by Cherie Zaslawsky, RenewAmerica, ©2020

(Dec. 10, 2020) — While the hawkish NeverTrump NeoCons bemoan the fact that President Trump has not only refused to start any new wars, he’s also been steadily bringing our overseas troops home, most Americans likely view this as a positive accomplishment, whether they admit it publicly or not.

But POTUS has perhaps been a trifle remiss regarding the war against America happening within our borders ever since he took office. Of course in this he’s not alone: Fox News and a great many Conservatives often made light of the Dems’ obvious anti-Trump ploys—especially the more ludicrous ones like the claim that he fed the fish wrong during his Presidential visit to Japan. The dishonest, partisan, “fake news” media have had a field day trying to turn the public against our President by nattering about his taxes, Trump University, Stormy Daniels, Putin, etc. ad nauseam—culminating in the 2-year Mueller witch-hunt and the Ukrainian phone call impeachment hoax. Between the hoaxes, nonstop Leftist propaganda and massive psy-ops, Americans must struggle to keep their grip on reality, and many have been unsuccessful in that endeavor—most notably your average Democrats.

From the start, Trump had very few allies even among his cabinet and top officials—some of whom were Obama holdovers— and he lost arguably the most important one in very short order: General Michael Flynn. In any case, POTUS needed a trustworthy, honest, justice-seeking and courageous Attorney General to go about the enormous task of draining the swamp and thereby protecting his America First agenda. Once his first choice, Rudy Giuliani, declined, he went with Jeff Sessions, who, sadly, proved to be useless. Perhaps Sessions believed he stood on principle when he recused himself, but even if so, he was tone deaf to the reality of Trump’s situation and failed to comprehend how badly POTUS needed an aggressive AG to have his back.

And now we know for sure what many of us suspected for some time: Bill Barr is also part of the Deep State. So if Trump has been playing 3-D chess, as many suggest, he’s been doing so without a bishop or a knight—making it all the more amazing he’s kept so many promises and has such a long and stellar list of accomplishments, including brokering historic new peace agreements in the Middle East. No wonder he’s recently received his third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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