should come before engaging in sexual activity.  Many women want children but can’t conceive or have a miscarriage through no fault of their own and would be thrilled to adopt an unwanted baby.

Guns are another subject the left uses to divide us.  They want to totally ban civilian ownership of firearms “for safety.”  Somehow an inanimate object commits murder all by itself so the solution is to make sure there are no guns anywhere.  The truth is that places like Chicago, New York City, Detroit, and other places where guns are not permitted are the very places where gun violence is the most prevalent.  If “common-sense gun control” worked, Chicago would be the safest city in America instead of being the “murder capital of America.”  Gun-free zones, all of them in democrat-controlled “utopias,” are nothing more than free fire zones where decent law-abiding people are defenseless in the face of armed criminals who will not ever obey any gun restrictions and won’t be punished by the liberal left, which chooses to blame those of us not committing murder instead of punishing those doing the crimes.

Another lie used to divide us is the idea that “people of color” (when did white cease being a color?) are targeted by police due to skin color.  If white is no longer a color someone should inform the Crayola company because every box of crayons I have seen has a white one in it.  What the left will never say is the truth that, with very few exceptions, blacks killed by police instigate the confrontation and are usually armed and violent, forcing police to respond with deadly force. 

Another fact you won’t see in the leftist media is the number of police officers wounded or killed by black criminals with guns.  Also not mentioned by the leftist media is the number of blacks killed by other blacks, including scores of children killed in the process.  Just in the last couple of years I have read stories on conservative sites about a nine-year-old girl killed in a drive-by shooting in Chicago, a one-year-old boy killed in New York City, and an eight-year-old girl killed in Atlanta.  There are many more I could cite but these three I remember vividly.  None of them were the actual target but were killed because they were related to the intended targets. 

All the hurrah about “black lives matter” disappears when incidents like these happen because they don’t help the leftist narrative.  Also, about 360,000 black babies are aborted every year but their lives don’t matter, either because they are an inconvenience or embarrassment and also don’t help the left’s agenda.

The democrats and their Pravda/Goebbels media lapdogs push a narrative that put Pravda and Goebbels to shame as propagandists.  Leftists are not the “inclusive,” “diverse,” and “enlightened”” group they pretend to be.  Unless someone is part of their self-righteous club that person is rejected as a “hater” and treated like a contagious fatal disease.  Leftists are not only hypocritical, they are downright evil. 

Gun-related deaths are far lower than deaths caused by knives and cars but we never hear the left demand that knives or cars be banned “for safety of the populace.”  They do want to ban cars to “save the environment” despite the fact that none of the top 10 or 20 air pollution sites are within the borders of America.  India, China, and Russia are the main offenders but the left doesn’t really care about the ozone at all; it is just as scam to subjugate We the People and enrich themselves.

I am old, disabled, and have an income well below the poverty line but don’t feel any envy towards those more well-off than I am.  If I was able to work I would find a job if I could find someone willing to hire a 71-year-old man, but my disability prevents me from being employable.  I don’t spend any time whining about the situation because I can see I cannot perform adequately; that’s just the way it is and I don’t feel like I have a “right” to demand someone pay me to do nothing.  My disability was caused by a stroke, not from my acting irresponsibly.  I suffered from a situation doctors described as a freak occurrence. 

If We the People continue to allow ourselves to be divided there is no hope for the future but it is the useful idiots propagandized by the left creating the division, not conservatives.  I don’t demand that everyone accept my values though my values line up with what God’s Word says.  If people want to live immoral lives they can, but I will not bow to it.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this. After what happened its definitely being used. After 9/11 we united so strongly. Obama was the start. I’m trying my hardest to mend the damages to get people to realize what is happening. Yet now they fear covid and been stuck being with social media controlled thoughts. It’s happening, now making videos to call us terrorists. I haven’t slept been gathering knowledge and I hope you mind me using this. I was lucky to make a breakthrough with someone so I hope we can make a change before it gone. Unfortunately I think most are to far gone. I wish you best of luck and heath. Thank you very much for this