by Tom Arnold, ©2021

(Jan. 5, 2021) — This is it! If the GOP fails to remedy the obviously corrupt 2020 presidential election, our country will never be the same again. Is that really what you, future komrades, want for your children and grandchildren? I know it’s not what our wise and brave founding fathers wanted and for which many of them gave their lives. And what about our one-of-a-kind in world history and widely-coveted U.S. Constitution under God? Is all this going to be taken over in RICO fashion and changed against the will of the majority? Will anyone finally be held accountable for this and punished, after tried and convicted, for their treason? Note that it all began in 2008 (and you should know by now what happened then). Enough is enough!

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  1. Ga. is once again cheated into a full loss…
    Pence is rumored to be of no help for P-DJT…
    McConnell will now cut Senate time to bring up election fraud “in HALF” so it can be refuted in an equal length of time INSTEAD OF all the time used to show the fraud…!

  2. Mr. Arnold: you’re right! Enough is enough! In my opinion, Obamas’ successful and unchallenged usurpation of the Presidency in 2008 was the catalyst that encouraged the Deep State, the Rhinos and Democrats, the Media, the Left and all their global accomplices to commit their innumerable crimes with complete arrogance and impunity, and without fear of accountability and retaliation! The fraudulent election is just the latest slap in our faces! I’ll repeat what I have said before: nothing short of an uprising by We The People is going to pry our country out of the hands of the aforementioned traitors and criminals! Hopefully, today is the beginning of our pushback, our revolt. It’s time to fight fire with fire! Enough is enough!

  3. Please watch this 6 1/2 min video describing what VP Pence’s most likely action will be when Congresscritters convene today:

    These are unprecedented times and Pence will act in a manner that will speak to all deceased legions of Patriots and to all future Patriots. His actions will be honorable and will raise the howls of the DemonicRat communists, predophiles, and satanists. But their howls will be dim before the People who will see a measured and politically sound way to avoid the approaching Civil War. If the Demonics bring the war, they will know that it is without moral authority and that we will hunt them down and expell them from our Nation, one way or another.

    As many have said, “Salty times approach. Have you done enough to prepare yourself and your family for the bad times ?”

    And may the Good Lord bless the Patriots who will be valiant in the face of Demonic evils….