by Fredy Lowe, CFP, ©2021

(Jan. 1, 2021) — You hold the key to not only the future safety of Joe, Hunter, and the entire Biden family, but of equal importance, a life or death sentence for an untold number of your fellow Americans. Today, you have the opportunity to convince Joe that it would be in his best interest, and that of your family, to concede the election before January 6th.

As you are well aware, January 6, 2021 will be a day of great distinction in the United States of America wherein Congress will be given the opportunity to legally designate Donald Trump as President for the next four years. But, there is also a very good possibility that a corrupt Congress will vote in favor of Joe Biden, thinking that by doing so will be to their personal benefit. It will not. President Trump has already stated that this election fraud will not stand and is drawing the line in the sand. The President now has the legal framework in place to justify invoking the Insurrection Act with a massive military response to this stolen election. This could well be the spark that ignites a full-blown civil war, and you, and only you, have the power to stop this madness and potential unnecessary loss of lives.

Peace be with you, Jill Biden. This is your hour

Please know that you will not be alone, Jill. There are literally millions of patriotic Americans who will support you, knowing that your husband Joe was put into this no-win-position of attempting to fraudulently steal the presidential election.

This is your one and only opportunity to be the rational voice, knowing in your heart that Joe was never going to be POTUS. It’s time for you to do the most courageous thing imaginable. As a matter of fact, Jill Biden, you may have been born and raised for this one defining moment in American history, as the woman who stood up and said— “Enough!”

All you need to do is tell Joe that he must concede and then pick up the phone and talk with President Donald Trump and discuss, with the man who wrote “The Art of The Deal,” where you, Joe, Hunter, and the Biden family are potentially given the opportunity to walk off into the sunset, knowing that you would have saved the lives of so many people who were told by the media that Joe won and Trump stole it from him, which you know is untrue.

Peace be with you, Jill Biden. This is your hour. The American people stand with you and will forever be grateful for your courage.

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Fredy Lowe served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and the New York City police Department. He has been a citizen journalist for nearly ten years writing for Canada Free Press, Before It’s News, Conservative News & Views, Ammoland, The Post & Mail, and others.

He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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  1. As long as the long list of Attorney Generals come from the creatures that slither through the halls of congress or from the cesspool that we know as the DOJ, nothing, but nothing, will change about the DOUBLE STANDARD; the completely separate rules for the “ruling class”, the class that shoves Obamacare down our throats while they get the health coverage that they want.

    Jill and Joe Biden live at the bottom, along with the leeches and the FBI, CIA, and NSA Lampreys, and if Lady Justice was indeed blind, the Biden’ would be in stock and pillories so we could have a whole lot of fun throwing rotten fruits and vegetables at them.

    Professor Zorkophsky

  2. Good letter and good points however this woman has been a player in this criminal family organization for some time. She wants to sit in that House as bad as anyone ever has and will not alter her position. The only way her son, brother-in-law, and her husband stay out of jail is for him to take office and it will all go under the rug, as usual.

  3. What can Americans do? Who should they believe? ” a Reset agenda” infomercial is claiming nothing to see, hear of say so move on. The far different reality remains that must be successfully dealt with in order to preserve & sustain our citizens independent constitutional republic. Only Jill Biden injection of a reality check into this confluence of events such that Joe Biden concedes a corrupted election process and or application of the US Constitutions 12th Amendment by a joint session of the US Congress on Jan 06, 2021 can allow us to step back from the abyss & restore 2020 election integrity. The evidence is overwhelming that rampant levels of manipulation & cheating by nefarious elements (perhaps both domestic & foreign) was allowed and or even encouraged with-in several of the individual 50 states. Post Jan 06, 2021 a separate longer term independent public investigation for each states established elections processes and procedures Vs actual implementation is mandatory. This task also including safeguards that police the elections actual implementation staff & subsequent elections results tabulation. The breach in the 2020 election integrity root causes must be identified and subsequently mitigated.

  4. This excellent article exemplifies the high morals, high road, and olive branch concepts sorely missing from the democratic political organization (left), because it has lost its collective mind due to their rampant impunity for many decades. The left has not factored in that We The People are ready to fight for the concepts that this country were founded on should diplomacy fail.

    The left should refocus their eyes on the eagle shown on any federal logo or the crucifix and restore their conscience.