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December 10, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Tuesday afternoon the President brought together the industry giants in the White House to demonstrate the miracle that will protect us from the dreaded COVID-19 (AKA the China Virus).  President Trump and Vice President Pence developed and implemented Operation Warp Speed that harnessed the enormous capabilities of America’s private sector to work this miracle.  Yet, throughout the election run-up the press pooh-poohed the programs and former Vice President Biden and his fellow Democrats were permitted to lie again and again to claim that Trump and his team had “no plan” to cope with this scourge and that Warp Speed was just a lot of talk. 

Not being a swamp creature, Trump knew the greatness of America didn’t come from its government, but from its people and private sector.  He presented the industries concerned with a challenge and reward and invested government funding to spur their abilities.  Further, he pressured the government approval agencies to fast-track the testing and approval of the anti-virus candidates to get these life-saving vaccines to our citizenry as soon as possible.  The press, of course, wrote hand-wringing articles and ran TV news spots to frighten us citizens that Warp Speed might somehow be unsafe because corners would be cut.  They even ran tales of folks who would refuse to take the anti-virus because they feared it would be unsafe because Trump was involved.

Worst of all was the constant drumbeat from Biden and his enablers that “Trump had no plan” to distribute the virus and that Warp Speed was just a slogan.  And the press agreed – no “fact-checking” of the Biden bunch. 

As it turns out, the combined efforts of FedEx, UPS, and all related business partners in Warp Speed – from the folks who make the cardboard cartons that contain and maintain the sub-zero anti-virus to the jet aircraft on standby to move the quantities to cities throughout our nation without delay, and the coordination and cooperation with local delivery facilities to get and protect the vaccines right to the doors of the outlets of the enormous private drugstore chains – CVS and Walgreens, etc. are facilitating the inoculations according to the plans of each state and municipality.  That was all on display Tuesday at the White House.

I watched the White House presentation live on Fox News Channel – (I don’t know if the other networks even carried it) – and was most impressed by the industry leaders and military and civilian government authorities as they spoke to their part in Warp Speed and proudly and correctly credited the total effort to the Trump administration.

This puts to lie the total duplicity of the media during the election campaign, where the Biden side constantly claimed, falsely, that Americans would die because Trump had “no plan.”  And the media let that lie stand.  So much for the fairy tale of “investigative reporters…” 

Muhammad Ali was a famous boaster – and wonderfully talented boxer.  He said, “…It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it…”  For many, Trump’s bravado was too much.  They forgot about Muhammad Ali.

Old Frank     

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