by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 1, 2021) —  A few minutes after 3:00 p.m. EST, President Donald Trump tweeted, “Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th,” referring to the joint session of Congress constitutionally mandated for the opening of the electoral certificates cast by the Electoral College for president on December 14.

The tweet appears to support the claim of a Breitbart article published Thursday titled, “Representatives, Senators Objecting to Electors Will Allow Trump, GOP to Air Vote Fraud Allegations.”

On Thursday, a group of eight Pennsylvania congressmen issued a letter stating that the electoral vote in their state was arrived at by various forms of fraud and violations of state law which they find unacceptable. Thus far, approximately two dozen members of the House of Representatives have said they will file objections, and two House members reported that as many as 140 congressmen may do so, according to CNN.

Despite myriad reports by eyewitnesses of fraud in six “swing” states whose outcome often determine presidential elections, the mainstream media has characterized Democrat Joe Biden’s apparent “win” and approval by Congress on the 6th as “inevitable” and has remained oddly incurious as to the allegations of election law violations in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

As Atty. Mario Apuzzo has amplified, the Electoral Count Act of 1887 states that Electoral certificates are to be counted if found to have been cast “regularly,” which legal analysts have interpreted as absent corruption, coercion, or ineligibility of electors to cast votes.

Apuzzo and others, however, have suggested the Act or parts thereof are unconstitutional as an attempt to modify the 12th Amendment without another constitutional amendment. A lawsuit filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert against Vice President Mike Pence asking a federal judge to rule the ECA unconstitutional such that Pence can rely on the 12th Amendment during the counting of the Electoral votes on Wednesday has yet to be adjudicated.

On Thursday, Pence’s attorneys filed a motion asking that the lawsuit be dismissed. Trump supporters such as Atty. Lin Wood, who has filed his own cases challenging the results in his home state of Georgia and been rebuffed by the courts, believe Pence to be disloyal to the president.

In order to sustain debate, objections must be filed in advance of the joint session by at least one member of the House and Senate, respectively, Section 15 of the ECA states.

As Vice President, Pence is president of the Senate. The procedure on January 6 is as follows, according to the ECA:

Congress shall be in session on the sixth day of January succeeding every meeting of the electors. The Senate and House of Representatives shall meet in the Hall of the House of Representatives at the hour of 1 o’clock in the afternoon on that day, and the President of the Senate shall be their presiding officer. Two tellers shall be previously appointed on the part of the Senate and two on the part of the House of Representatives, to whom shall be handed, as they are opened by the President of the Senate, all the certificates and papers purporting to be certificates of the electoral votes, which certificates and papers shall be opened, presented, and acted upon in the alphabetical order of the States, beginning with the letter A; and said tellers, having then read the same in the presence and hearing of the two Houses, shall make a list of the votes as they shall appear from the said certificates; and the votes having been ascertained and counted according to the rules in this subchapter provided, the result of the same shall be delivered to the President of the Senate, who shall thereupon announce the state of the vote, which announcement shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons, if any, elected President and Vice President of the United States, and, together with a list of the votes, be entered on the Journals of the two Houses. Upon such reading of any such certificate or paper, the President of the Senate shall call for objections, if any. Every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one Senator and one Member of the House of Representatives before the same shall be received. When all objections so made to any vote or paper from a State shall have been received and read, the Senate shall thereupon withdraw, and such objections shall be submitted to the Senate for its decision; and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall, in like manner, submit such objections to the House of Representatives for its decision; and no electoral vote or votes from any State which shall have been regularly given by electors whose appointment has been lawfully certified to according to section 6 of this title from which but one return has been received shall be rejected, but the two Houses concurrently may reject the vote or votes when they agree that such vote or votes have not been so regularly given by electors whose appointment has been so certified. If more than one return or paper purporting to be a return from a State shall have been received by the President of the Senate, those votes, and those only, shall be counted which shall have been regularly given by the electors who are shown by the determination mentioned in section 5 of this title to have been appointed, if the determination in said section provided for shall have been made, or by such successors or substitutes, in case of a vacancy in the board of electors so ascertained, as have been appointed to fill such vacancy in the mode provided by the laws of the State; but in case there shall arise the question which of two or more of such State authorities determining what electors have been appointed, as mentioned in section 5 of this title, is the lawful tribunal of such State, the votes regularly given of those electors, and those only, of such State shall be counted whose title as electors the two Houses, acting separately, shall concurrently decide is supported by the decision of such State so authorized by its law; and in such case of more than one return or paper purporting to be a return from a State, if there shall have been no such determination of the question in the State aforesaid, then those votes, and those only, shall be counted which the two Houses shall concurrently decide were cast by lawful electors appointed in accordance with the laws of the State, unless the two Houses, acting separately, shall concurrently decide such votes not to be the lawful votes of the legally appointed electors of such State. But if the two Houses shall disagree in respect of the counting of such votes, then, and in that case, the votes of the electors whose appointment shall have been certified by the executive of the State, under the seal thereof, shall be counted. When the two Houses have voted, they shall immediately again meet, and the presiding officer shall then announce the decision of the questions submitted. No votes or papers from any other State shall be acted upon until the objections previously made to the votes or papers from any State shall have been finally disposed of.

On Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced he will file an objection to the Electoral vote count. Hawley’s formal statement was retweeted by the president Friday, punctuated with, “We won big!”, a claim Trump has made since November 4, when his significant leads in all six “swing” states from the night before evaporated into Biden “wins.”

An intelligence-community report due December 18 on foreign interference in the election was announced as delayed earlier that week by a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), although CBS News quoted Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe as having affirmed that at least three foreign countries — China, Russia, and Iran — interfered.

Within days of the election, Allied Securities Operations Group (ASOG) co-founder Russell Ramsland reported his company’s observations that hundreds of thousands of votes were injected into the tabulations during an approximate three-hour window of time in four battleground states between November 3 and November 4 during which elections officials had officially indicated that counting had concluded for the night.

ASOG found initial reported results faulty in Antrim County, MI, through the use of Dominion voting machines. The results were later corrected to show Trump as the winner, and Michigan election officials, including the secretary of state, denied any improper calibrations on the part of the machines. Rather, the incorrect results in Antrim resulted from “human errors,” Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos told members of the Michigan legislature on December 15.

In Georgia on Wednesday, eyewitnesses testified to an unsustainable number of military ballots cast for Biden and to the destruction of ballots, video from which Trump tweeted as this article went to press.

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  1. This is the appropriate time and the VP is the appropriate person to rule that the election was void in all of the contested states. The reason that it is voidable is because all of the contested states did not have an “election day” as required. The states have the right to prescribe election methods but not the “day” and as the Attorney General correctly described it we have an election season. It is not necessary to prove fraud if protections put in place to protect against fraud are violated.
    Our court system will not intervene to declare what the Constitution and Congress require of an election. The VP should refuse to count the electors and force the election to the House floor where President Trump will be reelected. The democrats are free to then ask the Supreme Court to intervene, which they will not.
    This whole electoral mess was started when the 9th circuit ignored the Constitution and Congress to allow early voting against the plain language of the law and the stated intent of our founders. There should not be saddle bags full of ballots roaming the countryside with no chain of control. Time is the essence that allows the full human capacity to commit fraud with elections which is exactly why we have an “election day”.

  2. To the best of my knowledge Thompson and Toomey won’t be backing Trump of the revealed fraud in the election of Trump. Especially if you are a PA citizen, I request you to contact their offices and request them to support Trump. The revealed evidence of voting fraud is too massive and Trump did indeed win the election. All contacts matter, this is something basic to do. PA citizens, let’s unite on this request. Here we need the numbers.

    1. It appears my Senators, Tom Cotton and John Boozman are not backing Trump either. Not surprised by my “stealth” Senator John Boozman, but Cotton occasionally speaks out, and then fades away………

  3. “Every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof”

    Without argument means no evidence will be presented during the joint session. During the separate debates in the House and Senate each member gets five minutes for a maximum of two hours and then they vote.

    By the time they get to Pennsylvania, Biden will have 233 confirmed votes and 276 guaranteed votes.

    Handwriting is on the wall.